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Hi guys I am really sorry I was not able to update cos 2 times I uploaded it both the time it got deleted I became frustrated n here with the second shot [guys its an 5-6 shot epi only]n ya many of them know that this story is from irumugan [an tamil movie] its really good so i thought of giving this story in swasan style n one of u asked me if it is ragsan than I am really sorry because I am an swasan fan nthis is a pure swasan ss I will surely write another story with both swasan n raglak advance mein happie birthday laddoo n guys I will change little bit of the roles n will try 2 bring raglak it will not be ditto irumugan as I don’t hav that memory power to remember all those dialogue


Ok enough of silly talks

Precap ;conversation of head ,arushi n case holder
Case holder = cs `
Arushi ;sir but he is a x raw agent
Head; so what only he can say about luv
Cs ;sir we can’t take any one like that
Head ; so what only he can say because he was the only one who can say about luv
The head shows in the screen where mr .sankar maheshwari’s detail r shown with him on the other side of screen we can see a beautiful lady
Head ; she is mrs ;swara sanskar maheshwari wife of mr. maheshwari she was killed by luv’s men that was the reason why he killed those 2 men

Arushi ; sir we don’t know where he is
Head ; arushi every raw agent’s location is checked in every 15 days
Arushi ; yess sir
[arushi checks his location ]Arushi; sir he is in Chennai
Head ; k
In Chennai
A club is shown where street fights is taking place
A man is shown who is double size of the other man he is beating the man and the other man is defeating him
[ the man who is beating = man 1,the man who is defeating =man 2]Man 2 ; 5 [ the man 2 is counting the times man 1 is beating him]Man 2; u ………

The man 2 is beating the man 1 black n blue
N the man 2 won the match
The man 2 is none other than mr .sanskar maheshwari
The head is also present there he comes n talks to him
Head ; sanskar ……
Sanskar ; what do u want…..

Recap ; conversation between head n sanskar

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