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TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~ By Zuha {Introduction+Prologue}

Hey lovely people how are you all? I hope all are doing well ? Well I am good as always ? And u all must be thinking that this girl is mad, only yesterday he ended her FF and she is back to eat our brains ?? Well, I ended that FF of mine because there was no story to proceed and the message which I had to give to you all by God’s grace I conveyed that message ? Well there were rumors that papers will start from next week but fortunately they are in October which is sooooooo AMAZING ? Well I am back with another FF which will be totally different from other FFs ?

Mainly stories are based on Love Stories or Hatred of leads but I wanted to share a story which really exist in the society, whichi is true, don’t think that I am disrespecting or bashing stories but this one will be different from my other stories and based on our cute Twinj ?

It will be about a FORCED ARRANGED MARRIAGE as in our society it happens that girl has to strive to gain love and respect by a person whom she is bind for life long.
I hope you all enjoy this story of mine as you did previously and before starting this story I promise you all that despite my previous story, this story will have a HAPPY ENDING ?




Marriage a relationship which bind 2 unknown souls in a relation forever, a relation where everything is equal, love, respect and dignity but when destiny plays bad, your wishes, your desires are not fulfilled that part is the worst in every relationship!


A girl, dressed as a bride is sitting, dorning her jewels.
She thinks with a smile, “My life will take a turn, from Twinkle Taneja I will become Twinkle Kunj Sarna, a new chapter of life awaits. Thanks is a small word God to thank you for this happiness!”


Later the same girl is seen sitting in a room’s bed. The room is decorated for the newly wed’s first night!

The groom enters, the girl clenches the bedsheet in nervousness…..

Girl POV
Oh god, what is gonna happen, what should I say, I even don’t know him well!
God please help!!
POV ends

Groom- Hi! I am Kunj Sarna.
Girl- Hi!
Groom- Before saying anything and taking oaths I just want to say that I don’t love you! You don’t nean anything in my life! Simple is that I don’t accept you as my wife!

The girl was shattered upon listening to his statement and her whole world changed. Drops of tears flowed down her cheeks!




Twinkle Taneja/Twinkle Sarna: A quiet natured and a soft girl. Doesn’t interacts easily with people, she was not like that always but always wished to have a perfect life partner as whole life she has find her father torturing and abusing her mother, and left her for another woman. Her life means her mother and hates to live a life as her mother, Marriage is a very pure and delicate relation for her which she will manage anyhow.

Kunj Sarna: He is a playboy. He is a spoilt brat as well and known as CASANOVA in her friends group. He takes relations as joke as he has always seen his parents fighting before they divorced each other. After his father’s exit from her mother’s life her mother became a drunkard and he was brought up by his BEBE and money and girl arw his weakness and love as well. He hates the word marriage and has developed a fear since he has seen his mother and father’s unwanted marriage.


Soumya from Ishqbaaz
Rudra from Ishqbaaz

Bebe from Tashan-e-ishq

Maanvi from YKAGH
Rahul from YKAGH

Yuvraaj Sarna from Tashan-e-ishq
Mahi Taneja from Tashan-e-ishq



I hope u all enjoyed. If u like it then only I will proceed.

Keep smiling ? Always ?


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