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This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 29

Hiiiii guys…..
Seems like u all r hell excited for today’s epi then chalo let’s break to curiosity

Recap:kunj coming to Amritsar nd twinkle singing In bathroom


#Taneja mansion
Twinkle is making fuss out of all the things

Twinkle’s POV
Oh….oh where are my sandles…..damn “maa!! Where have u kept my phone….mom! Where are u?……arre ya ya rahul I will be there in a minute” I screamed for maa while talking to rahul “maa! My phone…..” I screamed just then maa came “mom I m not getting my phone yaar” I said being frustrated “u shut up rahul let me find my phone na” I again screamed on my pa who was in the concert…..wait wht…..if he was in the concert then how is he talking to me

Just then my gaze went towards maa….who was just standing idly….keeping her one hand on the other…. Looking at me furiously

I let out a faint fake laugh when I got to knw how much big fool I’d been “ra…rahul I will call u l..later” u said cutting the phone

Maa started laughing silently…”h..haan…haan hota hai na….abhi itna mat haso nd help me find my heels” i said nd started searching for them “twinkle puttar….wat nail polish hv u done at yr foot nails can u just tell me” she said leaning towards the wall……I looked down “its neon green….looking good na” I exclaimed shrugging my shoulder…..she just tapped her hands on her forehead “hey bhagwan ye ladki ka kuch nhi ho sakta” she said….making me more confused “maa! Directly point pe aao na yaha already phatti padi hai” I shouted “twinkle you r already wearing yr heels….just open yr owl wide eyes properly” maa said…..I looked down nervously

“I m getting late” saying this I ran towards the hall making sure tht my gaze doesn’t meet maa’s. “Arre wait twinkle” I heard a voice…”haan mahi tell….jaldi lekin” I said turning towards her nd she was standing there with dahi Shakkar.

“Mahi what….” Before I could say further she pushed the spoon full of it into my mouth

“Its for good will” she said (uv too was standing beside mahi) “mahi but….” I said stuffing it in my mouth “shh….now don’t speak further ….save yr voice for yr concert ” she said to which uv laughed….now it was a common thing tht even being a gr8 singer I get frequently humiliated…. Why do always young ones hv to suffer!

I forcefully gupled down dahi shakkar. Nd wiped my mouth. “Arre aren’t u guys ready….ur cmng ri8!” I exclaimed. “Ofcource we r ” said yuhi together to which I smiled “wht abt maa?” I asked “arre how can she miss her daughter’s concert” uv said

I smiled “so except Sam all r cmng” I said being frustrated

Nd as expected I didn’t got any positive reaction from yuhi….donno wht happens to them when it cmns to Sam

“Accha I will take a leave….bye” i said side hugging yuhi nd touching maa’s feet

I went outside nd the driver opened the door of my black Mercedes. I wore my shades nd the driver started driving.

End of twinkle’s POV

Kunj’s POV

There is a huge fuss outside the concert hall….every1 is waiting for the beat of their hearts. Media are competing for space. It a tough time for guards to stop the maniac public frm crossing the limits nd I m there smwhere in the corner waiting for my girl….I hv decided not to meet twinkle as The kunj sarna but as her boy…only kunj so I m here in my casuals without any security experiencing a life of an ordinary fan who is here to see his love

Ya I agree I m a bit possessive abt my girl tht I m not liking the boys calling her hot,s*xy nd all those creepy words ….I only knw how I m controlling my anger.

Just then a beep of a car is heard nd the screams grew more louder as they were pretty sure it was their female sensation. As the voice of the car increased…. My heart beat to increased….. A big smile has already captured my lips but still I m making frantic efforts to see her…..this maniacs are not letting me see my lady?

And I could only see sm1 getting off the car….now I was just dying to see her…..I couldn’t take it anymore nd just pushed the ones cmng in my way…..with a lot of struggle I could only hv a glance of her eyes….same eyes….with same ocean deepness……I after seeing her hv fallen in love with her again….
But without wasting my tym outside the hall I quickly ran inside the hall So tht atleast I can get
A perfect place to hv a complete glance of her.

Deep inside my heart I m cursing myself for denying the VIP tickets?

Just then the hall starts to fill up…but I too was stubborn I didn’t even moved an inch from my place.

The anchors cm nd do sm of their boring ….unwanted anchoring…..y is god testing me so much just to hv a glance of her….the journey is not gonna be easy kunj sarna.

I heard the anchors say “and now….theost awaited moment….the most awaited concert…..the most demanded singer…..let’s welcome the gorgeous…. The stunning twinkle taneja!” Nd aftr this my heart already popped out. But hey……don’t scream in my ears …..I must tell this boys r hell irritating

I again set my eyes on stage…..all became dark…wht ! Light chali gyi! Just then a blue light came …..oh silly me….nd I laughed on myself

“He said it in a simple way 4am the second day…how strange tht I don’t know u at all” we could hear the voice

But where is she…oh God y the hell is she making me more curious…..I m upto my saturation now….can’t hold anymore!

“I stumbled through the long gud bye
1 last kiss then catch yr flight” I could hear her singing..oh twinkle I hv already caught my flight for u….but this tym to make u mine… Forever mine
“I told my self dint get attach….but in my mind I played it back….spinning faster than the plane tht took u” why do I really feel tht her each lines r meant for me

“THIS IS WHEN THE FEELING SINKS IN….I DON’T WANNA MISS U LIKE THIS…COME BACK…BE BERE….CIME BACK….BE HERE” at her dis lines she ramped on the stage….just like a diva….my eyes got teary…..the tears contained diversity if feelings…..they were the tears of joy…happiness…. Proud….a some were if guilt too….more.than me….my eyes were happy as they could again start chit chatting with her deep eyes….its like they too again got.their companion.

She is all the same….the same personality…. The same attitude…. The same grace…the same expressions….but one thing which is latened for all….but only I could see was her charm….ya she has lost her charm….the one she is wearing is a fake 1 ….I m damn sure abt it as I hv seen her bubbly charm….I hv felt her breath into mine….nd thts the reason y I knw her better than anybody else present out here.

I just wanted to shout here….in the hall full of screams… I wanted to shout so loudly tht each nd every single person present here gets to knw tht she is mine….dare any1 even look at her

This was my posseive shade….the kunj sarna’s.shade…..but on the other hand the sadu sarna wali side was being hell happy…..mad…freaking crazy to see her again in front of my eyes….I was literally dancing but tht wasnt new here….evey1 was doing the same but they have different reason behind their dance

Nd I hv a different reason for my dance?

To be continued….
How was it….look its difficult for me to give pov’s of both …kunj nd twinkle on the same.day but I want to show both their pov’s during this moment….so tomorrow u will get twinkle’s POV of the same moment…hope u guys r understanding

How was today’s episode…. Did kunj’s feelings reached yr hearts?

(The writer of poor or rich love knows nothing)
She will be continuing her ff aftr 23rd of October aftr her exams get over

Nd did u saw my dp…aww I m in love with tht pic….sm of u must hv already seen it on insta but I love it yaar

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