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The untold love..(OS)

Hey guys its tess here again.hope you enjoyed my previous os. Thank u all for commenting. This os is lil different. Hope u will all like it! Please do comment! Happy reading#spread love..

I was waiting for him at a 5 star restaurant. He has never been punctual and i am used to it. The waiter showed me the table which he booked for us. No one can beat his choice of things. Oops i didnt tell you who i am. I am Tanushree Mehta. People call me tanu. And he calls me mickey. Hes none other than my best ever friend Abhishek mehra. I have got only two close friends. One is abhi and the other is pragya. We r all school mates and college mates. We r now in the third year of our college. Pragya and abhi hardly talk to each other coz pragya hesitates to talk to guys. Abhi has been my everything till now. He has helped me in almost everything. He had also stood against everyone just for me. He knows me better than i do. And yes i know each and everything about him. My parents left me in india after my schooling. Abhi didnt like the idea of me staying alone. So he brought me to his house and asked me to stay with his family. They were also kind to me.We go to college together. In short wherever he is i will be there. I know you people are thinking that i love him. Yes! I love him madly but am scared to tell him. I am scared how he would react. I dont wanna ruin this relationship. I thought to tell him after our studies r over. Abhi never knew that i love him. I dont know when i started falling for him. But i love him more than anything in this world! I cud sacrifice anything just for him.

Yesterday he sounded really weird. He said i wanna talk to you. I asked him to say. He said i will tell tomorrow and asked me to meet him in this restaurant. I asked him wat id the matter? He said its my feelings and i wanna tell you. I got nervous but i was excited too. I said ok. I was in peak of happiness. I was waiting for this day to happen! And atlast it is gonna happen! I jumped over my bed. I cant tell you how happy i was. I started to pick my dress. I picked if for nearly one hour. I knew abhi loves black. I took a black dress which covered upto my knee. It was sleeveless. I wore a silver bracelet which abhi gave me for my last birthday. I wore a black high heels which was decorated with white stones on the top. I straightend my hair and curled it at the bottom. I wore silver ear ring. And i put some make up to look good and came to the restaurant. Now i can see his BMW coming. He parked his car and came in. He waved his hands towards me and i waved him back. He asked my if he was late. I smiled and said late as usual. We ordered some food and it arrived and we set ourselves and started to eat. I asked him what he wanted to tell me. He stammered. I became nervous. He said ii i…love..and stammered.. I became so nervous and i could hear my heart beating faster. He suddenly said I love pragya!! I coulndnt feel anything. I was silent and didnt utter a word. The food which i swallowed a few seconds before got stuck in my throat. My heart ached so much. My eyes were fighting with the tears which i tried to hide. He called MICKEY! I came back to my senses. I asked uhh..? He said say something yar! I know you will be shocked. And i am so sorry for hiding this from you. I dont know but i love her. Whenever i see her my heart just beats faster. Shes my world yar he said. I coulnt hear those words. I was so hurt but i some how managed. I said thats really great abhi! U should propose her first. He asked me r u sure? Will she accept me? I said no one can reject you my dear bestie! He said wow!! You r my strength mickey! And patted my shoulder. We ate nd left.

I was in my room seeing the diary which i wrote only for him. The diary had only the memories of us. A tear fell on the page of the diary. I took my phone and accepted a mail. It was an offer letter from a famous institute of fashion technology which is located in london. The offer came a week before but i didnt tell anyone because i didnt want to leave him. But today i thought being here will give so much pain and decided to leave.

Three years passed but whenever i think about him i cud feel a lone tear escaping from my eyes. After three years i decided to visit india. I was received by them. Yes abhi and pragya received me. Abhi hugged me so tightly and said mickey u were right! She accepted me! Pragya smiled and gave me a hug. Then we got into the car. I sat at the back and they both sat in the front. I looked at pragya and smiled. I thought shes the luckiest woman i had ever seen. My heart ached the same way when it ached three years before. But as i said i would sacrifice anything for him i will even sacrifice my love for him! I know it will hurt but i hope time will heal everything. And this is how my love ended without his knowledge.

This is the untold love story! Sometimes we just have to sacrifice not for us but for our loved ones! Hope u guys enjoyed.. Thank you for reading..#spread love

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