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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal ,love (38)

Everyone was waiting before operation theatre for with hopeful eyes n kunj was roaming here n there in tension.. suddenly a beep sound came n the light of ot went off.. everyone rushed there..
doc- listen.. we have done her operation but blood loss was huge n she have some servical injuries also.. next 24 hours are very crucial.. we have to monitor her thoroughly..
Listening to this kunj became numb..
doc- we have shifted her to icu now..

k- can i.. i see.. (he couldnt complete his sentence )
doc- yes sure.. go ahead..
Kunj hurriedly left from there towards icu..
he asked nurse about icu n rushed there.. as soon as he entered there… he saw twinkle surrounded by many machines n wires.. his heart felt pain seeing her in this condition.. He started remembring old memories with twinkle n at the end her accident scene..
how she was running to get him water n car dashed her.. thinking this he felt pain in his heart n tightly closed her eyes n a tear skipped from his eyes seeing her bubbly, chirpy syappa queen quite n surrounded by many machines..
he remembered her saying about death.. n again about her accident.. These are the only things flashing in his mind this time..
he was thinking .. if i wouldnt have stop the car for pani puri, that would have never happend.. He was cursing himself for hjer this state..
He was still watching her.. he was hell frustated..


k- kyu maani maine teri baat jab mujhe pata tha ki tu ek no. ki syappa queen h.. kyu kyu tere zid ke liye hum pani puri khaaane gaye.. aur kyu mujhe mich se problem hus?? agar ye sab ni hua hota to u would have been in front of me fighing with me..
why god why?? ye sab meri vajeh se hua h.. (he was continuously cursing himself)
mahi n uv also came ther at that time
uv- kunj!!

m- uv uv tw.. twinkle..(sobbing)
uv- i have talked to doc n i have informed him that she should gat the best treatment..
Mahi bas bas mera baccha.. nothing will happen to twinkle.. believe on god.. nothing will happen okk..(wiping her tears)

m- just nooded..
k- bhai mahi.. aap log ghar jaiyae.. i m here.. i will take care of her..
m- no .. nhi i wont go anywhere untill she get conscious..
uv- mahi zid mat karo.. ye tumhari aur baby ki health ke liye bilkul sahi nhi h..
m- but m.. m nhi..
uv- mahi.. baby ke aur tumhare liye twinkle ne kitni mehnat ki h.. kam se kam uske liye hi ghar chalo plz..
m- atlast agreed ..
uv went towards kunj..
uv- i think u should also go home becoz u are also looking tired.. u need rest.. plz bahi go home with mahi i m here na..
k- nhi bhai.. m khi ni jaunga.. aap mahi ko laker ghar jao..
uv n mahi reculantly went from there..

Kunj went inside the icu n sat on side stool.. n kept his hands on hers as assuring her that he is with her mn nothing will happen to her..
Doctor came n asked him to wait in waiting area as no one is allowed in icu.. He was not ready to got leaving her n looked at doctor with pleading eyes to let him stay with her..
doc- Dont worry mr sarna.. nothing will happen to patient.. u can come to see patient in frequent intervals n our nurses are here for the patioent.. so u need not worry.. go n wait ouside.. as soon as there will be some improvement.. we will inform u..
He atlast convinced to wait ouside n nooded to doc..
When he was about to go.. he saw twinkle was holding his hands as if she dont want him to be away from her in this difficult situation .. as if she is afraid…. Kunj saw her hands on his n looked at her with many emotions..

he wanted to let her hands of from him..
k- doc can i plz stay here.. she needs me.. plz doc..(with pleading eyes)
doctor permitted him n went from there..
kunj again sat beside he holding her hands n remincing his happy moments with her..
a little smile appeared on his lips thinking that.. but again reality struck him .. n he became teary eyes..

K- What happened to u yr.. plz get up syappa queenn.. u know na i cant live without ur syappas n u are quite here.. how can u do this.. aab to hum friends bhi h na.. apne dost ki baat nhi manogi.. plz r uth jaa na..
i cant live without u..(tears forming in his eyes) yr tu jo kahegi .. i promise i will fdo that.. but plz plz come back twinkle.. delkh tere vajeh se ye sadu bho rone laga h.. tujhe mujhe takleef dena aacha lagta h na.. tabhi tu ye sab kar re h na.. plx yr twinkle.. u cant do thi splz get up..
now u became my habbit.. i cant stay withou fighting with u.. ur bubbly face, ter nakhre, vo innocent sa chehra.. i cant see u like this plz na .. get up yr.. itne bhi bhaav mat kha…. plz plz yr.. plz get up..

(he was crying like hell n saying this he sleep keeping his head near his hand without leaving her hands n sleep in sittinmg position on the side stool only…

Screen freezes……..

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