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Tujhme khoya rahun main Mujhme khoyi rahe tu- (Ishqbaaz) Ishkara Five Shots part 3 of 5


Hey all, I am back with the third part of the five shots. And thank you so much for waiting patiently, and I am really very happy with the response I received in the previous parts really means a lot to me. I hope you all will also like the third part.

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Here is part 3.
She sat down at the window side of her house and got thinking. How attractive he was! How good looking he was! But arrogance? His arrogance was there. He is also quite rude. This was one very big problem of him.
“How can such an innocent looking guy be so arrogant?” Ishana looked at the stars in the sky and questioned herself.
Ishana remembered how they collided with each other and also how he saved her from slipping. She just couldn’t forget about him at all. He was her dream man that’s why. Only if he wasn’t arrogant. How she wished she got to know him more! Ishana remembered she had a business to carry out the next day, so she instantly went to the bed and fell asleep. She still saw him in her dreams when she slept though.

The next day, she went back to work. She continued to carry on with her cake shop business. She took some ingredients, made a dough mixture and then she kept it in the oven to let the cake bake. Once it got ready, she took it out from the oven. Just fresh and how yummy it smells. She kept it which is now ready to be sold.

While doing her usual job, suddenly her eye went towards the window and she saw that guy. The guy who was doing his usual job- painting. He used splashes of paints to beautify his valuable work. But the plate of pastries that was always placed beside him was missing. Oh yes! The one who was supposed to do this job to give him the pastries was away for the day. Now Ishana knew that it was only her duty to serve that guy the plate of pastries. At least in that pretext she can see his face.

She went forward to serve him the plate of pastries. She came and kept the plate and went away. Before she walked back, something clicked her mind and she came and sat beside the painter. She firstly looked at his painting and was wondering what he wanted to convey through his painting today. She looked up and became surprised as she looked at him. And ‘suprisingly’, not really surprisingly he also was equally surprised to see her. The painter was him. Him. The one with whom she collided yesterday and accidentally messed his face with the cake and also got scolded by him too. Yes, the painter was none other than Omkara Singh Oberoi, that attractive arrogant guy!

He is the painter? She began asking himself. So he comes here to do painting. Wow he is very interesting. Arrogant, attractive and artistic. All A’s. Hmm. His paintings said something. But what was it? But whatever it is, it must be definitely something very deep. One can clearly say how much dedicated he is to his paintings. His eyes said it all. She couldn’t believe it was the same arrogant guy whom she met yesterday. He is so soft. He doesn’t even speak at all. Was he is the same person whom she met yesterday? She is just so confused. She wanted to clear her confusions which was getting her brain fused. She just needed to speak to him. But he isn’t even looking at her! Forget about speaking. She sat down and stared at him and got into a deep study of him.

While Omkara was busy in his painting, he finally realised. There was someone sitting beside him and staring at his painting for no reason. He knew that really well. He looked and became surprised. It was the same girl who spoiled his mood due to her cake yesterday. Omkara did fume from inside for a while. But how did it matter to him? She isn’t even related to him. Omkara just ignored her and continued doing his painting.

“Why is he so silent?” Ishana with a confused look questioned herself.
She was really desperate to speak with him. But he wasn’t even opening his mouth. Only moving his hand here and there and applying paints from one part of the artwork to the another. Ishana sat down for long beside him. And he still didn’t do anything. At least scream on her or just tell her to get lost. No. He is not even doing so. It’s so difficult. She knew she had a cake business to carry on with.
Ishana knew she had to do something.

“Hi. I am Ishana. The owner of this cake shop!” Ishana finally had the guts to speak up to break the ice between them. Now hopefully this will work now. Omkara looked at her to deepen her confirmation. Just open his mouth and speak is the only thing left. But he again looked at his painting and continued doing so. Ishana’s smile turned into a frown as she failed despite being so much close to success to communicate with Omkara.

After not so long, he started his pack up. He installed the paint back and wrapped his new painting in a brown paper, put all those together in his black trunk. And he walked back and left the place. So finally she failed. She didn’t even speak a single word with Omkara Singh Oberoi. She even sacrificed some precious minutes almost turned hours from her cake business. Now there is no use of wasting time on someone who didn’t even bother to look at her. She had to made amendments for the time she wasted for ‘no’ reason. Now she is back with her cute cake business.

And as usual days passed by, Ishana continued with her cake business and Omkara went from his house to the road near the cake shop, and cake shop to his house. There the only thing he did was painting. Ishana was as always the same, but there was only one difference. Everyday at the end of the day, when it was time for Omkara to leave, she will look up from the window and always wonder, only if he spoke with her one day. Just one day.

Then one fine day, as usual Ishana was doing her painting and Omkara was carrying his cake business. I mean Ishana was doing her cake business and Omkara was doing his painting.

As always Omkara always had the 100% curiosity in his painting. Even that day it was the same, until. Until he accidentally spilled some paint. Red paint. Omkara was about to clean the paint, he stared at his hand. His hands were full of red paint. As if they were blood. Omkara gets into flashback,

Omkara and Riddima were newly married couples, and they were having their own sweet time, romancing and chit-chatting with each other. They both were perfect for each other and even enjoyed each other’s company. Omkara and Riddima were walking and talking, suddenly Omkara heard a loud sound. A loud clash. He looked beside him and realized Riddima was missing. He looked down and realized that she was lay down in a pool of blood. She was knocked down by the car. Omkara quickly bent down and took her in his arms. Omkara knew he had to save her. Riddima assured him that it was of no use and that it was time for her to leave this place. Omkara purposely ignored what she said. Riddima gave her last piece of love to him and told him to take care of himself and never forget her. And then she breathes her last in his arms. Omkara had Riddima and some stain of blood in his hand, now only the stain of blood and the lifeless body of Riddima. He shouted her name as soon as he realised that he lost her forever.

Omkara got out of the flashback. The worst day of his life. Where he lost everything. Riddima was everything to him. The only reason why he came here because he felt her presence via the memories of the last few moments of Riddima and him. Omkara still couldn’t forget over the dreadful accident and suddenly he became angry. His eyes was full of anger. He became hyper. He couldn’t tolerate it anymore. He did try to control himself. He couldn’t. He stared to throw things around him and then not finding anything he suddenly started to vandalise his own artwork that he did with so much dedication.

If anyone saw him like this, they would have called him an insane guy. But he was just expressing all his grief and sadness, that went out of control due to that dreadfullest memory that came back in his mind thanks to the accidental splashes of red paint in his hand.

Ishana who was continuing with her business had the accidental look at the window this time and caught the view of a huge crowd gathered around. It was the same spot where Omkara always do this painting. But question is where is Omkara? Why is there a sudden formation of crowd? What if he… Ishana’s heart suddenly started beating in super fast beat and she rushed down to the spot. And she was surprised. She was surprised with the new shade of Omkara Singh Oberoi. Why was he suddenly acting so crazy? What’s wrong? She went to him to find out.
Before Ishana could speak out, Omkara hugged her tightly which made her even more surprised. The man who wasn’t even speaking with her how did he suddenly hugged her like that. Maybe Omkara saw his Riddima in her. That only Omkara knew. Omkara found a sudden comfort when he hugged Ishana. Ishana didn’t panic infact she consoled him. That made Omkara feel a little better, but he was still in that shock. He wasn’t getting over it. Ishana called his family member, but due to not getting their call, Ishana this time herself took the responsibility of making sure Omkara reached his home safely and to reduce the concern of his family members.

Ishana stepped into the mansion with the down and shattered Omkara and helped him by taking him to his bedroom. She made Omkara lie down on the bed. She knew very well that a sleep was what will make him alright for the moment, and he desperately needed it. Suddenly Omkara didn’t want Ishana to leave. Ishana also didn’t want to but she had to. Ishana sang a sweet lullaby to him which made him fall asleep. Now Ishana could leave the place peacefully.

As she walked out, she began to reflect and brainstorm over Omkara’s sudden change of behaviour and action. She couldn’t solve it at all. She needed help. And she knew one person could help her. Anika. She decided to go and ask Anika. That didn’t went in vain. Anika did tell her something. Something which made Ishana’s confusion to be slowly cleared. Anika summarized the story of Omkara and Riddima’s life and how Omkara was affected by her death.

Ishana felt so bad. Really she didn’t feel so bad before, except when she lost her loved ones. She couldn’t even sleep and she was just thinking, thinking and thinking while lying down on the bed. It was so hurtful. It swollen a part of her heart. No wonder why he was always like this. But there is a life waiting for him. And he needs to know that. Ishana got determined and she decided something. And she knew what she was doing. She will do this for Omkara.
End of part 3.

Precap for part 4:- Omkara is doing painting as usual just then Ishana comes to him. Omkara ignored her until she said something. This stunned Omkara to the core and he cannot stop staring at her. Ishana is confident.

The next part will be published tomorrow.

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