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Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 6)

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Twinj: A journey that led to U ❤   (part 6)


Recap: kunjs encounter with two piece of paper and hez growing curiosity regarding the same….

Part 6 —

Kunj was restless…He wanted to know who was she….The owner of those papers.. The mistress of the beautiful handwriting…

As Armaan walked into the cabin he found kunj lost..
AM: hey kunj ! Ol OK???
Kunj: nahi,kuch sahi nahi hai…lagta hai ki yeah koi sapna hai…. And he makes a cute sad face
AM: oye… Hua kya?

KS shows him a fresh piece of paper
AM: naye column ke liye article hai kya? (Excited)
KS: article KO goli maaro yaar…ek baar padke toh dekho…

AM being confused obediently obeyed kunj
He read:

Likh Sakte Kisi ki Taqdeer Agar,
Aapki Taqdeer Mein har Khusi Likh Dete Hum,
Jo Mod Kamyabi Dilyae Aapko,
Har Lakir ko Uss taraf Mod Dete Hum.

AM : That’s a beautiful piece of writing..
I didn’t know DAT ur multi talented yaar
K: armaan do u think its my handwriting??
AM: then?
In next 15 min KS explains him everything from the beginning..
AM : ohh!! This is complicated
K: yaa…
AM: hey its already 12 …let’s move to the conference hall
K: hmm..

Introduction to new characters:
Yashas- creative director
Latika- executive director
Hardik – marketing director
Sakshi- copy editor
Kunal- managing director
Tanmy- account executive
Sharanya- director of finance

As KS and AM gets comfortable in their chairs… Yashas begins with the presentation..

Y: sir we are Ol set to go with the first column of the newly launched magazine
What vl it be abt?
( guys as I had said in last part that kunj has taken the responsibility to design the 1st article of the column so yashas iz asking abt the same )

KS: well I’m not yet sure of it …vl soon let u know..

Kunj was no where interested in the meeting …only her beautiful handwriting had occupied he’s mind…he tried to concentrate but ol in vain

Kunjs POV:
Oh god! Whats happening to me?
Y am I lost in her wordings..
Who is she?
What’s her name?
Oh kunj jzz shut up yaar…Why do u need her bio data…
But I need to find abt her ….

He was so engrossed in her wordings  DAT he didn’t realize the meeting had got over and armaan was waiting for him to come back to hez senses..
AM had NVR seen him this lost ..he snapped he’s fingers to bring kunj back to reality..
AM: what’s wrong? Where were u lost?
U were neither attentive in the meeting?
K: I need to know abt her?
AM: (confused) abt whom?
K: The owner of the beautiful handwriting
AM: hmm… ( sits beside kunj) for the 1st tym The most eligible bachelor is showing intrst in a girl
K: (smiles) ur thinking way too far… I jzz don’t know this is a weird feeling …I feel lyk I’m familiar with those words..

AM: ur thinking too much abt it…Thats y ur feeling lyk this…
K: may b…but jz think aaru y vl any one place those papers on my table everyday morning? And they seem lyk they r torn from a diary…dont u feel this is weird?
AM: hmm point to be noted..
OK let’s analyze the possibilities..
Well may b she herself places those writings Every day or someone else is dng it for her…
K: let’s assume that its true…but what she’s trying to prove?
AM: show me ol those papers…I think we may get more info then we know now..

Both of them walk back into cabin and gets shocked
K: what Ru dng here? Bunked CLG?
Well its sanchay on the other side
S: No bhai ,sir left us early…..He’s marriage is fixed so nowadays he rarely comes to class(giggles)
Leave abt me but when did u turn into poet?

K: what?
Sachay shows him the piece of papers
( they are same papers which kunj gets everyday)
K: why did u  take them out from my drawer.. Keep them back to where they belonged…
AM was taken aback by kunjs reply…

Kunj keeps only those things which are very dear to him in the drawer….Not even the most impt files have the ryt to be there..only personal things related to him are kept there…
He’s thoughts were disturbed by sanchay pestering kunj abt the papers..

AM: They are written by  someone and are dedicated to ur bhai and winks @ sanchay

This was enough for sanchay to tease kunj

S: ohh hooo bhabhi ne likha hai kya?
Kyon hai woh? Mujhse nahi milvaoge?
K: sanchay, my mind isn’t working and it has no space for ur junk (referring to sanchays words)
And with that kunj walks out..

S: aaru ..iznt it weird that bhai for the 1st tym choose to avoid the answer related to luv…
AM: yaa…These papers along with kunjz behavior has turned complicated…
S: par what’s their in these papers…who is writing them…
AM: pata nahi….par Jo bhi hai bahot keemti hai kunj ke liye

On the other side a beautiful house is shown
A girl is shown standing in the balcony amid the beautiful creepers and climbers
She has got mesmerizing eyes….
But seems lyk she’s worried abt something

A small girl comes to her
Girl: didi gussa ho ?
Didi: nahi
Girl: I know ur angry with me but I didn’t know that those papers were regarding ur office work…or else I swear I wudnt draw Pokemon and pikachu on it..
(Says with a sad face)still holding crayons

The other girl smiles @ her innocence..
Didi: Is it ever possible that ur twinkle didi
Can be upset over u? My neeru?
No NVR….but next tym if u feel lyk drawing …then u vl use drawing book  for it ? Promise?
Neeru: ok pakka wala promise…and smiles
And hugs twinkle

So didi is none other than Our Punjabi pataka ,twinkle  and neeru is her younger sister….

Twinkle feeds neeru and later sings lulla bay to put neeru to SLP,..
Once neeru slps….
Twinkle moves towards her study table… opens her beautiful  diary and starts penning down…..


Guys I’m very sorry for being late…maaf Kardena plzzzz…
And my xms are nearing so I don’t think I vl b  able to update regularly…but I vl try my level best to update soon…
And I know today’s epi was horrible… So sry for it I was in a hurry and I didn’t wanted u ppl wait for it so I wrote this part…
U know what ,myself im not understanding how to make twinj meet…so many diff ideas r revolving in my mind that I’m not understanding which one  to go with….
But no worries they vl meet soon in the most unexpected way…

Recap: stage one of the mission to find the mistress of the diary….

And thanks a ton for ur support and luv❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
…sry I’m very busy so  cudnt thank u ppl individually….???

Plz do comment and let me know ur views on how the story is shaping up……

Loads of luv?????

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