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This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 26

This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 25

Helloooooooooo…hw u guys….my exmas r overrrrrrrr…..nd I m full talli in enjoying the liberty yaar…it feels sooooo good….so ab I m free I will tryna give u quicky quicky updates as I loveeee doing this nd interacting with u guys nd ya I hv just posted a fs “cant u see me…I m the one u searching for” lamaba hai title…sorry hehe…but do read tht nd comment too ik It was short but try to give the next part long nd now cmng to this ff.
Recap: we were in flashback with kunj’s pov nd we got to know tht he has got scholarship in NY
#taneja mansion
(if u guys don’t remebr…yuhi got married nd has came frm paris to meet twinkle nd they r staying in taneja mansion only with twinkle)
Twinkle , yuhi nd leela were sitting in dinning area nd were having sm famliy talks…sm servants were busy serving them food

Twinkle’s POV
Wow…it feels so good…..aftr abt 5 yrs sitting with my complete family nt complete actually..dad has went on a buaisness trip …uh I m upset with him..arre his dauhter came aftr soo long cant he just take out sm tym for me. “arre twinkle y aint u eating anything…look I hv made all ur faviourate dishes na” said maa breaking my chain of thoughts…I looked down In my plate….my plate was full with the oily food “correction maa….my ex faviourate dishes….they r so oily I cannot hv them…I hv to maintain my hot figure na” I said winking at her to which yuhi giggled
“arre…chahe tu kitni hi badi singer kyu na bann jaye rahegi toh tu meri beti hi na…nd moreover ur a singer not an actor tht u hv to maintain ur HOT figure” she said pressurising on the word hot “maa…anyways shyam bhaiya (one of the servants) can u pls get me sm chopped fruits nd juice pls” I said to which maa made weired kinda expressions whereas yuhi was busy staring me
Shyam bhaiya was abt to go when…”shyam dare u hv brought any fruits for her..i will kick u out of the job nd ya…frm now I should not see any ghas-phus (indicating fruits) in my house…jitne bhi fruits hai sab kutto ko khila do” said maa
“mom!” I exclaimed

“shut up nd have these” said maa stuffing aloo parathas in my mouth
Yuhi couldn’t control their laughter nd started laughing loudly
“didn’t u heard wht maa just said..shut up” I said with a stuffed mouth
“I said it to u not to them” maa said making me embaress

I too started laughing on our silly fights nd within no time the hall was filled with bubbles of laughter….i hpe these bubbles never burst nd keep on multiplying just then I felt darkness around my eyes…along with a warm familier touch…..smbody had blind foldend me ….arre wht smbody “sam!” I exclaimed nd got my eyes out of his clutches…I quickly turned around nd smiled……can I ever be wrong? I jumped on him nd hugged him as tightly as I can “hey my rockstar….hw r u?” he said revolving me around
Aftr few moments he put me down
“I missed u sooooooo much sam!..oops sorry sorry MR.SAMEER SINGHANIA (kuch yaad aaya…nhi…upar ki link mei jao nd summary padho)
“arre sameer u here…batake toh aate” said maa
“arre my would be mom-in-law….isnt it my house too..batake aana zaruri thodi hai” he said which made all our smile go dull….well I can understand my reason but I donno y yuhi nd maa doesn’t seem to look happy with his line too….its not just today..i hv noticed tht same dullness on our engagement day too (ya guys u read it right) I brushed off my thoughts when sam said “twinkle I wanna talk to u yaar….aftr sooo much tym we both met yaar” said sam

“umm…ya…u both go to twinkle’s room nd hv yr talks I will send yr food their” said maa to which we nodded
To be continued….
Kya? Suspence mei naa chodu…..thik hai…aap logo ka hukum sar aankho par..hehe
Lets continue…
We both went to our room nd sat on bed…sam was looking sooo happy to see me tht it can be easily seen through his eyes…though he is a big buisnessman but the enthusiam nd childishness has still not left him…”u knw wht twinkle…” he said but “sam!” but was interrupted by me.

“listen sam….be4 u start with yr all childish talk (in a friendly manner) I wanna remind u tht….we r nothing more than a good frnd..ri8?….nd we got engaged only bcus my dad wanted….nd I would also like to remind u tht pls don’t expect any wife kinda behaviour frm me bcus even aftr our marriage we will only continue to be good frnds…best frnds I mean…look I like ur company but…” I was stopped by sam “but only as a bestie…right?” said sam to which I nodded “hey twinkle u don’t need to remind me th fact tht u still love him….ya ik tht I don’t knw anything abt yr ex …I hv never heard his name frm yr mouth nor I hv seen his picture…but as long as ik is u still love him” he said “no sam…I don’t love him..” oh cmon twinkle..pls don’t lie to me…atleast not with urself…look at yr eyes…thee clearly confess yr love for him” he said “no sam I don’t love him…its just tht I need tym to get off of him..nd it will also take tym for me to accept u as my would be husband” I said “kitni badi dhith (stubborn) hai na tu…u will always keep lieing to urself nd run away frm his thoughts” he said

“but there is one thing tht u need to keep in yr chotu sa dimag….no matter wht ur feelings r towards me but all I knw is tht I will always love u “ he continued to which I just gave him a smile .

Precap: final flashback with reason behind their engangement

So…..ya ik it was boring nd many of u will be miffed with me for bringing this twist but hv u ever imagined wht will happen when twinj will cm face to face…when their paths will again be one…wht will be their reactions guys..keep thinking…ya ik tht I m very much dragging it but now it will be last part of thepast then I will concentrate fully on present nd I promise tht within 2 or 3 epis kunj will be back to amritsar for making a deal with sameer singhania aka twinkle’s would be husband
Keep loving me..stay tuned

love u all!!!

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