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The Oasis of My Life (A Raglak Two Shots) second shot

A small girl was lost in mall’s kids section. She finds a lady who was turned the other side. She pulled the Lady’s kurti who was too tall for the girl’s height. The lady felt someone pulling her kurti and turns looking down. It is revealed to be Ragini. She finds a cute girl of age 2 holding her Kurti and smiling. “Awww so cute you are” she says bending and sitting according to her height. “Where are your parents?” she asks looking behind the girl and finds nobody. She nods like don’t know. And says “Papa Papa”. “Oh I think you are lost. Wait let me help you” said Ragini getting up and turns to keep the book back to the shelf. A man comes there and calls “Ragu”.
After 3 years she heard the same voice. She did not forget even his voice. She got horrified, widened her eyes with shock. Her heart stopped beating. Her hand moved to her heart. She held it as she felt it will jump out. And turned. And left a lump of breath which was stuck in her nostrils.
Laksh who was looking at his little angel whom he was searching everywhere bent and took her in his embrace. The girl hugged him and called “Papa”. A tear dropped from Ragini’s eye. Her mind said “He moved on in his life. So you wanted this only. Stay happy” Laksh looked at the figure which turned swiftly. His eyes met familiar eyes. The eyes which he was craving to see from three years. He had searched them almost everywhere he could and accepted he lost her forever.
As soon as Laksh’s eyes met Ragini’s eyes, her heart pained. She closed her mouth to not to let out her cry loudly. She held herself from scattering herself in his arms. Laksh’s body became numb; he couldn’t even move his eyes. He was paralyzed in that moment.
“Ragu…..” she heard Swara’s voice from behind. “Go baby go to mumma and dada.” said Laksh leaving the girl down. The girl ran behind him. Swara took her in her embrace and lifted. Sanskar came from behind asking “Swara be careful. She has become very naughty now a days.” and pinched her nose. Ragini was hell confused. Before she could understand anything, a strong hand held her shoulder strongly. She winced in pain and looked up and met cold painful and furious eyes from which tears were fighting to drop down. “Why did you do this with me? Why? What wrong I did to you.” he asked dangerously dragging her near to his chest breathing heavily. His breath made her numb. She could not utter a word. “Three years. Three years there was nothing which I didn’t try to find you. Do you even understand my pain” he asked her shouting. The dam of tears busted and tears started flowing continuously over his cheeks.
“I know Annapurna. Laksh is not happy with this marriage. But Dayal has brought the proposal at this critical situation. I had no option other than accepting it. Our business will be drowning. And we will be on streets. If I am thinking about our family, what is wrong in that? I’m a failure Anu. This is my last chance to save my family.” said Durga Prasad helplessly to Annapurna. “But he loves Ragini. He cannot think about anybody other than her. I’m his mom, I understand his feelings more than he could understand his own feelings” said Annapurna pleading. “Let’s see Anu. If he denies for the proposal then it is our fate. I will accept it.” he said keeping his hand on her shoulder. Ragini who was passing from the corridor heard their conversation.
“I have to leave you Laksh. I can live away from you but cannot make you sacrifice your family’s happiness; the family which brought me out of my trauma. I cannot put them in trauma. Shona Di, Sanskar Jeeju, you, Anu aunty, DP uncle, I cannot snatch their happiness. My love is not so selfish. I cannot say you good bye sorry. If I met your eyes I will become weak. I have to do this” Ragini was thinking sobbing behind the man and hiding from Laksh. “She is crying bhai” his trembling voice made her weak. She was struggling to breathe.
“Sorry Kavitha I cannot marry you.” said Laksh sitting in a chair in front of Kavitha who came to Cafe as Laksh called her for a meeting. “I really appreciate your guts Laksh. At this critical stage of your life you are taking such a courageous decision. You are not even worried about your dream project. Who is that lucky girl” she asked sipping her coffee. “Ragini” he said painfully. She held his hand and said “Fine Laksh. I’m with you in your decision. Don’t worry I will talk to Dad.” He smiled weakly. “Fine. Then I’m leaving. Call me for marriage, I wanna see her” she said leaving the place. Laksh just nodded and smiled weakly.
“Ragini” whispered Sanskar in his baby girl’s ear on her Namkaran. Everybody clapped. Laksh looked at him surprised. “Even we miss her Laksh” said Swara leaning who was sitting beside Sanskar for Puja. His tears started flowing. He took the baby in his arms. She smiled looking at him. Laksh smiled through his tears.
“Papa papa papa” clapped Ragini happy looking at Laksh. “Awww mela sona beta” Laksh twirled her in his hands and hugged her by touching her cheek with his cheeks.
“Dare you even think about leaving me again?” Laksh warned Ragini dangerously pointing his index finger at her. She got scared of his anger which she never saw. “I cannot live without you. Those three years were like three births. Please don’t leave me” said Laksh dragging her to a bone crushing hug. Baby Ragini clapped and both of them departed and looked at her smiling with tears in their eyes. Swara had tears looking at Ragini whom she missed like she lost half part of her heart. Ragini hugged her crying. “Shhh Ragu. Don’t cry. See this Sanskar will start teasing us.” Sanskar who was holding baby Ragini hugged them in a group hug and Laksh joined them with happy tears.
“Riya”. “Swara” whispered Laksh in his twin baby girls’ ears he was holding in his arms as per Pandit’s instructions. Ragini looked at him. She was happy very happy. She took Riya in her arms. Laksh side hugged her. Both looked at each other and smiled. Sanskar and Swara came holding baby Ragini’s fingers and joined them.

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