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Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-23)





After yesterday’s incident I thought of breaking this hubby and wifey relations cz Kunj made it awkward for us to stay even a bit close to eo so I thought to confront him and talk on this matter Kunj loves me bt I don’t I will surely ask him to sign the divorce papers and will free him and me from this unwanted marriage ‘twinkle twinkle twinkle’ Kunj came shouting to me ‘twinkle I want to confess sumthing’ he continued ‘listen Kunj I know why uh want to say bt plzzz before that can we talk plzz it’s kinda imp. Plzz’ I said ‘anything fr uh wifey’ he replied
T-Kunj I don’t know how to say this bt I think we need a break from eo or can say we have to apply a break on this journey of our lyf we were married without our will I didn’t want this marriage neither uh and as we made a deal that whenever we want we can apply a divorce letter in the court and will go on our respective ways tm tmhare and main apne raste
K-do uh even know wht r uh saying?

T-yes Kunj I know wht m I saying I know uh have stupid feelings for me bt I don’t I know uh love me bt I don’t

I said this n sumwhere I knew this had hurt him a lot he was completely shattered from inside but still he just smiled and talked to me thinking I was playing a prank on him

K-twinkle yaar plzzz don’t play with my emojis plzzz hehehe I know uh Jst kidding me bt it really hurts
T-hehe Kunj firstly its nt emojis it’s emotions and secondly (a bit firm) m nt kidding uh I really don’t luv uh and I repeat I know uh have stupid feelings for me

I knew ki main toh gayi and same happened with me he pinned me to the wall and without any further delay he kissed me wildly huh he was showing me his anger from the kiss he was eating,chewing,sucking,cutting my lips he bit my lower lip with his teeth due to which I moaned his name in pain bt wah yaar twinkle he is eating uh and uh r moaning his name only that too in pain disgusting now lemme continue wid my POV i moaned in pain and taking the situation’s advantage my hubby oh srry I broke the relation Kunj entered his tongue in my mouth and exploring each and every corner of it bt I didn’t responded and I will not when he parted himself bt still was vry close to my face as if again the same thing is going to happen I kept my hands on his chest in order to push him away bt I really think yaar why does he eat mtlb ki his muscular body was so much strong I couldn’t even move it a bit Kunj was in tears

K-twinkle do uh really think my feelings for uh r stupid
T-of course it is Kunj how can uh even think I will love uh
K- Jst shut up Twinkle I love uh and that is final I can’t change my feeling and I know somewhere uh too love me

This was enough for me to hear how can he take my decision this time I turned him and pinned him to the wall and I kissed him huh so tit for tat y did he kiss me in anger now he has to pay for it I took the revenge I started to bite chew cut in lips and finally I pulled myself back…
T-do uh even know whom I love? No not love I used to love but after reading his diary and looking the photographs in his bag my heart was pissed off I loved him to the core but his truth was something else he loved his so called business the most and he didn’t had any time for his family he would love any girl in his life and most importantly he was a “womanizer”

Kunj was shocked to hear all this My temperature was really high I grabbed his hand took him to the room I threw the shirt the pen the diary and all the belonging of my love ‘These all belongs to the love of my life Kunj Sarna Yes uh heard it right Kunj Sarna these all belongings are urs and I loved uh but not now cz I know ur truth wht uh actually are I married uh cz of my mom and I thought of giving uh divorce the day I married uh so don’t live in an illusion ok?
‘Twinkle listen uh nt understanding uh r wrong I can xplain about whatever uh saw’ Kunj said bt I interrupted him and continue

‘Jst shut up listen my point first I started to luv uh from the day I met uh our frst journey together in a train uh remember uh stayed at my flat y didn’t uh apply ur common sense at tht tym uh only tell me which girl will allow any man to live at her house that too when she is alone and one more thing uh saw me only in towel didn’t uh? Wht do uh think I would have left uh no mr Kunj Sarna I left uh cz I loved uh huh I loved uh bt I didn’t confess n m glad tht I didn’t confess my love for uh when we were leaving Mumbai I read ur diary in which it was clearly written “I Kunj Sarna cannot love any women in my lyf m Jst a womanizer I Jst use women” I also saw some girls photographs with cross sign made on it now uh only tell me what does it mean listen Kunj I don’t want to listen anything m leaving this house uh will receive the divorce papers tomorrow good bye …..

Saying this I left him completely shattered


Hyy Darlos
How r uh all??
Angry on me??

Are m so srry for the separating twinj bt this was the story maybe in the next episode they will reunite qki m Krystal the gr8 and I can do anything uh know hehehe
Well hw many of uh thought it would be Kunj??
Acha will post next one as soon as I can bt till then comment and love me
Love uh all
Stay blessed

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