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The moon of true heart – PROMO

hi friends lets begin with the promo

a house is shown which is the tiwari house a lady is shown seeing in a pic and saying
“why did you leave me dear why ??” yes she is sunidhi
suddenly a fat girl comes and says who is somya
somya- maa apne Ghana banaya mujhe bahut bhook lagi Hein and pls remember don’t put much oil as I need to maintain my figure as in college they will tease If I will be fat .
sunidhi-ok chubby cheeks go and change while I make oilfree food
somya -put little oil in the pratha pls
sunidhi -haaaa ok chalo rabbi late to nahi hona Hein.


anyone house is shown which is small but a cost one
Anika-Maya tune side Kuhn kiya because of you I lost my precious property .why ma ?
suman-lo Bhayi shuru ho gayi do breakfast to ban lo and champa ke sath mujhe studio chor ke aap apni jeevan ki katha Susann theme Hein chalo
Anika -Abe suman tu tho ruk lagta Hein chameli ko bahut itching ho rahi hein tughe marne
saying this Anika ran behind suman with chameli
and they both spent some sister bond
another hours is shown rana house
vikram-Bhai mere bagike ke dare pool mat toro bade mahenat se ugaye Hein
Sid was gathering flowers for Anika
Sid-abey tune to mere room ko so gobbar room bans somya Hein dekh
vinaay and shaam -lo shuru hua jwalamukhi. maa papa come see bhayi are fighting again
Mallika and dev come and they also fight vinaay and Shawn beat the drum and said attention and said go back to your room and others obeyed them and went on their ways
oberois house
rudra -Bhai aaj kya bana Hein ?
shivaay-pallak paneer and butter naan
rudra-Bhai neon college neon kuch how lungs as I have to maintain my body . ladki Marti Hein mujpe

shravan- rudy Teri body and brain soon lo similar marne se tu theek hoga samjha ja
rudy makes puppy face and leaves
om-konsi dal pak rahi hein
shivaay -papal planner deal nahi
om-ok baba bye guys neon studio ja raha hun
shravo- ha niche sumo we bat is be Jana I will take your.leave

what happened between Anika and her parents . Will rudy meet somya .Will shravo and dump confess their feeling and will shivika and ishkara meet.
precap-Sharman romantic moments. shivaay meets Anika rudy see somya. ishana Is found

ok thank you every one

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