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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (41)

hey gys.. i m really very sorry for the delay.. i was seriously too busy last week with my assignments n tests n above that i have recently joined an in ternship in marketing .. so that was was also there..
i hope u will understand.. sorry once again fir the delay but i will try to post it whenever it will be possible but i cant assure u with the continuity.. so soory..
Come to the story..

uv- bahi!!
adi- uv!! tum yha.. (his eyes were filled with tears seeing him after 3 years)
uv too was emotional..
uv ran towards adi n was about to hug him … just then a voice interrupted..
manohar- adi beta.. reports!!
uv-(mummered) dad..
uv turned towards him n tears rushed from his eyes seeing his dad in front of him.. (remembering the flashback)


uv- dad dad dad.. (exiciting n entring from main gate, revolving him)
m- are are bacche aaram se, budha ho gaya h aab tera baap.. kuch to reham kar..
uv- are dad.. khabardaar jo mere baap ko buddha bola to.. (fake angry)
suddenly both brust into laughter…

imagining his all funny n sweet moments with his father he became emotional.. just then usha enters..
u- aje aap adi ko laane gaye the ya khud hi vha jaakar bas gaye h…
usha aslo see uv n she too became emotional.. n just wanted to hug his son ..
as she was about to go to him.. manohar grabbed her hands n signalled him not to go there..
uv ran from there watching his dad hating him..
he again goes into flashback..
continues from the same point..

both dad son duo wee laughing just then usha came there..
u- in baap bete ka m kya karun?? kahin bhi shuru ho jaate h..
m & uv (in unison)- ha to beta/ pati kiska h..
Again trio brust into laughter..
usha patted uv’s head n blessed him n went from there blessing him..
m- mujhe bhi..(indicating towards his own head)
u- aap bhi na..(blushing)
uv- dad kush to sharam karo.. apne jawan bachlor baache se saamne aap mere maa se flirt kar re h..
Usha left from there embaressing..
m- haa to mere hi to biwi h..

Flashback ends…

thinking his lovely moments with his family n smiled with his teary eyes.. but suddenly his smile fades away thinking about his sepatation with his family..
uv- dad plz believe me.. maine aaisa kuch nhi kia h..(pleading n teary eyes)
m- mujhe sab dikhai de ra h.. tune hum sabki naak kata di.. (slapped him)
uv- dad aapko mujhe jitna maarna h maar lejiyae but plz mujhse rude behaive mat kejiyae plz..
m- go.. just go from here n dont ever dare to come in front of me..from today u are not my son..
my son can never do this cheap act..

uv- dad plz believe me.. m sach khe ra hu.. ye..(pointig towards a girl) ye sab iski chaal h.. mujhse badla leneki..
girl- uv.. (crying) ye ye tum kya khe re ho… m i mean why will i do so.. m apni izzat ka mazak kyu banungi..(saying this she started crying miserably)
uv-(angry) ohh just shut up.. i know u.. tum kuch bhi kar sakti ho.. u cheap girl.(pointing towards him)
m- (again slapped him) how how can u stoop so low uv.. once u were my proud n now.. see what u did with my respect..

uv- dad plz mujhe samajhne ki kosish kijiyae.. she is lying..
m- ohh.. to u want me to forgive u..
uv- (shine came in his teary eyes) yes dad .. i didnt do anything..
m- to tum meri har baat manoge..
uv- ji dad aap jo kahein..
m- to marry this girl.. (girl smirked listening this but without anyone’s notice)
uv- (shocked) what are u saying dad!! how can i ?? i mean no.. no no i cant do this.. she is such a characterless girl..
m- to fir aaj se mera tumhara rishta khatam..
uv- no dad plz no..
m- just get the hell out of my house..

usha- ji aap ye kya khe re h.. humara baccha h ye…
m- usha!! tum aaj kuch nhi bologi..
aaj se iska humse koi rishta ni h.. aur jisse ye manzoor nhi vo bhi ye ghar chod kar ja sakta h..
kunj- dad its not right.. i know bhai can never do this..
i m sure this girl has done something to defame bhai.. i know her.. she is obsessed with bhai.. she always wanted him but bhai refused him na thats why she is doing ala this..
(to girl) hey girl.. tell me. tell me why did u do this..
she again started crying miserably..(ofcourse fake)

manohar came to kunj n slapped him also.. (adarsh n pari was out of amritsar, as they are newly marrried couple n alisha is in hostel for her higher secondary)
k- theek h dad.. aaj dekh lia maine ki aapko kitna vishwas h apne bacchon pe..
Seeing this heart breaking scnerio uv was just crying sitting on floor..
m- mera decision final h.. aur jise iske saath jaan h vo jaa sakta h..
k- theek h to..i will always be with my bhai..
(to uv) chaliyae bhai.. ther no one cares about u.. we will not live here.. i know.. its not ur mistake..

uv- (wiping his tears) nhi kunj.. mom needs u this time.. i think i should go now.. no one needs me here..
(to manohar) dad.. i promise i will proove myself honest one day n then u will repent for not trusting ur beloved son..(but manohar turned his face indcating him that he dont care but only a fathers heart knows how much sad he is from inside but watching that girls face he made himself strong )
(bechara to kya pata ki vo ladki hi chudail h)
uv- (t kunj) kunj see here.. see towards me.. now u need to take care of mom.. she needs u.. n tujhe yha rehke mujhe sahi bhi to sabit karnah..
usha was just crying seeing her house breaking into pieces..
UV left from there after touching both there parents feet but manohar didnt even gave him blessings…
kunj n usha went from there disappointed..
Girl’s father took her from there..
NOw manohar was allalone standing in the hall helpless…

thinking this uv’s was cryinmg miserably..
uv-(to himself) why dad why didnt to believe me?? how can u not believe me?? dont u trust me??
today also u didnt let mom meet me.. kyu?? mere saath aaisa kyu hua??
mahi cajme from behind n put her hands on his shoulder consoling him..(mahi knows everything about his past but he she never met his family as they married after this incident when uv atarted living in mumbai n started his own business)
m- (signalling him not to cry) wipped his tears..

uv suddenly hugged mahi tightly not disturbing her baby bump..(remember she is 8 months pregnent)
Screen freezes..
i know its quite boring today.. but it was also necessary to unveil the past behind uv being separated from his family.. now one more dhamaka will happen when kunj n twinkle will come to know about them being married..?
but before that can anyone guess what will happen with twinkle??
will she be alright??

how will kunj react knowing that twinkle is his wife?
jannne ke liye padhte rahiyae ‘Twinj- marriage, betrayal, love’
sirf aur sirf tu pe.. he he… :);)

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