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The Runaway Bride (Epi 1)

Guys!! Thank you so much for your support! Here’s the 1st chapter! Hope you like it! Please KEEP COMMENTING! ?



“Good god! What the f**k is this?” Laksh shouted.
“Who are you?”
“Excuse me! You’re in my house, my room! And you’re asking me who am I? Ridiculous!”
“Where’s Monu?”
“Who is Monu?” Exclaimed the three, shocked.
“Monu yaaar! The one who was supposed to help me run!”
“What? Are you mad?” Laksh asked.
“Wait a minute! Who are you? No no! Why have you kidnapped me? Wait wait wait! You’re that Veeru’s man na? Don’t you dare do anything to me..”

“No not a word! I won’t come with you! Never ever! I won’t marry your owner! Not even in his dreams! And coming to you! I alone am enough to deal with you! Dare you touch me and I’ll show you who Ragini Sharma is!”
“Who is Ragini Sharma now?”
“Arey waah! Are you mad? This Veeru has such idiot henchmen! You’ve kidnapped me and you don’t even know who I am?!”
“Whaaat??? I have kidnapped you? Are you out of your mind? Why will I kidnap you? I don’t even know you! Haven’t even seen you ever!”
“Hain? You.. You haven’t kidnapped me? But.. No..” She looked at the place she was at right now. “Where am I then?” She asked, puzzled.
“You’re impossible! You.. You came in this damned carton, and you’re asking me? You’ve accused me of kidnapping you, and now you’re asking me who I am? For the past few minutes you’ve been shouting at me like anything and now..”
“Cut the crap yaar! I don’t know where I am! And you’re shouting like.. I jumped from the window into the truck, as instructed by Monu. But he’s not here. You are here! Why are you here?”
“It’s my house! Why shouldn’t I be here?”
“It’s your house? Yaaaar! This is not done! Why have you brought me here?”
“What? I’ve brought you here? Why will I.. Dinesh mama! What is this?” Laksh looked at the two shocked spectators, who were silently looking at Laksh and Ragini alternately. Their neck moved like they were watching some tennis match.
“Huh? I.. I don’t know.. Who is she?”
“That’s what I’m asking!”

“I’m Ragini! I told you just now!”
“Who Ragini? I don’t know any Ragini! Who are you? What are you? Why are you?” Laksh screamed.
“How are you?” Ariba bi asked.
“Ariba bi! She’s not our guest that you’re asking her how she is!”
“No no.. It just came out in a flow!”
“Stop it! I need a phone!”
“Shut up, will you?”
“Why should I shut up?”
“What do you want yaar!”
“A phone! Yaaar kahan aa gayi main! It’s a mental asylum! God!”
“You’re calling us mad? How dare you?” Laksh shouted.
“Do you even know who he is?”
“Who is he?” Ragini asked, irritated.
“The future of Maheshwaris. The Laksh Maheshwari! His name is enough! He’s..” Dinesh spoke, interrupted by Ragini.
“So? What should I do then?”
“Are you making fun of Maheshwaris? How dare you? The whole of Mumbai bows down in front of them!”
“Mumbai bows down in front of them! Not me! What should I.. Wait! Mumbai??” She emphasized on the word ‘Mumbai’.
“What’s so shocking about Mumbai?” Laksh asked, puzzled.
“This.. This is Mumbai??? How.. When.. Damn!! Mumbai??”
“How did I come.. But.. No.. When? Mumbai? I was supposed to be at the Delhi airport! Mumbai?” Ragini mumbled, still in shock.
“Wait a minute, miss! Don’t tell me you didn’t even know you’re in Mumbai!”
“Where do you stay?”
“Amritsar. But..”
“Whoaa! This girl.. Great! You’re a masterpiece, miss..”
“Listen, just give me a phone..”
“Come with me!”

“Police station! I’ll hand you over there and they’ll send you back to your home!”
“No!! I won’t go back! Never! I didn’t run away to go back! Hell no!”
“You. Are. Coming. With. Me! Final!”
“I. Won’t. Go. With. You! Final!”
“Ariba bi, just hold her! I’ll call the police here!”
“Now way! You can’t do that! You..” She snatched away his phone which dropped on the floor and broke.
“Are you freaking mad? You.. You broke my phone! Are you..”
“Yes! I’m mad! I’ll do worse! If you hand me over to the police, then.. I.. Then I’ll.. Yes.. I’ll go to the media! I’ll tell them that you.. You kidnapped me! You’re the future of.. What’s your surname? Haan! Maheshwari! Future of Maheshwaris! I’ll accuse you in such a way that you won’t be a mere past of Maheshwaris! I now know it very well that your family has a big name in this city! Don’t compel me to harm that name!”
“What do you want?” Laksh asked angrily.
“Few days! I just want to stay here for a few days until I sort out everything! That’s it!”
“No ifs, not buts! Only yes! That’s all you should say! Anyway, where’s the guest room?”
“I.. I’ll show you. Come.” Ariba bi volunteered.
Ragini walked out of the room, and all the while, she had a smirk on her face, which annoyed Laksh immensely.
When she left the room, Laksh irritatedly kicked the carton, which brought her here.

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