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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (39)



kunj was shown sleeping in sitting position holding twinkles hand n his head on the side table..
twinkle is still shown sleeping.. or u can say unconscious..
Kunj wake up listening to twinkles phone.. (u know na mother daughter morning phone call, vhi )
Kunj saw the caller id.. MAA
k- (thinking) omg!! its twinkles mom.. what will i say to her about her daughter.. (looking towards twinkle) Wake up yr twinle.. aab to subah bhi hp gayi.. plz yr wake up na..(teary eyed)
i cant tolerate u being quite.. (kunjs voice became heavy due to his tears)
he somehow picked the call…
Usha- are twinkle.. itna time lagaya phone uthane me.. soo rhi thi kya?? tumhari ye aadat kab jayegi.. mujhe pata h baccha meri aawaz sune bina nhi uthti.. aacha chal aab uth jaa subah ho gayi h.. aur tujhe na maine ek khuskhabri bhi deni h..
are puttar tu kuch bolti kyu nhi.. aab tak soo re h kya??

Kunj was numb listening tothe voice.. he felt the voice somewhat similar..(ofcourse afterall its his mom only)
Seeeing her care towards twinkle.. he couldnt even say a word about twinkle n is just listening to her.. how can he tell her about her daughter,s condition..
usha- are puttar.. yeh ladki bhi na.. utha jaa puttar..
aacha chal jo m khuskhabri tujhe de re hu na usse sun ke tu abhi utha jayegi.. tu sun re h na puttar..
‘ aaj m tere papa aur tera bhai with ur beloved bhabhi n ur sweet cute neice are comming mumbai to meet u.. ter bhai ki koi meeting h aur usne bola ki hum bhi saath chalein.. aakhir humari twinkle se mile hume kitna time ho gaya h..
usne to mujhe teko batane se mana kia tha but tu to jaati h na ki mere pet me koi baat nhi pachti.. he he .. ok ye humara top secret h kisi ko batana nhi.. aur jab hum log aayange na.. to surprised look dena taki sabko lage ki tujhe kuch ni pata tha..
varna tu jaanti h na inko aur tere bhai ko.. aacha aacha chal.. aab jaldi uth.. humari flight 12 baje land hogi aur hum 2 baje tujhe milte h.. aur puttar mahi ki tabiyat aab kaise h.. sab theek h na..

yeh ladki bh na.. m kini der se bole ja re hu aur ye h ki koi jawab hi ni de re.. puttra tu h na vha pe..
Kunj somehw got some strength n tried to speak..(he looked towards unconscious twinkle n closed his eyes tightly gaining somne strength to tell her family who love her so much about her being critical)
k- h.. helo.. m vo twi.. twinkle..
u- kaun?? ye to twinkle ka phone h na.. kaun bol ra h.. aur twinkle kha h.. (she didnt recognise the voice of his kid due to his heavy voice with continuous weeping, samajh jao yr)
k- ji vo.. vo tw.. twinkle ka acc.. accident .. kal.. she is in .. hospital..
u- Kya?? kya hua twikle puttar ko.. vo theek h na.. aur tum kaun ho?
baat karni h meko twinkle se..(in shaking voice n tears flowing from her eyes)
k- ji vo abhi.. city hospital.. unconscious.. aap aap plz yha aa jaiyae..
u- hey babaji?? ye kya hua.. beta plz tum uska dhyaan rakhna hum abhi nikalte h..
k- ji ji..
Saying this usha cut the call.. n rushed to inform everbody about twinkle..
u- suniyae ji.. adi, pari..


Everyone rushed to hall listening to usha voice..
adi- kya hua mom.. are aap ro kyu rhi h.. sab theek hb na.. aaj to hum twinkel se bhi milne jaa re h.. to fir..
m- ha usha … kya hua??
u- ji vo.. vo twin kle ka accident..( saying this this sat on floor crying)
abi- What?? but kaise..
usha told about her convo with a gyu when she called her in mprning.. everyoe rushed for mumabi.. (alisha was not her as she went fo r her college tour)

twinkle is still unconscious.. nurse n doctors are checking her n mahi uv n kunj are waiting outside icu..(as her condition has not yet improved)
doc came from icu..
everyone rushed to him..
doc- dakhiyae, mr sarna.. jaise ki humne pahle hi kaha tha ki unki halat critical h.. 10 ghante ho chuke h.. agar agle 10-12 ghante me unhe hosh ni aaya to.. i m sorry to say but aap unhe kho dange.. just pary for her to get consious soon..
Listening thsi everyone became numb n doc left from ther..
k- bhai.. mahi.. aaisa kaise ho sakta h.. vo aaisa kaise kar sakti h..
m- (cring continuously holding her baby bump)
k- mahi tum to twinkle ki best friend ho na.. plz usse bolo na ki vo uthe .. vais ebhi usse abhi aapka khyaal rakhna h.. comittment di h usne mujhe.. aais ekaise vo apna promise tod sakti h..
Uv was also not oin condition of thinking anything seeing kunj n mahi n most importantly in this condion .. but then also he gatherd some courage.. n went towards them..
uv- mahi kunj.. deko twinkle ko kuch bhi ni hoga.. abhi humare pass 12 ghante h na.. kuch ni hoga usse ..
k- (hugging uv) pakka na bhai.. usse kuch ni hoga na.. (asked innocently)
Uv kept his hand on her head n signalled mahi to be strong for tw n their child..
Mahi nooded.
kaisa laga friends.. i know thoda boring h.. but plz mujhe she lo thode time uska baad sab interesting hi hoga…
agar aap logo ko plot aacha nhi lag ra h to plz tell me but dont reduce the comments as i already told u its the support system for me which encourage me to wrirte.. hope u understand..
n yes if anyone wanna give som esuggestion regarding upcoming story then its also invited.. vaise i have upcoming story in my mind but if i like ur suggestions n it would somewhat match my story .. i would like to continue with ur views..
afterall its u only who are gonna read the story.. but plz dont reduce ur support…
Accha okk.. bye … fir milange jaldi hi… bbyee ? ?

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