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Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 7

Hello friends, I guess I was wrong because I can’t disappoint my regular readers..Thank you s and tani..Sorry I forgot to mention your name..So as you all said, I can’t disappoint my readers so….I will not..But I’ll give you irregular updates due to my exams..Hope you all understand.. And I will not discontinue my other FF but will update it very irregularly as I have lost interest On that…So now I start with the next episode now..

The episode starts with Doctor coming inside Sanskar’s room.


“Sanskar, how are you feeling now?” Doctor asks Sanskar.

“Much better than before doctor. Thank You” Sanskar says him.

“You are improving so you can be discharged today..I’ll ask Mrs Maheshwari to sign on the papers.” Doctor tells him.

“Oh okay doctor. She will complete them after an hour or two…” Sanskar tells him.

“Oh yes. But tell her to complete them today only” Doctor tells him.

“Yes doctor, surely. Thank you” Sanskar thanks him.

Swara comes to meet him after an hour.

“How are you feeling now?” Swara asks him.

“Hey bhagwan..Sab long mujhse yahi puchh rahe hai and I’m tired of saying “I’m fine”..” He says while making a dramatic face.

“Oh, actor banne ki koshis kar rahe ho..Well, I wish you all the very best” Swara tells while

“Oh..Ouchhh” He shouts..

“Wh….What happened Sanskar?” Swara asks being shocked..

Sanskar gives her “see, I scared you” look..

“Sanskar…You….wait” Swara tells and starts beating him..

“Hey bhagwan, daya karo mujhpe.. I am in hospital bed and my wife is beating me..Pity me God” Sanskar tells again while making a dramatic look.

Suddenly Swara stops and remembers she’s in hospital.

Swara apologizes to him..“I’m sorry Sanskar”

“Well, don’t apologize my beautiful wife..” Sanskar says while winking at her.

“Ohh..Abb don’t forget we’re in hospital..” Swara tells while winking..

“Hey bhagwan, I quit” Sanskar wonders to himself.

“What are you thinking?” She asks him..

“Nothing..I quit” He murmurs “I quit”..

“Oh…..” Gets interrupted by Sanskar.

“Doctor told me that I’ll be discharged today and he wants you to complete the formalities” Sanskar tells her.,

“Oh okay. So, I’m going there..Bye” She bids bye to him.

“Bye!” He tells her..

She goes outside and completes the formalities.
She comes back to Sanskar..

“Doctor told you to take care..Come” She tells him.

“Come, forward your hand” He asks her

“Oh..Take” She forwards her hand.

They reach home..

Precap- Not decided, sorry!

Well, now I can’t write more! In simple words, I’m tired! Thank you friends and yeah I don’t think of the dialogues, means I write them on spot and without proof read! Thank you for reading my bakwas story!! Have a great day..And how’s this FF picture? I change it in every episode…
Bye..remember short updates and irregular due to my exams!! Bye!!

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