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the insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight: part 4

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Beyond the edge of universe,there’s a kind of real darkness. where even the light gone astray.Darkness shields as much as it threatens. it depends on how u embrace it , how u take it.

“ in a way, that true light is dependent on the presence of other lights. Take the others away and darkness results. Yet the reverse is not true: take away darkness and there is only more darkness. Darkness can exist by itself. Light cannot.”

Party at nandini’s home went on full swing. Nandini introduced radhika to everyone as her daughter. Saral seems to be happy. Its his first time in life he felt something for a girl. The rich attractiveness, the fascination rads had ,pulled him as he was enchanted. As a Richie rich guy saral never had problems with getting girls on his tune. The best quality in him was his way of talking and approaches but it failed in case of radhika. She always stared blank on his talk.
Saral stood like a fool and stare radhika constantly without blinking his eyes, ” she is something else. She seems like a beauty enchantress who cast a spell on me. The more she showed her back to me, the more I get pulled. Even it doesn’t hurt my ego, my pride. I’m ready to be her servant even.”

In his fantasy saral couldn’t notice his stare on rads gave him two pairs of anger filled glare. One from jai and another from Arjun who was burning with a rage now. Arjun called up someone and went outside; but rads noticed him. She smriked.

Her pov
” Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift. Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people. I hate weak, dumb, emotional fools . So I choose the safety path. Destination is not so far, not near also. But I will decide the destiny this time, it will bend in front of me.”

Zubin came to saral who was in his own world. Zubin said to saral that he wanted radz ,cunningly with a pair of lustful eyes on radhika . To which saral fumed in anger and warned Zubin to be in his limit.

Zubin smiled shamelessly ;” why u act to be a saint while u r not actually!! Don’t forget I helped u out in many cases. And u didn’t have any problem to share ur girlfriends with me in past , then what is the problem now?? “..

Saral caught his collar with anger,” dare not to speak filthy about her. The girls whom u were talking about were nothing to me ;but don’t forget she will be Mrs saral Joshi soon and try to respect her. Because she is the first girl whom I acknowledge and fell for her”.

Zubin was not someone who would be back off so easily. Their heating arguments keep continued and finally reached at fighting level. Others stopped them. Someone dragged zubin out of house when he threatened he will see saral, to which saral replied : think about something absurd again,I’ll kill u for sure. With frustration and anger saral went to bar counter.

Somehow nandini managed the chaos created and made people enjoy the night party as dj played some songs to rock the floor.
Jai came to radhika with a heavy heart;” why did u agree to marry at such a young age and that to such a hateful guy?? I don’t like him. Crap and brat, drunkard”.

Radhika smiled ;” sometimes we need to follow situations as we have no choices. Btw why u r so annoyed with him?”

Before jai could reply anything Arjun entered with a full formal party wear with manya. This shocked jai and radhika to the core. Radhika composed herself immediately ; but jai, he went to manya and asked her what she was doing there? Manya replied with equal sternness ,” this is my life and I’ll decide what to do. And when handsome like Arjun called me to accompany him, it was a honor for me to do that”. Jai tried to ask Arjun something but stopped seeing his intense stare on radhika which showed immense hurt, pain, anger to which radz turned away her gaze in different direction. Jai noticed but didn’t ask anything further. In either way he was irritated with Arjun, as rads his love interest and manya his sister.

Kritika came to radhika and showed her sadness that if Arjun had to attend party why didn’t he choose me, even I approached him. Radhika made her silent and went to dance floor. Jai was happy to get a chance to dance with radz. When the moment of partner change came radz was pulled by Arjun into a darker corner. She was lowered her gaze all the time ; but Arjun twirled her and came near her ear n said ,” why did u do that?…………..but a sudden chaos broke again. All ran to the spot and see zubin was laid down on darker side of lawn unconscious and bruised. When they sent zubin hospital, they remembered incidents happened before and found saral was not present.

Teji was in tension as there was no hope for them instead they got shocks after shocks. He said samaira,” what should we do with Samrat Khanna case. I don’t think it was just a simple accident”.

Sam replied heavily,” what else we can do? When the truck driver admitted that he was drunken last night and couldn’t keep his balance. So his truck hit samrat car hard and he died at spot”.

Teji was stunned with her casual reply,” how could u say so calmly. After all he is ur father”.

Sam smiled faintly,” he was my father until I saw his monstrous face behind the mask. Anyway it’s better die before I’ll arrest him and sentenced him to death. Now I don’t have anything to do with my family as there is none.”

Teji was dumbfounded and tried to change the topic,” what’s about ur personal investigation? Did ur spy got something?”

Sam squealed,” if u can’t catch them easily, create a rift between them to broke them. It works. They are not together now. I think after some days we will get them with full evidence”.

Next day at college kritika and radhika enjoyed their coffee at canteen. Arjun passed near radhika. She stayed silent. Kritika said nowadays he attended college more than before. I never saw him so punctual. Kritika excused herself and went to washroom. Jai happened to be there and decided to accompanied radz in canteen. Before that He checked whether or not his hair is okay, if he looks good. And he said to himself, ‘You idiot! What is your heart beating faster for?’.radhika’s midnight long hair was hiding her side face by slow breeze. She tucked them back behind her ear with her finger, but a few strands fell back. It’s jai’s favourite gesture. As he saw her porcelain and smooth cheek, he felt an impulse to kiss it. He had always felt that way ever since the first time he saw her. He asked rads about day before incident, when he saw radz at night when he was having his dinner at restaurant. To which radz replied calmly to him that her friend just broke up with her boyfriend and was about to commit suicide, and so all of her close friends gathered to stop her from doing that. She also said, she couldn’t tell her mother about things like this. Jai felt its strange but didn’t say anything.

Neil was talking with Arjun and advised him to be calm. He was not in favour of hasty haphazard decision. Neil said that now they should follow some social norms.

Arjun replied with anger ,” do u expect me to follow the rules of this shit society.We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves. But I can’t ,m different and not weak.”

Neil said in understanding manner,” I know Arjun. I am not telling u to become a saint out of blue . M just telling you now it’s not the appropriate time. Have patience and come out of darkness for sometime “.

Arjun replied sternly,”I can’t let darkness go as it saved me.I have learned things in the dark that I could never have learned in the light, things that have saved my life over and over again, so that there is really only one logical conclusion. I need darkness. And I can barely have patience to show the person what it results to play with me?”

Now Neil got scared a little;” Arjun, listen to me carefully. Don’t do anything wrong in hurry, that later it make us to pay back for that. Remember I am always with u.”
Arjun nodded as they departed from each other. Neil messaged some where and send ” we can hit our target now. Time to be in action”.

Bonnie got to know about radhika and her adoption. She reasoned radhika behind Zubin’s state and cursed her. She threw some poisonous words to express her anger. Kritika came forward to defend radz but bonnie pushed her hard that she banged her head on wall and fell down faint. Later bonnie said radhika characterless,a pr*stitute who used her beauty on everyone to get attention from all men. That was enough for rads to lost her calmness. She slapped hard bonnie and the next moment snaped her neck to choke her death. She said furiously,” m marrying ur brother, that doesn’t mean u can say anything. I’ll kill u if u spit another word”. Jai came running and scolded radhika for her impulsiveness. He said u behaved all calm and goody in front of all ,but what is this? I won’t let u commit crime again. Radhika ran from there while crying. Jai felt guilty and followed her.

Radhika went inside a broken construction followed by jai. She ran to the edge of light and turned. There she stood and looked up jai who was at some distance. What shocked jai was her expressions, that contained Pure hatred and anger. She was looking like someone unknown to him .she asked with an anger filled disgusted sharp voice;” what do u mean by that u don’t let me to do another crime?? U think m committed any crime.

Jai smiled lightly and retorted back;” why act when u know what u did? But believe me I won’t let anything happen to u. Just do as I say.please radhika i want you to be happy, really happy”. He was pleading .

Radhika laughed hard ;” so u fell for me. U will do everything to protect me. So cheesy Mr jai khurana.” A devilish smirk appeared on her lip.she continued,” what if I don’t agree with you?? What if I will kill u??”

Jai replied with equal intense voice,” u can’t kill me I know. Because I believe u r not that bad. And moreover u r alone and weak now. So better please agree with me. I beg you,it’s for ur safe future”.

Radhika laughed hysterically but her face become hard showing clear vengeance and anger,” U r right Mr jai khurana, I am alone, alone from my childhood but that doesn’t mean I’m weak. I am not an angel, I am devil. I am a beast disguised in beauty. So be careful before giving me ur piece of advice.

Jai was unhappy with her decision and said,” I will do anything to take u back to the general stream of society. U didn’t leave any other option now so I have to use my last card.” With that jai raised his gun pointed towards radz and said her to follow him. But he got shock instead seeing her ever calm and composed demeanour, even after she was pointed by gun.

Another shocking fact for jai was radz stood at the edge of light, just behind her darkness started. A man came out from her backside immediately with a hood on,like her shadow come in front and unveiled himself. Jai was dumbfounded by seeing Arjun still with her.
Radhika laughed cunningly and said intensely,” the man who got tricked is dumb & fool and i hate those kind of weak foolish people”…..ardhika laughed on devilish………….

She is deeply scarred, wounded,not want to be healed, embraced the darkness. She was mysterious, cunning yet beautiful. She will do everything to achieve her target. After all she is the insatiable queen having never ending desires.

He is not less wounded. He had his own darkness. The fate they share through darkness will never let them depart from each other. He is a ever faithful knight who is always at service of his queen.

Darkness: Nobody can never know the pain and suffer of a victim until they victimized by themselves. It was the time when they need me. And I am always a shield for them. People who were under light can betray ; but they never betray under me,darkness. Coz they knew each other pain, share each other fate. So they are always intertwined. People said too much of anything could destroy you. Too much darkness could kill U, but they never realize too much light could blind U.

Actually I told u the last line descriptions about them to guess what might have happened..keep guessing and don’t forget to share that with me…thank u for reading.

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