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Trust makes love perfect – Episode 5 (why hate colors)


Hi frnds im so sorry for being late..now i will try to give my ff without any long delay…and thanx for ur support frnds..
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Recap:superb devils colored viplav..

Viplav is looking angrily at dhanni..nd other girls ..WHR superb devils r having fun with varun…suddenly viplav feel a hand at his cheek nd found the same man who try to put color at him earlier now applying color at viplav….viplav is fuming in anger..he looks at the girls ..same time varun and dhanni goes to Thr respective cars and drove to the home..viplav looks at the man nd without any response he walks away angrily…

At viplavs home..

All r playing with colors at garden..shalu nd shambu too join thm…Shrishti is full drenched in colors nd others too but not as her. .the gate opened widely nd viplav walks inside in full anger…all got surprised by sawing viplav in colors tht too fully drenched in colors.. Shrishti nd kanak got shocked by the view WHR all other looking at him surprisingly….
Shalu got excited nd shout at viplav..
Shalu: happy holi bhai…..this holi is special as I can put color at u.(by saying this shalu applied color at his cheek softly.. Shrishti nd kanak rushed to thm but thy were late to stop her..)
Viplav looks at shalu ..suddenly kanak came in between nd take color frm shalu s hand nd put all color at her nd smiles…
Shalu:ma…!!!(and start to chase her)
Kanak run as shalu chases her..while running kanak signals Shrishti to handle viplav..
(After all she is his mother.. She very well knew..only Shrishti can manage viplav at this time..thts why she make shalu away frm him..as she don’t want to spoil her daughter’s or her son’s day..after all Shrishti is too matured nd act as viplav s second mother whn needed.. Evn she is his best friend..kanak well knew tht..thts why she ask Shrishti to do her part..)

Viplav is about to loose his self control and he is fuming… Shrishti approach him nd make him turn to her ..he looks down..
She make him face her by holding his chin..he looks at her nd the anger in his eyes change to sadness..

Shrishti hold his hand nd take him to his room..she give him dress for changing nd ask to fresh…viplav didn’t said anything.. But obeyed her as a small kid….whn he comes back after changing dress ..he saw Shrishti sitting in his bed ..she too washed all colors frm her body nd changed dress nd looking fresh.. By sawing viplav she smiles nd give a cup of coffee which she kept at the table…viplav didn’t say anything just take the coffee cup frm her hand nd sit near to her…
Silence starts to bind thm
.but Shrishti broke the silence..
Shrishti: chotte…u okay?
Shrishti: (put her hand at his shoulder nd give a side hug nd make her hand to run his wet hair)..I know u r not okay..
Viplav looks at her nd give a smile
(Shristi is still rubbing his hair…Suddenly she stopped nd stood up..viplav look at her questionably..)
Shrishti: stupid..how careless u r..can’t u do ur own things… (She turn to other side of the room angrily)
Viplav put the cup at the table nd walk near to her as he didn’t understand what happened..
Viplav: di..wht happened..
Shrishti turns with a towel…
Shrishti: u devil…don’t make me more Angry..go nd sit at the bed..(she ordered)
He do like tht..
Shrishti: r u a kid??look didn’t dry ur hair….still behaving like kid..
(She starts to make his hair dry using towel)
Varun just smiled at her scolds..
After finishing it she looked at his face nd saw him smiling at her..
She makes angry face nd turn back.

Viplav hug her frm back..
Viplav: di….I’m sorry…ur kid is sorry di..
Nd make a innocent face..
Shrishti watch his face through the mirror infornt of thm..
Shrishti: now finish ur coffee ..
Viplav took back the coffee nd starts to have..

Shrishti:so chotte.. How u bcm drenched in color?
Viplav: (remember dhannis nd frnds play nd again start to get Angry.. But he watches Shrishti s face who is looking at him for a Ans).nothing di..tht some kids mistakenly put ..(he act as having coffee for avoiding eye contact)
Shrishti understood tht its a lie..but she didn’t ask him anything further bcz she knew him…
Shrishti:why to get disturbed by it..u knew na..this is one of my fav day..tht I love to celebrate holi..nd I knew like me u too was mad abt holi..why now u hate? this ..can’t u forget tht day ??
Viplav (has tears nd anger in his eyes):how can I forget tht day?I don’t know whtr u forget it or not..but I can’t.. Nd I won’t..
Shrishti: I’m safe with u chotte.. Don’t bother abt tht day..tht was not urs mistake..
Viplav:it was..
Shrishti: how many times I want to say this to u..its not ur mistake.. Trust me..nd I forget it all…nd u knew..now I’m perfect..
Viplav look at her innocent face …

Flashback ~~~~~~~
Few years b4….
Viplav and Shrishti is playing in holi ….both r full of colors nd attacking each other with water balloons.. Shalu too join with thm..WHR other elders are watching thm ..
Viplav: di..come we can go outside
Shrishti: Ok..come..
Shalu: me too coming..
Thy 3 went outside nd play with other children.. Thy all r enjoying ..at tht time Shrishti saw some men staring at thm..she feels uncomfortable nd ask viplav tht we can go back..but she didn’t tells abt the men..nd viplav ask her to wait.”.can go little later.”..nd he goes to his frnds nd starts to play… Shrishti saw the men changing Thr position nd now standing close to thm..she get scared..after sometimes.. Some of thm starts to play with thm..but Shrishti starts to get away frm thm nd send shalu to call viplav.. Viplav came to Shrishti with shalu..but he didn’t find Shrishti Thr..thy both searched everywhere.. He starts to get scared..nd go for finding her..same time Those men took Shrishti to a lonely place..thy all were drunken nd not in Thr sense..she can’t make noise .bcz a men cover her mouth with his hand nd pulling her against ground.. She was struggling hard to escape frm his grip but she failed to do.. Thy threw her to the ground nd walks slowly to her..she was begging thm to don’t come near to her…at the same time a men walks through Thr nd saw Shrishti in this situation
.he runs to other villagers nd escape her frm those men at the mean time itself…but she was mentally shocked nd gained her conscious after few days.. In theses days viplav was too stressed nd regretting at his doings..he thinks Tht he would have take her back to home at tht time itself nd all…after gaining her conscious too..she was too gloomy .still at tht shock..viplav can’t saw her like tht.. The girl who is always smiling nd playing is now sitting like a body without life..whn she came back to home..she starts to get panic attacks frequently.. It was hard to see ..as she was going through a very hard time..by all this viplav was hating himself for not able to keep his di safe…after few months she gets normal viplav helped her to bcm normal
.he spend all his time with her nd make her feel with him she is safe..but all the time he used to think..”why I didn’t do it b4″.. He gets her di back to her normal life after few month..
After tht incident he hates holi but still Shrishti love it.but viplav stops playing with colors as colors make him remember tht day which he try to avoid..shalu goes to hostel for her studying.. Shrishti bcm alone to play holi..at tht time kanak shambu dadi nd dadaji starts to play with colors for making Shrishti smile…and thy r continuing it..)
Flashback end ~~~
Viplav: sorry di..I did a mistake at tht day..I won’t do it again..always will keep u safe..
Shrishti: did I say anything abt it..forget abt tht day ..I’m saying again…its not ur mistake.. Don’t make me say again..I will kill u…
Viplav (smiles):u r sweet di..
Shrishti: u r tired na..I knew..u sleep for sometime..

Viplav: ohh…I’m not sleepy
Shrishti sat at bed nd pull him to her lap..he lay on bed by resting head at her lap..
Shrishti: sleep now..
Shrishti make him sleep…

Precap: vidhannis fight..

I’m sorry frnds..I repeated precap na.. Sry ..won’t do it again…frnds pls support.. Without ur support I can’t do it..pls give ur opinion… By tht only I can write more..otherwise I will be forced to end it soon.. Pls support frnds…

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