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The magical ishqbaaz (character sketch)

Hi guys….. I am a big fan of Shawn Mendes and Harry Potter
how’s life?…so I am new to writing ff but I got so inspired by seeing all your ffs that I thought why not try it out

So it’s an ff about shivika mainly but other characters are also involved …this is gonna be kinda different as I am going to mix a bit of Harry Potter into it

For people who don’t know about Harry Potter here are some key words:
Muggles:people who do not know magic and don’t believe in it
Hog warts:wizard ins school

So here is the character sketch

Anika :she is a student at hogwarts ..but she her parents were muggles…they died in an accident…she was adopted by the weasleys ,a wizard family

Shivaay:a muggle …does not believe in magic…stubborn and arrogant ..love his family

Rudra and omkara are his bros

Hermione granger:best friend of Anika ….Ned Ron weasleys

And guys as Anika is adopted she goes by the name of Anika weasley

So guys how’s it ??shall I continue with it or stop it

Have a good day

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