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Twinj: A journey that led to U (Part 1)

Twinj : A journey that led to U ❤  (part1)

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This is my first piece of writing and yesterday wen I HD posted the intro I was so desperate to know if it got posted or no so was continuously checking it in d lecture hours also???

So let’s start with the 1st part ;

Tick click click chick…..
The vision gets clearer as the camera focuses on a pair of hands constantly typing with gr8 speed….behind this scene a clear glass window is seen through which the morning sunrays are slowing making their way into the gloomy room
The camera takes a flip and focuses on d owner of those hands working efficiently…
First he’s lips are shown wich has a got a content smile yet focused…..

He’s anxious eyes has lot more to tell,they are coal black ,they demand attention. they have the power to pierce through u and know exactly wt ur thinking

The camera moves backward to get a complete glimpse of this person. Its shown DAT a handsome boy with jet black hair is busy working in he’s laptop. He’s wearing a white shoulder half T with several ×××× marks printed in black round his neck on top has worn a black shirt and matched it up with dark maroon jeans folded at the ankel with plain white sneakers.
Hez rooms is beautifully set up with wall paintings and message boards…The frame hung on d wall ryt behind he’s chair with beautiful holi coloured background reads;


He’s constantly rubbing his eyes seems lyk he got very less SLP the previous nyt
By now u ol might have guessed who it is ryt??? Obivo its our handsome star kunj sarna (played by sidhant Gupta)

From now kunj sarna vl be referred to as KS ( I find it kinda cool so ?)

He eyes his favorite  black framed specks lying on the table quickly wears it and stares at he’s lapy and eventually gets lost in he’s work.Outside he’s cabin a lavish office atmosphere is seen. But not a single creature is seen around. Its  peaceful and calm except than the clicking sounds of the huge wall clock …Seems lyk office is not yet open and KS is early, indeed very early

The clock strikes 9
KS is still in same position working constantly but the only difference is he’s made himself a cup of coffee and is sipping it slowly… He keeps he’s cup on table as hears a tick tock sound,which he has been hearing from past six months daily sharp @ 9 in the morning

The scene shifts to the owner of the sound who halts outside a room where its written editor-in-cheif

She softly knocks nd gets in and wishes the figure seating a warm gud morning
He : gm Pia
She silently keeps the file she’s holding on he’s table and moves out luking @ a frame which says-
which is placed ryt before the exit admiring he’s choice on posters as she daily does with dat completing the first phase of her routine being he’s PA

The figure seating inside is none other than KS, editor in cheif of the famous teenage magazine – THE TEENS
He looks at those fresh files for a second and he’s gaze shifts back to the laptop screen

So how was it ???
I know this epi had nothing much then the ‘A sort of character sketch of male protagonist of the story’
Also Sorry for the  short epi….. But I promise u the coming episodes are lot more interesting and vl be long☺

I had written this part two months back and was not understanding how to continue this story so didn’t post it….
Finally I posted it????

I know guys mny of u hve xms so best of luck…..I’m sure u ol vl rock it!!!!
But if u guys get tym then plzz comment….
It is the only way I can get to know ur response 2wards my writing….

Plz drop ur comments below +ve or -ve
Ur suggestions r always welcumed☺☺

Precap:  Entry of besties ✌

That’s it for 2day
My CAED journal is waiting for me??? so gotta complete that

Maggi signing off
With loads of luv??????

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