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This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 28

Hi guys….u knw wht…I m really overwhelmed by yr cmnts…I never expected this much luv for my this ff as my previous ff got so much luv frm u guys nd this is a totally diff version..tht was funny nd this is a bit emotional….but still u guys proved me wrong….luv u alllll!

Chalo lets start the epi…..

#taneja mansion…twinkle’s room

Twinkle’s POV (guys kunj’s voice would be introduced soon pls don’t get bored uh! I knw u guys like kunj’s pov more…but this is necessary)
My chain of thoughts were broken when I felt a soft hand around my cheeks “hw much u cry twinkle” he said…when did he came back? Was I crying?

I quickly wiped off my tears “s…sam” I whispered “shh..its okay…u kn w wht u really look cute when u cry” he said ….”sam!” I exclaimed “hehe…accha sorry twinkle voh ek problem hai…I will not….” He said…oh no yaar…again! “no sam…not this tym…u will hv to cm to my contest nd thts it” I said being a bit harsh “twinki yaar….try nd understand..voh ek deal hai…very important wali ..nd vaise bhi….y do I need to cm to yr concert….ur toh my personal singer nd I m yr one nd only V.I.P…right?” he said sitting beside me “ya right” I said rolling my eyes. And again “tring tring” “sam yaar…this is height!” I exclaimed

“twinkle I need to take this…see u tomorrow directly aftr concert” he said hurriedly moving out




The whole room was messed up….cloths lying here nds there …nd the empty space were occupied by his books nd we could see kunj sitting on bed with his hands continuously rubbing his hairs as a way of showing confusion….just then jeenie (his PA) came
#kunj’s pov
I was sitting on my bed…hell confused just then jennie came “oh my god sir! Wht hv u done to yr room” she exclaimed “thank god jennie u came…look na…I m so hell confused …why does this airport people alow on luggage of 8kg (if m not wrong) per person..i want to take this all” I said , crying like a baby

I could see a hell baffled jennie in front of me for she has never seen my this shade…she always used to think me as a serious kinda person “jennie..pls help me…should I take this white shirt..or this blue one” I said holding them in my each hand “but sir I suggest u should take more office attire with u na…as yr main motive is the deal with sameer singhania” she said. Ya jennie thank you..u can leave now, I will handle it myself” I said faking sweetness, she just smiled nd went

I again ended up on the bed with hell lot of confusions….but 1 thing was clear tht I was not going to take much of tht boring office attire with me…twinkle ke paas voh pehenke jaunga toh….sochke ke darr lagta hai re!


#taneja mansion…twinkle’s room

Here also we could see the whole room messed up…cloths lying here nd there

#twinkle’s POV

“WHAT SHOULD I WEAR MAHI!” I exclaimed throwing another dress on the bed (both r so same …isnt it?) “oh god twinkle! Is this the first tym tht ur doing a concert tht ur so confused or it happens eveytym with u?” asked mahi trying to find a place to sit “but mahi its my first concert in india na!” I exclaimed. Mahi just rolled her eyes…nd oh wow! She found a place to sit..she was abt to sit when “don’t u dare sit!” I exclaimed…a scared mahi again stood up “yaha teri behen itni pareshan hai your baithne ki padi hai..cm on help me now!” I exclaimed “selfish kahiki” she said to which I just rolled my eyes

“I think u should wear this 1” she said picking up a yellow coloured one piece “no! its too tacky” I said
“okay…then wht abt this?” she asked picking up a a red cloured one piece “I just wore it on my second last concert in LA” I said shrugging my shoulders “OH MY GOD TWINKLE!” u just wore it in yr second last concert nd tht too in LA…so recent na!” she said taunting me “mahi…teri choice itni kharab kabse ho gyi yaar kuch dhang ka dikha na” I said being frustrated

“oh! Meri choice kharab lag rhi hai tujhe…ja u only select I m going” nd she started going towards the door…I pulled her back “u r not going anywhere unless we select a dress for me!’ I ordered

She made an irritaed wala face nd started searching for a dress…I too got enganged in selection. Just then our eyes went a same dress…we both looked at eo with lightened expressions “tht one!” we both exclaimed nd gave a hi5 to eo.


hope it works…its a white coloured one piece having red roses all over


#the day of concert

Finally the day had arrived…the most awaited day….for twinkle the day her first indian song would be released…but little did she knw tht it was gonna be her most special day…not bcus of her concert but bcus she was going to get the part of her which had went away frm her.

@the concert place

A huge…HUGE crowd can be seen….fighting for the tickets….sm r crying out of excitement as they got the ticket whereas sm are crying as they were the unlucky ones.

Twinkle is seen singing in her bathroom like a small happy nd excited kid “this is when the feeling sinks in…I don’t wanna miss u like this..cm back be here…cm back be here” she is so happy tht she almost changed the sorrowful accent of the song into a childish one

On the other hand a plane is shown landing….a hot handsome guy cmng out of the airport removing his shades….a big smile has took place over his lips just then one of his bodyguard told “sir…we hv arranged for twinkle taneja’s concert VIP ticket for u” kunj smiled….the only words which came out of his mouth were “I m coming my girl”

To be continued….

Accha sorry na! I knw it was short but suspence mei chodna was important na! thik hai as I compensation I will post my fs ‘cant u see me…I m the one u searching for’ right now but I don’t knw y it takes tym to get posted

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