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Thereafter i felt 4 u..( A SWASAN OS)

Hello everyone…this is Tara…. i don’t know how many of u remember me..but i had written an OS on swasan “love beyond age limits” earlier… so today m here again with another OS..which is a random thought… hope u like it…

It has been long since we r chatting..bt none of us had the courage to say “I love u”. I didn’t have, bt i knew he was no different. It was evident from his message that he also loved me ….there was no mystery in that..bt there was a greater mystery which remained unsolved since the day we started chatting.

The great mystery would have remained a mystery if i hadn’t taken the initiative …yes being a girl i took the first step. Oops !! i forgot 2 mntn my name is Swara and this is my story , … life had played many bad games wid me…but i didn’t give up. I chose t fight back…nd i did that by forgetting my real life ..yes i entered a virtual life,… a life where everything may be fake bt somehow the emotion connected by the emoticon turned out t be true…
“Only a few month passed since m chatting wid him yet i feel z cloze to him…the happiest day of my life is about t come..uff m so excited… yeah… we r gnna meet tmrw..can u blve it?? Omg Omg…!! i have planned all.. bt hw will i face him.. i mean.. what would we say 2 each other ?? while chatting we have a lot 2 ay bt idk what will hppn tmrw….!!” …. [this is a part f my diary… i feel silly to read it…. y?? Well fr that u guyz need t read more..].
That day …i had dressed up properly and was waiting fr him…at the cafe… i was very anxious…. bt all my anxiousness turned into disappointment when he didn’t cme…
I reached hme , freshened up nd then logged in… he was online !! i became furious
Me – what are u doing?? Chatting wid others … what du u think of urself?? I was so dumb t have trusted u…

I send him all at once.. i was literally crying… i had began t luv him..nd he??
After a few minute a reply came..
“ rawsa… (that was my name in the account) u there??”
He- look m sorry abt what hpnd…. bt i didn’t have the guts t meet u…
I was shocked!!
Me- y? We had planned 2 meet..
He- i have been hiding a truth frm u.. so i thought b4 meeting i should tell u that..then if u want we can meet…
Me- what??
He-rawsa… u knw .. m married…!!
Fr a moment i was blank…
He- rawsa?

Me- yeah…
He- r u angry?? Yeah u should be…
Me- na m nt.. do 1 thing lets meet tmrw..will u be free??
He- what?? U wanna meet me?/
Me- yup…
He- k then.. same cafe…
Me- done..
Idk what his reaction was bt i was happy…
The next mrng i went 2 the cafe again… this time i was sure he will cme… half n hour passed.. i tried 2 be patient… 45 min passed.. i was irked… he betrayed me again… an inner voice said “swara..strangers are not to be believed…. they are not worthy of ur trust and love…”

I was about 2 leave when my phne ringed.. he pinged me… “hey rawsa.. i knw u r waiting 4 me… u knw when i told u my secret last night i thought u will nt talk 2 me anymore..bt u agreed 2 meet… well that means u also have some feelings… bt 2day i realized m cheating n my wife… even if we r nt a happy couple.. i should nt have done this… so i won’t be chatting wid u anymore.. bt yes i promised 2 meet i will do that for sure… m waiting outside the cafe… in a blue shirt..”

Reading this i suddenly started respecting that person… …i started imagining how lucky the girl must be who got a husband like this…. i know it was going to be our last meeting… i had tears in my eyes.. but difficult to say whether it was of happiness or sorrow…i went out.. i saw a tall man standing in a blue shirt and white trouser…. i went near him and called “umm anky?? (that was his name..i knw itz funny…bt cant help it) is it u?”
He turned back at once…
I was shocked… so was he….
“swara??” he said..
Me- sanskaar!!!….

i guess by nw u have understand the whole incident…. yeah he was mr.sanskaar maheshwari… n i m none other than mrs. Swara sanskar maheshwari we were married a year back bt we were nt happy wid our marriage…so we started chatting n networking sites… nd rest u knw….
After that incident both of us were ashamed… bt he was a hero in my eyes after what he had said… nd we both knw that we luv each other… this indeed is a beautiful feeling.. to fall 4 ur hubby after marriage… i luv him.. nd m proud t say that!!
The end…

Note: this is originally a twinj ff written by me only… i just made few changes in this one and posted it… so please don’t get confused
Thanks for reading…

Please throw ur precious comments…

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