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Twinj: expression of love (os-2) last epi

Kunj took some time to marriage.
He tried a lot to understand me, but what to do I was unable to express myself.sometimes I was feeling that I am too stupid to behave so.

As days passed I was mad about him I finally fall for him I loved him all i wanted is to express it which I am nt aware of or rather say I am scared of. I changed in sense he changed me,he brought out the real me. It’s the power of love which gives u identity of love,which gives eternal happiness, which gave me myself back n blessed me with love.


One day kunj asked from me for a long drive.
He came to pick me near my house in his black benze.
That day I decided to be bold enough coz I couldn’t controll myself when he is near me. I wish to express myself with him coz I wanted to show him the real me, whom I only know. Therefore i chaned my dressing also I dressed myself in white short frock with a black scarf around my neck which I loved a lot. He was shocked to see me I went with him, he took me fr city outskirts.

K: u r looking so gorgeous
T:thankqq even u too looking cool
I said without hesitation with full confidence.coz I have changed.
Kunj just smiled
T:y u took time fr marriage?
K:coz I wanted to knw u well
T:so wt u came to knw abt me?
K:many things, I saw the reality in u, I know u r not expressive but these days u r soo bold I like that.
T:like wt?
K:I like u being bold
After a pause
K:I love to hear u and I am very sorry to say that I read ur dairy.

I was shocked.
K:yes I got it in ur bag wn u left bag in my home last time wn u met.
T:ohh….hw bad???stop the car
I shouted as I was feeling restless aftr coming to know that he read my dairy. He stopped the car n i came out,it was late evening I started walking on road with anger. He followed me calling my name again n again.

All I thought was y I am n feeling wierd coz wt I wrote in that dairy is true.its my true emotions which kunj hv to know. For a moment I behaved like a fool. I stopped n turned towards him to let my heart out.
K:twinkle listen I am sry I would hv nt done that I am really sry
T:thats k kunj no prblm
I sounded normally
K:hufff…I thought u got angry by the way I came to kW that u love me a lott…that to this much…really bt i want to hear it from u once.
I blushed.
I couldn’t speak anything I just hugged him tightly it was my first bold attempt he was shocked first but later hugged me back.
We were in the middle of road we were so much engraved in eo that we didn’t notice that a truck was cming towards us sounding horn. Before I could see wt happen it hit us.


I woke up from my dream I was completely sweating, I held my head n got relaxed to know it was just a dream.
I heard Sme1 knocking the door it was 10 am in mrng i opened the door to see kunj. I was shocked.

All that dream, our marriage which was fixed all came infront of my eyes I immediately hugged him as I didn’t wanted to lose him.

T:kunj….I love u, I can’t lose u…I am sry as I didn’t said their these days I really love u a lott
K:(confused) Twinkle ru fine?
T:i am fine kunj, but do u love me?
Kunj smiled n said
K:since I saw u fr the first time. I love u a lottt
T:i love u tooo kunj

We again got lost in each others embrace.
As I expressed in got my love,my life, my kunj n happiness.

Conclusion: Love is meant for expression, if u love any1 express it, it may be ur parents, friends or life partner. Make sure u express orelse u wil lose them. Don’t carry ego in relation
Don’t be stone hearted have sme feelings n live life colourfully. We r humans nt animals.

Hope u liked as it’s just a msg to share that



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