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THE VAMP DIARY (Summary – kahani ab talk and promo)

hai all..?missed me or forgot me?
well here it is..

———- * S * U * M * M * A * R * Y * ———-


nandini and shanky are siblings..
same goes with kunj and ragini..
these all are like a family..
sharing their sorrows and happiness with each other…

laksh manik twinkle and swara are siblings..
laksh is eldest..next comes manik an then these two sisters who are twins..
both brothers love their sisters immensly..

sanskar manik laksh are vamps….but laksh is king of them..
nandini is also a vamp but shanky has not let her know about it..
though shes a vamp..but not has a single quality about vamp..
swara and twinkle are special humans..
UV is a wolf..who knows about twinkles powers so he wants to make s*x with her..by which he ll get her ffor his whole time..and by using her he can defeat the vamp world..
ragini is a dayan..
kunj is a half dead person..hes doctor of vamp world..

nandini loves manik..and has a huge crush on him..
but thnks that he and swara are in relation as manik calls swara as darling..
shanky being a protective brother who fulfils each and every wish..
wanted his sisters happiness..
married swara forcefully..
who later also got to know the reality and is in guilt..
but decideds to make up her and her forgivesness…
though he had some love feelings when he first saw swara..
kept it far away from it..
he actually wanted to kill her but cing her anglic face he married her..
but the fact that swara iss a human makes him force to stay away from her..
he still dono ki swara is also a special human..

twinkle for fist had a crush on kunj..
but she actually was commited to UV..
UV having bad intensions tries going close to her but fails every time at last feed her choclate which made her unconsious..
and UV smirks and owes to make love with her..

on the other side kunj developed a special feelings towards twinkle..
and throgh shanky he also got to know ki she is his soul mate..
and sensing some trouble to her rushes to save her..

laksh and ragini became close to each other and confessed their love too..
and are sharing some unique time with each other..

———- * P * R * O * M * O * ———-

swara moves to hostel..
shanky missing her..and purpusly looses the bet which was btwn him and swara..
after swara going to hostel..
A tragedy..
ll sswara and sanskar lead to swasan? or the journey was only uptill here?

ll hatred secret be revealed btwn laksh and shanky?

laksh comes to know ragini is kunjs sister..ll he still accept her?or they ll apart

UV to force himself on twinkle.. will kunj be able to save her? orr ll Uv becm sucessful in his deeds?

so hows it all?i know amny of u forgot the story as after all i came back after 3 months…so small summary to u all..


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