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Hi guys this is my second attempt if u find any mistake plss forgive me

In malasiya
A man around his mid 60’s went to INDIAN EMBASSY which is in malasiya
He gave his passport n visa he was checked by security at that time some beep sound was heard
So the security asked
Secu; sir can u pls show what’s in ur pocket
The man takes an asthma pump n shows that to the security
Security allows him to go inside


The man goes inside first he goes in and sees camera which is fixed ,he throws his passport n his visa
Then takes his asthma pump n pumps it inside his mouth
[asthma pump shows some time like a stop clock fr 5 min] He stands there fr nxt few second
Then a security comes and taps his shoulder the man kicks him
Like this almost 20 people r injured n 5 r killed by that old man
That old was about to shoot an girl [that asthma pump shows 00:00 n the man fall’s down] The people around him comes n check him he is dead
This is recorded in camera n the video is shown in indian raw office
The head n the case holder r discussing that with another girl
Head; arushi stop that video
[the head finds a tattoo of heart with an arrow in the old man’s head n says ;luv] Head says we hav to call agent ;sanskar maheshwari

RECAP;ARUSHI; sir we don’t know where he is ??????he was an x raw agent
Case holder; sir we can’t take him ????he killed 2 people
Head; so what only he can solve this case n arushi every raw agent’s location is
Updated in 15 days check it

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