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time teaches everything……. part 2 (thoughts)

hey guys i am really very happy by ur response on the ff thanku so much guys love u all for this much response that u give thanku so now stoping my talks lets proceed towards the part

prev:swara falling raglak fight and meeting swasan indirect meeting
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so here we go with this part;:
sanskar start the car and they started their journey toward the accademy thinking about waragini and here swaragini are thinking about sanlak
The one incident create so much effect that their is only one thing going on everyone brain
Ragini thoughts: i fight with him so much even he is not at any fault and me… i am the biggest stupid idiod girl no no person in the whole world how could i do this?? what will be he thinking about me…. but why i am thinking about this?? oh my god what you done to me mr fighting king why i am thinking about that incident i have to ask u sry asap or else i am going to mental assilum in some days oh god ragini now stop thinking about him ….??
Swara thoughts: who is he ?? he is going for some important work and because of me he got late because of him i am here in this situation till than i don’t know why i care for him so much i don’t know what is going on in my brain?that incident i can’t even remember what exactly happen that time that happen so fast and my condition is this now but who r u ?? why we got bumped why this all happen why?? is there anything greater than this going to happen to me that u protect me and less injuries i got why this happen ? i don’t know what i am thinking why i am thinking?? i think this injury make me a mad one even ragini also say that i am mad and always talk like them i really think that i am a mad oh god …. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1,anger got away and madness also now don’t want to think anthing just keep ur mind free swara….??
Sanskar thouts: who is she? she is not even angry on me for bumping into her?? she even care about me and my work why she do this?? how can someone be so good in this selfish world?? how can she?/ her thoughts her thinkings and what not is affecting me how could she affect me so much when i don’t know her how can someone made effect on me no girl can do this but how she do it even i don’t see her than alsoshe have this much effect on me how can she think think like this ?? .. ummm now my first work after going is to find her out and say sry and meet her the girl who is effecting me…??
Laksh thoughts:smillingly how can miss scolding{ragini} do this much scolding even she don’t know me and just scold me for the mistake that i am my brother of my brother really brother of my brother {sanskar brother} ???even for the doing he do mistakenly but really she care for her sister very much that she scold me this much like her this quality by the way miss scolding is sweet and cute also her caring nature have to meet her once again that mystrey she is which i am not able to solve?
they all are thinking about each other because of a incident a small incident is going to change their life

SAnlak reach th academic pace which is 160km away from the city after the journey they fell tiered and they move to their room in the academy and after resting for a while they are here in the academy present with a group of girls and boys
Sanskar: hey i am sanskar and he is laksh we are going to coreograph u and make ur dance move perfect are u all ready for the session?
All:yes ?
Laksh:hey guys as u know me but than also let me introduce me i am laksh friends call me lucky u all can call me what u like to call ok i am done now tell ur intro
A boy: hi i am the captain and this is my team of 10 members as u see 5 girls and 5 boys i am ayush and he is saksham, parth, swayam, nitin and the girls are like niti, nayra, pihu, caren and kayra
and the partners are
parth-niti, swayam-caren, nitin-nayra, saksham-pihu, me- kayra{ayush}
Saskar:nice meeting u guys so lets start lucky
Laksh: hmm guys lets start
they start doing their practise and all are very good in dance sanlak are impressed by their dance they think their work will complete soon may be in one week only they are very happy after the practise session and now they go for rest as on the next day they have to go do the paper work so they have to go do the paper work so they proceed towards their room

after doing dressing and taking some rest swara and ragini go to principal sir office
Swara:may we comein sir
Sir: yes comein
Ragini:sir we are from XYZcollage and complete our first year their and now came here for admission of second year may our sir also contact u…
Sir: hmm ur principal sir call me and tell about u both it is really very nice and our collage pleasure that the toppers of the famous collage of bombay are here in our collage for their second year and he tell me u both are very good singers and i want to suggest u both to give ur both names to music teachers because their is a big function going to held next month and u both should participate
SWara;ok sir we will surely do that and its our pleasure to study from one of best collage of india and best kolkata collage ?
Sir:swara what happen to u mean this all injuries and all
Swara: actually sir i fall and the reslt is this
Sir: oh take care of urself
Swara: yes sir i will
Sir: all the best for ur fist day in our collage and most welcome to the collage????
Ragini: its our pleasure sir tht we got admission in this collage and thanks for tur wishes sir
they both leave from the office to their home and their everyone ask about swara condition an ragini tell them what all happen and make them understand that swara is all fine now all are worried for swara and said her to take care of herself and take rest they leave from the room and both sister tallk about the morning incident and their thoughts and decide to say sry to laksh nd meet sanskar for once and than fall asleep

they both went to their room and here sanskar arise the morning incident and said his thoughts also on this laksh say
Laksh: bhai u only say that effect of someone occur beause of their nature not because of their face and all so their is no scope of this question why she effect u if u don’t see her as u only say that their is nothing in outer beauty till people is beautiful from heart and about ur main question that why she is affecting u may be u and she thought in the same way thats why and the answer can be find out only by u so u only can dfind it and make urself realise that y r u effecting by her a simple gesture ok now it is upon u
and than laksh tell him that how he and ragini fights and all his thoughts and sanskar smile on this and say??
Sanskar: may be someone don’t fall on ur charm and tell u what u did and laugh thinking laksh got his scolding??
Laksh: this is not fair i got ur scolding and u r laughing on me its not fair bhai??
Sanskar: hmm thats true u got my scolding but don’t worry someone say me that sharing is best policy and wink at him???
Laksh: but that rule apply on eatables ??
Sanskar: haha ha see ur expression lucky??
bypullinfg each other leg for some more time they both fall asleep?

in this days swaragini make whole class their friends teachers like their studious nature and their personality they are teachers favourite they got selected for singing competion as duo but some things are the same swara seriousie mature nature and philosphy and ragini always do fun with teachers and teachers also get engage in it even the whole class got engage in it but in this many days they think about sanlak and they got to know that sanlak are their classmatesand are gone somewhere for a work given by principal sir and about their personality also they want to meet them and ask sry also whole class praise swara serious nature her works her doings and all and ragini guts and personality to make everyone happy they both are very diffrentbut than also bind with a bond of love everyone adore their nature ………

their sanlak are very happy as the practise are going on very well and everything is perfect and they complete their work also for which they come here the paper work is done and dance reharsals are all done and one thought do not get out of their mind that is of saragini they want to meet them asap and now the wish is going to be true as they are going back to city …….

they came back and first go to principal sir office to tell them that the work is done perfectly and to submit the papers in the office after doing that they go to medical room for asking about the girls and they got to know the names swara and ragini and they think the as first year batch and go to first year class to search for them as they were going laksh got a call and he have to go somewhere urgently so he leave and sanskar proceed toward the class
sanskar ask from students about swara they said that she is there he goes to her
SAnskar: hi i am sanskar?
Swara:hii am swara i know many things about u ur dance ur style ur personality ur charm and all i just………..
Sanskar thought that he is wrong she also fall for him like others by just knowing about him from others he think all the girls are the same he thought that everything is just like acting which may she do in front of laksh that she will make me fall for her byme telling that all and saying laksh that she think like me how can anyone be lie this and why my heart is saying that my swara is not like that.. Wait a sec What i say my swara i am really a mad oh god what happen to me save me i really hate this girl the double standard gir i hate just hate u swara ????
He go from there not even bothering about the girl and laksh came there
laksh:what happen u meet her???
Sanskar:but she is not like that what she pertended in front of u she is also like others a double standard girl something else in front of u and else i nfront of mise i just hate this girls and she is also in this list now i hate her??
laksh:cool down bro may be some misunderstanding……..
Sanskar:misunderstanding my foot nothing like that she is also like others now don’t talk about her leave it here only come let’s move to class??
laksh:hmmm lets move?

so done with this part hope u all like it as prev one and do comment if u like and please if i do any mistake me realise so that i will improve it love u all for ur support

CREDIT TO:all who are encouraging and reading?????

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