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Trust On 7 Vows (Chapter-21)





Twinkle agreed for the marriage which was really unable to digest cz she slapped mahi for this marriage only I was surprised ki frst she pleaded me to stop this marriage n the vry next moment she agreed for the marriage Leela Aunty n twinkle were in my house sitting on the couch kept ri8 in front of me ‘I don’t want this marriage’ I said ‘Wht the hell yaar first you agreed twinkle denied then she agreed now uh r denying wht is wrong wid uh guys?’ Yuvi shouted ‘No nothing is wrong the thing is just I don’t want this marriage’ I said ‘Jst shut up don’t raise my temper or else this tym I will take the revenge of my slap from uh yuvi did uh get tht?’ Mahi yelled in anger ‘yeah ok’ yuvi said fully scared ‘I know y uh both r denying fr the marriage’ leela aunty said Oh god I Jst love her…..leela continued ‘this is cz uh don’t know eo well I want uh to spent…..’ Bt before she could continue twinkle grabbed my hand n took me out of my own house
T-wht r uh doing?
K-r uh blind
T-can’t uh give me a straight answer
K-m so srry bt I don’t have tht feature in me
T-arrghh do uh even know why uh were about to do?
K-wht? I was stopping this so called marriage…..bt I don’t think uh want me to stop this marriage
T-ohh hello don’t day dream huh being a wife tht too urs ….huh leave it
K-then y r uh stooping me don’t tell me twinkle taneja walks off the situation
T-ohk go n stop the marriage I won’t stop uh from doing tht bt I Jst want uh nt to create a syaapa
K-oh hello I Neva create a syaapa
T-just shut up wht do uh want to say tht I create syappas
K-wow yaar uh a mind reader I was about to say exactly the same i.e. Uh a syaapa queen
We were fighting orally cz uh know na Non violence is now a days in fashion so we were fighting n our full family came outside to see our drama “SHUT UP UH BOTH …….UH HAVE TO GO AND SPENT SUM TYM …….” Again before she continued twinkle grabbed my hand n dragged me to my room
T-listen Kunj keep calm n talk
K-yeah say
T-do uh want to go on a honeymoon before marriage

She asked me this leaving me shocked bt the vry next moment I thought to show tht m a characterless guy so tht she can say no to the marriage
K (leaning on twinkle) well if uh insist
Twinkle gulped n again said
T-no if uh will fight lyf this maa will send us abroad for knowing eo well n after tht we have to marry eo at any cost so I think it’s better to marry eo n when we will feel lyf giving eo the divorce we will wht say?

‘Ladki chalu hai’ I thought
T-now don’t be a phattu
Let’s do it
K-lets do it

We winked at eo n agreed for the marriage …..

Next day




I entered Saran mansion with garlands wrapped around my neck bt this tym when I entered inside the feeling was kinda different I didn’t know wht to do next so I asked Kunj if I go to my house once and take my belonging he agreed smiling I went back to my house and took the belongings of my love and hugged it very tightly I Jst wanted to cry as much as I can bt I packed my bag and went to Saran mansion when I was inside it I saw Kunj on the couch relaxing so I went upstairs to kunj’s room n threw all his cloths from the cupboard on the floor and I adjusted everything according to my wish when he entered the room he started shouting and on hearing his shout I too shouted

K-wht did uh do?
T-r uh blind?
K-can’t uh give a straight answer?
T-I don’t have tht feature in me

I was talking in a sarcastic way cz he also did this wid me in the past

K-twinkle yaar y did uh scatter my clothes here and there
T-cz I wanted to do so
K-listen my wifiey plzzz help me in arranging the things plzzz
T-Ohhk my hubby I will help uh in doing so
K-thnxx a Lott
T-absolutely fyn

We arranged all the things n had a cute moment with eo


Hyy darlos
Hw r uh all?
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Love uh all stay blessed

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