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THE ROAD NOT TAKEN (A Three Shot ff on twinj) ~by Tara chapter 3 (last shot)

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN: Chapter 3 (last shot)
2 years hence….
Changes in circumstances…

It was twinkle’s last year in school…. she was not the same twinkle as she was in elementary classes…she had become a quiet girl..who didn’t talk much… other than close friends… chinki and yuvraj were still together… after a long time everyone was in the same section… Soniya was quite settled with another guy… she continued to speak with kunj… everyone except twinkle spoke to kunj…. it looked very odd bt kunj and twinkle were sitting at a distance of only one bench …. yet they never spoke,,, may be they replied to each other indirectly… bt they were not face to face anymore….


For the last two years twinkle was in other section… she had sort of forgotten everything except for the fact kunj was her enemy nd she hated him…. her friends tried to find out the reason by asking her …though she gave enough reason (the sudden change in behaviour of kunj, his misconduct) she herself seemed not satisfied… but kunj?? Y did he hate her? Like was there any reason…. their friends also coudnt answer they said “ yeah twinki.. tear reason toh banta hain.. par uska kya reason hain…”
But twinkle always thought there was a missing link….
One day twinkle was chatting with uv on what’s App … for few minutes they did normal conversations after which twinkle decided to take the truth out…
T: can i ask u something??
Uv: hmm bolo..
T: say the truth…
Uv: say it..

T: what acc. To kunj is the reason for which he hates me so much..??
Uv: idk
T: don’t lie.. i knw that u know it..
Uv: arrey… i really don’t knw.. blve me..
T: yuvraj plzz.. its enough now can’t bear it anymore… it has been 4 years… plzz tell me the truth.. kunj ko leke bohut confusion hain ..
Uv: kya confusion??
T: hain.. tum pehle btao…
Uv: okay..
T: hmm
Uv: he liked someone… 4 years back….
T: toh??
Uv: bt the girl didnt respond much to him..she was probably behind someone else…
T: uv.. whats my fault here??
Uv: now u think which character were u..over here..

She saw the message twice,,
T: what?? Bt wait…what was my fault… he never told me anything.. moreover he proposed soniya…
Uv: he saw that u were not interested in him.. so he wanted to show u that he can be happy without u… that he can move on…
T: what the hell… lol…like seriously.. so idiotic..huh
Uv: haan.. abhi tujhe lol lag rha hain.. bt soch us pe kya beeti hogi.. nd i am sure tu abhi blush kar rhi hogi…ghar baithe..
T: oh plzzz aisa kuch nhi h…

Uv: tu shock m h na isliye nhi samjh pa rhi hain…
T: koi shock wock nhi hain.. actually tina had told this to me earlier bt i didnt blve it… but really can’t blve usne is stupid se cheez k liye humari frndship kharap kar di..
Uv: so toh hain.. ab kya kar sakte h.. btw do u have feelings for him?
T: are u out of ur mind….. yeah we were good friends ….bt now i just hate him…
Uv: see jhut mat bol… tu chahe toh mein teri setting karwa sakta hu…
T: shut up uv..
Uv: i thick he has again started falling for u…
T: good bye uv….
She went offline..

To a certain extent… uv was right… twinkle had something for kunj.. maybe not today bt years back when they were together… today twinkle found out the actual reason for hating kunj …. deep inside her heart she had some feelings for kunj… and when he suddenly proposed soniya… she couldn’t accept it… bt now that she knows the fact she feels it was lame for kunj to do such a thing… but was uv kidding when he said “he (kunj) has started falling for u (twinkle)” or it was true?? Twinkle wondered… she instantly wanted to meet kunj… wanna ask him many things.. bt that was not possible.. but one thing could be done that is to observe his behaviour now….. it will surely fetch her an answer….

Idk how many of u remember but this ff started in first person… remember?? Yeah.. i was narrating my story so far… uv had told this to me few months back.. but today i got my answer when i saw them together..yeah kunj with another girl..she was not his gf..but he sort of liked her.. he flirted with her and so did she..they sat close to each other and didnt care what was going around……
kunj was never mine neither 4 years back nor today…..i don’t know what would i have done if he had confessed his feelings but m sure our friendship wouldn’t have come to an drastic end…,, for me he would remain a fantasy… a sort of unsolved mystery..now its back to the way we started…STRANGERS….


Me…twinkle taneja signing off….
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-THE END
Hey everyone… so my story ends here..hope u enjoyed the journey..and i hope i justified the title… plzzzzzzzz comment… silent readers as well.. i really want ur feedback.. u can share the part u liked or something u didnt… i dnt mind.. bt plzzz comment.. silent readers as well.. actually i want to know how many of u read the story.. thats all..m waiting..
Love u all to moon and back.. stay blessed…

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