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Tujhme khoya rahun main Mujhme khoyi rahe tu- (Ishqbaaz) Ishkara Five Shots part 5 of 5 LAST PART


Hey all Fatarajo here. Thank you so much for supporting consistently for this five shot because this Five shot is really close to my heart as i love cakes and painting (not really sometimes ?). Another major reason why i wrote This five shot because I was missing ishkara a lot that’s why. It took me very long to write this 5 shot because i was sick as i said in the middle and also busy. And finally after finish writing the five shots i began publishing it so that you all no need to wait for me. I hope you all liked this five shots overall for now here is the last part.


Here is the last part of this 5 shots.
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Here is the last but not least part.
He looked at the picture. The picture of his big family. His big happy family. How happy they were and he also looked at his own picture. Omkara saw himself and how he changed in between in the last five years and now again he is back to his original self. How could he made his family suffer by changing himself? He didn’t want to change himself, but when his Riddima went away from him forever he couldn’t do anything else. He just changed, but now he is back to his old self. And the only person behind this change is Ishana.

How thankful he is to her! He didn’t have words to express. He decided to speak to her tomorrow. He went to sleep, but he was thinking about Ishana for the whole night. He will thank her he no need to think too much. He couldn’t admit the fact that he was suddenly thinking about Ishana. He wanted to sleep so that he can stop it but it’s only her face coming in his sleep. In these fews years this happened for the first time because every time he sees Riddima but this time it is Ishana. He got confused and slept. Not really he ended up spending a sleepless night while thinking about Ishana.

The next day morning, Ishana was working in her cake shop as always. But she was not at all in mood to work or bake cake. It was her favourite thing but she just couldn’t concentrate. She was just thinking when will Omkara come. Oh yes she forgot. Omkara now comes here sometimes only not always. Let her message Omkara.

Ishana goes to take her phone to message Omkara but what is this? Omkara messaged her instead.
“Come down.” Omkara messaged her.
Ishana happily went and she looked down the window. Really Omkara is there. Now that he is already there, she can now happily and peacefully confess her love to him.

Ishana ran and came to Omkara. As Omkara and Ishana came face to face to each other, a smile automatically appeared on both of their faces. Both were so happy to see each other and found peace. They both desperately wanted to speak with each other. As if they met one another after several years. But no they met recently last time but still they both look so excited. And they both said hi together at the same time.

And again a smile appeared on their face. And again they both started speaking up together at the same time. And they both shared up laughing. Who will say first? They both persuaded to let the other one start first, until Omkara told Ishana to say what she wants if not he will go. And Ishana got the first go.

Ishana was feeling super nervous. She wanted to confess her love as soon as possible. Omkara wondered what was it that Ishana wanted to tell him and whatever it is she should say as soon as possible so that he can thank her peacefully for coming in his life. Ishana finally began.

“I wanted to say that I love you Omkara.” Ishana quickly and swiftly confessed her love to Omkara and closed her eyes.

Well Omkara who was smiling, the smile on his face disappeared and he was shocked. He was stunned. He was surprised. He knew Ishana will say something but he didnt expect her to say like this. How can she love him? What is so special about him? And he will accept her love? It’s not possible for him because he only loves Riddima and can’t give her space to anyone else. So what if she is dead? She is still in his heart.

Omkara got furious with this action of Ishana. It’s not that she doesn’t knows him. She knows him very well and she also knows how much he loves Riddima. How did she do so despite knowing everything? So did she change him for her selfish purposes? Oh so she didn’t do this as a friend instead she did this for her selfish purposes to win his love? And she thinks he will accept it. No way.

Omkara fired at Ishana for saying this nonsense. Ishana got shocked. She knew it was not surprising to get this reaction from Omkara. That’s why she didn’t want to confess her love because she knew she will be heartbroken as Omkara will never give Riddima’s place to anyone. It was foolish of her to confess love to him. At least their friendship was enough but she didn’t do wrong either. For how long she could have hide this fact? How could she keep it hidden inside her heart for long?She knew that now it was time for her to face his anger.

Omkara said what came in his mind. He didn’t think of how much she will be hurt. He scolded her so much that it did break her heart more. But he didn’t care. She needed it. How can she do like this with him? How can she be so cheap? How he wished he never taught her art and all that. He told everything whatever came in his mind, and every words of Omkara brought tears into Ishana’s eyes. She didn’t know what to do.

“I hate you Ishana. Now get lost and never come back to me!” Omkara wanted Ishana to just get lost and told her to get off from his sight. Omkara realised he was standing near Ishana’s cake shop and he just went away from there nodding at Ishana’s misdeed.

Ishana was staring and standing still. She was shattered from inside. Really he will hate her now from now. He will hate her a lot. What a bad fate she have! The person whom she loves hates her. He doesn’t even want to see her forget about love.

Just then a car comes forwards and starts horning. But Ishana was so shattered with Omkara’s words and lost that she didn’t listen to the horn, and the car hit her. Soon she was found lying on the ground of the road in a pool of blood.

Omkara who was about to go away from the place forever as he was about to have one last sight of that Ishana, he was shocked to see that. The same scene. The same thing , just that the date and person was different. And it was Ishana. The one whom he scolded and the one who taught him the meaning of life. Omkara ran to Ishana who was now unconscious.

Now he felt very bad and was not in his sense. He lost Riddima, now he couldn’t afford to lose Ishana. He realised that she was still breathing. He took her in his arms, and even blood was smeared on his hands due to that. He promised himself and Ishana that he won’t let Ishana go this time.

Omkara took Ishana to the hospital and she was taken into the ward. She was alive but her condition was very critical. Doctors said that she could die anytime. But Omkara believed that nothing will happen to Ishana. He stayed in the hospital and prayed for her wellbeing.

He sat down and thought over his rough and mean words to Ishana. And how he said that she should go away forever. He shouldn’t have said so. He cursed himself for doing like this and hurting Ishana. He thought of all his moments with Ishana and how she confessed her love to him.

Omkara remembered how Riddima used to say that life goes on and it’s not necessary that love doesn’t happen only one time because it’s very difficult to understand one’s heart. Love may happen second time or also may never happen. Omkara had lost belief in love after losing Riddima but her talks and encouragement made him realise that the unusual attraction he had for Ishana was only love. It’s just that his heart was stubborn to let a place. He thought that she will take away the place of Riddima, but never thought that she can also make another place in his heart. How can he not think like this? Why? Why he had to be like this? He did a grave mistake by rejecting her and he didn’t have the strength to lose her now.

Shivaye came to the hospital and saw his younger Brother sitting down worried and shattered. Shivaye didn’t want Omkara to change again and he knew that won’t happen. Shivaye sat beside Omkara and patted his shoulder. Omkara looked at Shivaye and hugged him tightly.

“I love her. I love her a lot. I love Ishana a lot, and I can’t afford to lose her.” Omkara said while crying and hugging Shivaye. Shivaye assured that nothing will happen to Ishana and that she will be fine and that doctors are doing all they can. Shivaye told Omkara to stop blaming himself for the accident and that none was to be blamed for it.

The Doctors came out and said that Ishana was fine now and that now he can meet her. Shivaye encouraged Omkara and wished him luck. Omkara went in. Ishana was there. She looked at Omkara and struggled to get up.

Omkara made her lie down on the bed. Ishana apologised to Omkara for what she did and that she shouldn’t have done so, but it’s true that she loves him and she herself couldn’t deny it. Omkara told her to be silent and he said that it was his fault and he didn’t realise it earlier on. Ishana was confused on what Omkara was saying.

“I know it sounds weird, but better late than never, I love you Ishana.” Omkara confessed his love to Ishana.

Ishana was Super happy. And the tears she had which was meant for sorrow was now meant for happiness. She couldn’t believe that he also loved her too. She never expected that he will love her too. Omkara said that Riddima is his first love, but he loves Ishana to and is his second love. Ishana didn’t mind because whatever it is after all at the end of the day it’s love and one have right to fall in love more than once. Ishana was so happy that his Omi was there. She wanted to call him Omi she felt shy when she said ‘Omi’. Omkara smiled and let her do so.

He kissed her on the forehead and proposed her for marriage and if she was ready to be his Wife. Ishana smiled and nodded yes and Omkara happily made her wear the ring. Ishana cried and Omkara wiped her tears. Ishana was so happy and those were her tears of joy. Omkara promised that he will make sure Ishana is happy with him and never lives in sorrow.

Shivaye and Anika sees this happily from the window and they get emotional . Shivaye and Anika look at each other and reminisce all their moments. Shivaye and Anika get back into flashback of their love confession and they get romantic. As Shivaye and Anika were about to get close, their sign of love, their Son , their sign of love Mohit came running and they hugged and kissed on each of his cheek. They three share a happy family hug.

Later, Ishana and Omkara spend some happy and romantic moments. Ishana bakes cake for Omkara and Omkara makes a painting of Ishana and gifts her which makes her Super happy. Later, Omkara and Ishana takes the wedding rounds . Omkara makes Ishana wear the mangalsutra and Sindoor and they get married. Omkara and Ishana share some cute and romantic moments after their marriage, and they share love with each other. Later, Omkara gets sad as he remembers about Riddima while looking at the stars and Ishana comes and pats him and makes him feel better. Ishana makes Omkara wipes his tears and assured wherever Riddima is she must be very happy. Ishana lied her head on Omkara’s shoulder and they both look at the moon.

Three years later,
Omkara is at the hospital and he is really worried. He walks around. And just then the doctor comes and Omkara comes to the doctor to ask how is Ishana.
“Congratulations! It’s a baby girl.” The doctor happily said.
Yes Ishana and Omkara were blessed with a baby girl. Omkara happily went in and he was happy to see his Wife and Daughter.

Ishana was carrying their sign of love, their newborn Daughter in her arm. Omkara came and sat and took his Daughter in his arms. It seems that they both will be very close with each other as the baby smiled looking at her Father. Ishana was also happy as she is now a Mother too. Ishana said that she have decided something.

“I have decided to name our Daughter, Riddima.” Ishana said.
Omkara becomes emotional and happy as Ishana suggested the name of Riddima. He still didn’t forget Riddima and loved her as she was his first Wife and now he could call his very own Daughter with that name. It seems as if Riddima have came back to his life again and he was happier. Omkara kissed Ishana on her forehead and thanked her for giving him such a big happiness.
Omkara and Ishana brought their Daughter home. Shivaye and Anika and others welcomed them. Mohit was Super happy to see his Sister, and hugged his Chachu and Chachi. Everyone was happier now. They shared a family picture and Omkara and Ishana smiled looking at each other and so did Shivaye and Anika.
So Omkara and Ishana lived happily ever after with their princess, Riddima.

The end

Message: Love can happen any time, it can happen once or even more than once. Just because you loved someone a lot , and you lost him/her doesn’t mean that you have no rights to fall in love again. You may not know that the one whom you love also loved you immensely and if it’s true he/she will always be there for you.

I hope you all liked the five shots overall.
I had difficulty in finding a title until i listened to MS Dhoni – the untold story songs and when I listened to Phir Kabhi i decided to name it according to the lyrics. And I enjoyed replying to all of your comments really makes me smile. And as for my ff, We Three Brothers are Like Three Sides in a Triangle will most likely be published in the first week or second week of October. This is because I have made some changes to the storyline.

And as this is the last part so it’s a request to silent readers that if you all really liked this 5 shots ek comment Toh banta hain. (I deserve a comment?) And whoever commented really means a lot to me and inspired me to write more of these kind of stories. Love u all. From FTRajo.

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