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Twinj..a magical land (episode 5)

Episode 5..hey guys Angita here…I was actually planing to post on 16th ..but…ya read it..hope I’m not wasting u guys time
Precap: choosing chairs dragon fell on twinkle
Episode starts
Kunj saw twinkle in that state and somehow tears were continuously coming out of his eyes…he then saw the bonzep attached to twinkle still and went ahead to remove it….what he saw shook him up

***teacher’s POV***
How did this happen..it shouldn’t have…but if the whole of dragons fell on her then…could she be..could she be my…………..
Back at hospital room
When Kunj saw the bonzep he could see all herm bones magically coming back to its original shape…he tried to touch her and that one touch sent him flying at the back of the hospital room..
He tried doing it again…what happened was the same expect he had grip over it…Twinkle looked normal and yet he couldn’t touch her..he called the Dr..and he himself was shocked…no one could touch her…till the teacher came in..professer Flitwick…and surprisingly he could touch her..


Kunj:professrer…???how could you touch her(astonished)
Flithwick: some things can’t be explained Kunj…and carried her and brought her to the dragons again
Kunj: here!?…what are you trying to do??
Flithwick:asking the dragons to stop giving electric shock s to us…and smiled slightly.
***Flithwick POV***
How can I say…that she is my daughter…my dragon…but I can’t reveal it to her either…she forgot her entire past…so can I…I know she’s my daughter…but I don’t remember the rest…my name!?..my wife!?
Sorry for an extremely short episode but its meant to be…varna the next shock won’t be a shock?
OK shorry shorry….forgive me naa…plshhh..I’ll try to be regular but pls comment kardena

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