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The soul of my life epi 23 ” I know everything abt u”

Hi guys. Missed me….. I don’t know but I missed u people alot. Did anyone remember me… If yes then tq…atleast someone are there who still want to read my ff inspite of giving irregular updates.N tq for commenting….. I have a break from my exams so I thought to write this. Hope u will like it.

All parts

Here is the episode…..
Sanky goes to see swara….
Sanky peeps to see her standing outside her room….
Tear drops roll from his eyes….
Swara is sleeping like an angel….. She was cuddling n she is at the edge of the bed… She is going to fall but in the mean time our hero sanky goes to rescue her…. Swara slowly opens her eyes….. They share a cute n intense eyelock which was broke by arjun….
Arj: shona….. He sees that swara is in sankys embrace….
Soon swasan depart themselves greatly embarrassed..
Sanky: arjun it’s just she was going to fall off tye bed so I helped her….
Arj: no.prblm sanskar…
Sanky: I’ll come just now….
He goes from there leaving swarjun..
Arj: shona…
Swa: ha Bhai…
Arj: can I ask u a question…

Swa: Bhai is there something u r worried of…
Arj: u want to.listen words which make u happy or the words which are true but make u sad…
Swa: whatever it is but tell me the truth….
Arj: how long will u remain in ur past. Yash is not there… He can’t come to.u also… Then why can’t u move on….
He sees tears in swaras eyes. He cups her face…
Arj: shona just listen to me once. I know it’s hard enough for anyone to loose their loved ones… But the fact is he is not in this world…. If he see u like this he can’t be happy even there….plz move on…. U r not our old shona whom we r craving see since long… Plz move on shona….sanky is a very nice guy….
Swara was shocked to listen this from his mouth…
Swa:sanky….. What do u mean Bhai…


Arj: look shona I don’t want to hide anything from u. U know m straightforward. Actually ma Papa want u married to sanskar….
This was a biggest shock for swara…..
Swa: what….
Arj: yes shona n I’m with them in their decision… I want my old shona back with all mischief she used to do…. N I feel like sanskar is the one who can bring u back…
Swa: how could u even think like this Bhai… I know u all are worried for me but I can’t give yash place in my heart to anyone….
Arj: shona…. I know what u r thinking just now… But u can’t be like this… We thought abt u but it’s marrg so final decision is urs…..
Swa: how can I betray him Bhai. No one can bear that his life partner loves someone…. If he get to know that I can’t love him then what will happen… Just think abt him…. He didn’t even know abt me….
She was cut by sankys words who was just coming into her room.
Sanky: I know everything abt u swara……
Swara was shocked to know that he is well aware of her condition…
Swa: but how did u know….

Arj: becoz I said that…..
Sanky: no…..I know everything abt u before only. Before u join in this job….
This was shock for both swarjun…
Swa: what?????

Scene shifts to raglak…
Rags simply leaves the clg without attending any classes…
She goes to her room with teary eyes…..
Bua sees that she came early from clg…. N without uttering anything she went to her room…
Bua: what happnd to this girl… Just then she gets a call….
Bua: what…. Is that true…..

Bua: Ok come to xyz place now….
Rags went to her room n remember laksh words…”I don’t want to get ditched again”…..” I want to marry her n lead a CONFUSION LESS life”….
These are the words echoing in her mind….
Rag: kyu laksh kyu… Why r u disturbing me… I know u love me… But u don’t know that I love u….I love till my death…. But I can’t live with u…. This is my fate n I shld accept it. N yeah abt shilpa I’ll definitely help u… I want ur happiness… If u are happy with shilpa then I won’t mind…. I’ll make u both one…. I know it’s difficult for me… But my happiness lies in ur happiness I’ll make u both one…this is my promise……
While she was saying this a pair of eyes are seeing her with tears……

Screen freezes on teary face of that person n crying face of raglak….

Guys I know I didn’t reach ur expectations but I tried my best…. N yeah now it’s the guess time
How sanky know abt swara before only?
N what is bua talking abt?

Reply me with ur comments….

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