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The soul of my life epi 21 “he promised me”

Hi guys. So sry guys for not giving an update yesterday. But plz dont mind. Plz forgive me. I thought to give a long epi not too long but somewhst long today….

All parts


Here is the episode

Scene shows mm
Sanky was in deep thoughts abt the relation between ap n swara…

Here swara was thinking abt yash n sanskar….
Swa: it means he is the one….. Sanskar is the person….. Ap aunty is his mother….
Just then arjun enters….
Arj: what r u thinking shona…
Swa: ntng Bhai…
Arj: shona….. U can’t hide anything from me. U know that then y r u trying to? Tell me what r u thinking.
Swara tells him everything.
Arj: what do u want to do now?

Swa: don’t know Bhai but if I see him yash comes infront of me in my thoughts. I want to go away from here,from him, from this place.
Arj: OK we will. But not so soon. After u get completely fine after ur discharge.
Swa: but Bhai….
Arj: no shona no more discussion abt this. I don’t want to hear anything abt this.now sleep orelse I won’t allow u to go.
Swara nods like a child n sleeps
Arjun covers blanket on her n goes out.

Scene shifts to raglak
Ragini feels cold due to rain….
Lak observes this n gives his jacket to her…

Bg playsplays(tum bin female version from sanam re)
Kuch pal tho thehar jao nana
Ya phir laut ke aona
Tumhe doonde meri aankhein

Tumhe khoje meri baaheinbaahein
Tum bin jiya jaye KaiseKaise
Kaise jiya jaye tum bin

Rags sees him lovingly…. He goes n gets some grass for keeping fire.

Tum bin jiya jaye Kaise
Kaise jiya jaye tum bin

Lak tries to keep fire using stones…
Suddenly he gets wound while rubbing the stones…
Rag: laksh(shouts)…. She goes to him.
She takes his hand n started to scold him
Rag: what have u done. See how it is bleeding. Did I tell u to light fire. No na… How can u be so careless…. All this while laksh was staring at her lovingly….

She was continuously scolding him n tieing a cloth around the fingers with teary eyes.while he stares her lovingly……
BG plays….(male version)

Tum bin jiya jaye Kaise…
Kaise jiya jaye tum binbin

Tumbin jiya jaye Kaise
Kaise jiya jaye tum bin.

Laksh lifts her chin. Now both are lost in each other…. Laksh wipes off her tears.
Lak: plz don’t waste those pearls… It’s so precious for me…
Rags back off from him
Rag: ho gayaaa….
She goes n sits at the other side of the fire.

Lak: (mind)till now I had a dbt twhether u love me or not But now those tears of ur proved that u love me. Yes u love me. I will definitely make u mine now. U unknowunknowingly gave me hope to get back my love …u…. I don’t know why utrying to trying to suppress ur feelings.
Rag(mind): sry lucky I dont know how can I leave without u….. but I have to…..
Soon both doses of rags placing her head on luckys shoulder. Luckys head on her head.they both sleep in sitting position…..

Both raglak get disturbed by sunrays…
Rag n lak sees their position…. They both stood up n says sry to each other.

Someone calls lucky
Lak: ha…where r u…
Lak: OK…
Lak: (to rags): mechanic has come. Let’s go….
After car is repaired they go to Their respective houses…..

Scene shifts to sanky
He comes to office n doesn’t find swara
San: Mr. Varma where is miss Bose.
Varma: sir I don’t know she didn’t come to office today.
San: OK u may leave…
He goes
San: what hppnd to her… She is even not lifting my calls…. Once again he tries her number this time also she didn’t lift his calls.
San was continuously thinking abt her. He can’t sit normally always he feels something bad…
San: sanskar ntng happnd to her… What if… No no sanky she is fine. Don’t think rubbish. Sanky can’t sit still. His mind is revolving around swara.
San: I’ll check her once. I’ll go to her house.. He without second thought goes to her house. He sees arjun coming outside.
Arjun recognizes him.
Arj: u r sanskar right.
San(confused): how do u know me? N who r u?(mind) what if swaras alliance is fixed with him. That’s why swara didn’t come to office. No….. This shouldn’t happen.
Arj: I know u. But u don’t know abt me. I’m arjun Bose swaras big brother..
San(relieved): ohhh(mind): thank God. What m I thinking all bullshit. What if it comes true. What if some alliance cone for swara before that I have to meet her parents ask for her hand….

Arj: where are u lost sanskar
San: ntng. Btw is swara inside.
Arj: no…. She is in hospital…
Listening to the word hospital sanky heart stops beating
San(worried n holding arjuns collar): what happbd to her. Is she alright… Tell me dammit.
Arj(taken aback by his act): relax sanskar. She is fine.. But y r u reacting like this.
San realises what he was doing n releases his collar.
San: sry…. Come let’s go to hospital
Arj: do.u have any work with her

San: no ntg much. Just I Want to see her.
Arj: OK come.. They both goes to hospital… As soon as he sees swara with a bandagebandage on her forehead. He goes to her.
San: swara how this happnd….
Swa: ntng sanskar just I hit to bed.
San: bed…. But how…
Swa: well I don’t know I think I fell unconscious. N I got hit my hesd to bed. Btw how do u know that I was admitted in hospital.
San: ohh ur brother said me.
Swa: but where is bhai
Arjun come from behind….
Arj: m here…shona now take rest. Haa sanskar can u come with me outside I have to talk something with u….
San: OK….
Swa: but Bhai u don’t know anything abt him then what do u want to talk with him.
Arj: shona ntng much. Just casually abt ur work. I take rest… Sanskar can u….
San n arj goes outside…
Arj: so Mr. Sanskar maheshwari…. Do u love shona….
This was a shocking question for sanskar.

San: vo…vo…
Arj: I don’t like people finding words to talk. I feel like they are trying to finding words to hide truth. Tell me clearly. Do u love shona.
San: no Mr. Bose. What made u feel like that.(stammering)
Arj: don’t lie Sanskar. I have seen love for her in ur eyes…
San(closing his eyes): yes I love her….
Arj: why do u love her….
Sanky didn’t expect this question..

San: I don’t know… I only know one thing that I love her. I love her more than myself. I promise I’ll keep her always happy… I don’t make her she’d even a tear from her eyes…
Arjun was happy listening this but he was not sure whether he will accept after listening what he will say him. Will her accept her even after that…. But he decided to tell him everything…..
Arj: will I keep her happy.
San: I’ll do anything to keep her happy.
Arj: what if she dont love u.
San: I’ll wait. I’ll not force her becoz by forcing we can’t make one love someone.
Arj was overwhelmed listening to this.

Arj: sanskar I understood that u love her like anything. But……
“But” this is the worst word which makes everything to worse… Sanky was now sad listening to this word… He is thinking what this word bring in his life.
Arj: I can’t assure that shona also loves u….
San: no prblm I don’t expect her to.love me.

Arj: I don’t complete still… I don’t know what u decide after knowing the truth….
San: anything u tell but I promise I won’t stop loving swara.
Arj was somewhat hopefull that he won’t leave shona but somewhere he felt what if he leaves her after knowing the truth…
Arj: sanskar I want to tell abt shona… I don’t know whether u will accept her or not… But I want to tell this. Becoz I feel like u will keep her happy. If shona comes to know that I have told u abt her past she will leave u.
Sanky was a bit confused n curious to know abt her past.
San: don’t worry I dont tell her. Or behave with her that I know abt her past. I assure u….
Arj(sighs)… Sanskar u don’t know anything abt shona…. She is not the one u r seeing now.. She is so naughty. So bubbly. She is the angel in our lives… She is so different… She is so lovable….
She loved yash….. If I say still she lives yash….
“Yash”….. This word is echoing in his ears… She loves yash. This was the last word anyone want to hear abt their loved ones that they love someone else….

Tears made their way out from sankys eyes but he wanted to know everything abt her.
Arj: yash is very good person…. He is perfect for my shona… He is same as shona….they were clgmates. They fell in love when they were in clg. I also know abt him. He is my frnds brother…… I already know everything abt him…. I felt he is the one who will keep my shona happy…… We have decided to.marry both after their clg…. Dates were also fixed…. But I think God has decided something for my shona…. We have already took a flat for both of them I want to gift them for their marrg. But….. Tears were continuously flowing from arjuns eyes. That was the worst day of our lives… We lost our shona… Our naughty shona whom we loved beyond our lives… That day my shona lost him, her yash…

In an accident….he lives separately from his family in flat. His mother asked him to come to their place… While after lot of insisting shona agreed him to go… But she or we or he don’t know that it was their lost meeting… Yes while going to his native he died in an accident…. This news reached my shona…. She was numb after listening to this… She didnt even let tears come feom her eyes. We went to her to console her but she is not in a state to listen to us. She began scolding us for what we r saying.

Arj: shona plz cry ur heart out. Plz we can’t see u like this.
Swa: Bhai what r u saying why r u crying… I know ntng happnd to him. He promised me that he will come to me he will come. My yash will come. He always fulfill his promise. Now stop crying.
Mishti: shona y can’t u understand he died in the accident.
Swa: ma(shouts)….. Stop it. What r u all thinking… If u people don’t like him then tell me. But don’t make a story that he died…
Arj: slaps her n says.: why can’t u understand that he is no more.
Swa: I dont know what happnd to u all. She goes to her crying… All look at each other helplessly.
Shek: give her sometime…..

We all thought that she is not ready to accept that if we give her time then she slowly realise but we were wrong…..

****flashback continues****

All saw that swara talking to someone….
They thought she is talking to her. She is crying her heart out. But they were least expected that she was in a trauma.
One day she came down normally to break fast….she behaves normally. All are happy that she accepted the truth.but they don’t know what she is thinking.
Swa: ma… Plz make basundi sweet it’s yashs fav…
They all thought that she is realising slowly. Making his habbits as hers n his fav as hers…
They are somewhat happy that she is overcoming her grief…..
But they don’t know what she was thinking….

Swa: ma….yash is coming today. So make it good OK… This was like a thunder for all. They can’t understand what she was talking abt…
Arj: shona…what r u saying…
Swa: what m I saying???? I think u didn’t heard it. Or trying to tease me…OK I’ll tell. Bhai yash said he will return today. He called me yesterday n told that he is coming today. I want to make all his fav today. I’ll give him surprise today. I have planned that too.
All are shocked to see her like that. They all thought that she will slowly realise that he is no more. But she was saying yash called her….they don’t what happnd to her.
While they were lost in their thoughts swar ran to door n opened it welcoming someone.
Swa: yash… U came… See they r not believing me. (To arj): Bhai see now u believe me right. Y no one is talking. Acha all are happy to see him back right.yash come we will got to my room. I have planned a surprise for u… She took yash to her room.
This was all seen by Bose family.. They don’t know what happnd to her hwy she is behaving like this.
****flashback ends****

Arj:sanskar she went into a mental trauma. She was hallucinating him… She used to talk to him for days. She didn’t show up after the incident. Locked herself in her room n used to take food to her as well as yash…. One day we consulted psychiatrist n came to know that yash accident had a great effect on her.She don’t want to believe the fact that yash is no more. This leading to her hallucination. But after the treatment she became normal….

Sanky was listening to all this without uttering a word….
Arj: after a lot of effort she stop hallucinating him. She have accepted the truth. But her health is worsening after ur entry into her life…
Sanky was not understanding y her life is worsening becoz of him
Arj: confused right….I have a fear that she will again goes into mental trauma becoz of u….. Becoz u resemble him. Yes his face is same like u…. He is similar to u. Shona asked me to take her away from here. She dont Want to move on in her life. She can’t give his place to anyone. Even u…. She stopped that bubbly shona whom we used to love n admire. She is just a body without any soul. But I felt like u can bring her back. Bring our old shona back. Maa Papa told me that she looks happy when she is talking abt u. I don’t want u to sympathize her. But even after listening all this u want her in ur life. Then we will help u becoz u r the one with whom shona can move on n lead her life like before…

I’m not forcing u. It’s ur decision. Even if u don’t want then no prblm. We will leave this place. Soch samaj ke faisla Lena. Decision is up to u.
Sanskar was standing there without talking having tears in his eyes.after listening all this he goes from there not even seeing swara.

Screen freezes on teary face of sanky n sleeping face of swara.

Sry guys for not giving raglak scenes more. N sry if I didnt reach ur expectations today. So now whoever asked abt yash I think their dbt is cleared somewhat I guess. This is swara past. I know u all wanted to know then how ap n swara know each other. Guys if u wanted to know that u have to wait…. Sry once gain if I disappoint u or couldn’t reach ur expectations. Sry if it is boring. Guys tell me if u feel bore no prblm u can tell me.

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