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Tujhse Hi and Kismat Connection (Author’s note)

Hello friends…

You all must be wondering, I’m here with an analysis? It may be a surprising, but I’m here to talk about my two FF’s…..They’re Kismat Connection & Tujhse Hi..I admit Kismat Connection is a boring FF and I want to discontinue it…Okay fine I won’t drag about KC…


But, Tujhse Hi…That’s my second FF and my favourite FF too…But daily, I just see 11 comments..Keep me in place of you, now, would you like just 11 comments in your FF? Wouldn’t it be discouraging for you that you give half and hour for a FF which isn’t appreciated at all…Correct? And please, if you can’t appreciate someone’s work then you don’t have any rights to discourage them…Okay? I know many of you here are writers too…How would you feel when you see 11 comments in your FF? And if my work isn’t good, then please tell me what to improve.I see some people who have started after me waiting FF’s and they have atleast 20 comments..Now, I’m gonna see comments IN THIS ANALYSIS…If they’re more than 20 (excluding me) then surely I will continue.

And before going I want to thank Mica..Thank you so much dear, I see your comment in each ans every episode of mine. Thank you So much.

I know and I’m sorry if you’re hurt..I’m writing this in a hurry before going my tution..Remember friends. Have a great day ahead..

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