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Tujhme khoya rahun main Mujhme khoyi rahe tu- (Ishqbaaz) Ishkara Five Shots part 1 of 5


Hi all Fatarajo here. And i m the writer of Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers Are Like Three Sides in a Triangle, so are Our Story. I know you all are waiting for my story for long, I thought you all forgot my story but I am surprised and happy with the fact that you all still do remember about it. Actually I have two reasons why I am not able to publish the next episode. One is I was busy due to my trip and I also fall sick while I was on the trip and my laptop is not with me due to which I couldn’t write the episodes. And another reason, is that I am going to bring some changes to the storyline so I am working in it. I may take time in publishing the next episode I will try my best to publish it before my root canal surgery which is on 1st week of October. I know it’s Long but please do wait. And I am sad that I can’t write as my laptop is not with me, but my phone is with me. I thought that if I cannot write my fan fiction i can at least write a 5 shots. So i am writing a 5 shots on my Favourite ishqbaaz pair and that is Ishkara. And if you are worried with the fact that I will get late in publishing the next part don’t worry because i have already finished writing the 5 shots all 5 parts. By then read part 1.


Here is the part 1 of the five shots

Four corners. The room has four corners as we all know. But there was silence. Shhh! There was a window at one corner, a bed in the other and some paintbrushes and paints at another. And in another was the owner of these items. He sat in a corner and was painting. It was his passion . Anyone would have said that if they entered that room. He seemed to have express and transfer all his emotion in the painting he was doing. His eyes expressed nothing just curiosity over the painting he was currently doing. And yes he was none other than the great artist, Omkara Singh Oberoi. Finally he finished that painting and he just walked towards the corner where his bed was kept. He looked up and invisible tears dropped from his eyes.
“Why did you leave me forever?” Omkara cried in his heart as he looked at that thing.
And that thing was a painting of a girl. A happy girl. It seems that Omkara was emotionally connected to the painting he was looking at. But question is who was ‘the’ girl?

Outside his room was two ladies standing.
One of them eyeing at him sadly. She was none other Anika Singh Oberoi, the Sister-in-law of Omkara and the Wife of Shivaye Singh Oberoi. And the other lady, elder than Anika. She was Janvi Singh Oberoi, the Mother of Omkara Singh Oberoi. She stood beside her.

“It has been five years, since Riddhima died.” Janvi said sadly.
Yes, from what Janvi said it conveyed that the painting was that of none other than Riddhima who died. Looks like Omkara was very closely connected with Riddhima.

Janvi and Anika looked and Omkara came out of the room.
“I am leaving.” Omkara just said that and went past Janvi and Anika. Finally Omkara started speaking, even though it was just three words.

At another place,
The sunshine started to irritate her eyes. She opened the window and breeze of wind made her hair lock start to move. But one thing was not moving. That was her smile. She looked through the window and smiled. Along with the sound of the wind Breeze, a voice chased her ears.
“Ishana!” That’s what the voice said.
Yes, the girl at the window was none other than Ishana. Ishana flunked her hair with the movement of her neck and she looked and smiled and went.
But where was Ishana? Was she at her house? No. Then? Ishana was at a cake shop. And that was Ishana’s cake shop and she was the owner of that. Ishana was very happy with her cake shop and she loved baking cake and pastries. It seems she gave all to this cake shop so that it can be a successful shop. After baking her cake. She took out a piece of plate and placed two pieces of pastries and handed it to someone and told her to hurry. And she did so.
Ishana looked out and She became relieved as she saw the girl placing that plate of pastries beside a guy. A guy with long hairs is shown and he is painting. But his face is not shown. He ate the pastries and left the plate. Ishana tries to see his face but she failed. And she went in.
Ishana continued with her job of baking and selling them to run her dear cake shop.

Times passed by and then it seems that something triggered Ishana and she quickly rushed back to the window. It was time to say goodbye to the wind Breeze. Ishana while closing the window looked down. It was the same guy. He called the girl and gave her the plate and she left. And after that he walked back and left the place. Ishana stared him from the window and only one thing went in her mind.
“Who is he?” Ishana questioned herself.

End of part 1.

Precap for part 2: Ishana comes to a place with big cake and Omkara is walking there at the same time and they collide with each other. Due to this the cake gets smeared on Omkara’s face who is shocked. Ishana is stunned.

I hope you all liked the first part of the 5 shots. The next part I will publish tomorrow. Till then feel free to express your opinions ?

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