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The insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight – Episode 3

Hii everyone. How are u all?? Do let me know ur views…thanks a lot for ur all support…spare me as this chapter is base to reveal everything as back stories will start from next, why and how the things happened??
“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.

It can’t be seen, can’t be felt
Can’t be heard, can’t be smelt

It lies behind the stars, under the hills,
The empty hole it fills

It comes first and follows after


” Riddhi”, mumbled teji . He got confused now what to do with this girl. Many questions arise in his mind. He called Sam. Sam squealed; but composed herself immediately. She said sternly,” we should never think our opponent as an easy target, though she is a teen. Btw u don’t worry , I already had a spy on her.”

Teji replied,” I never thought her easy. She is the most twisted among all. I don’t know exactly why this girl is overprotective about Arjun Mehera.”

Sam smiled mysteriously,” and we have to find out that. First go to principal and find out who is Riddhi”..

Teji end the call and went to principal. The news principal gave he was shocked. He was returning from princi office bumped with Arjun who gave him a dead glare to which teji also got scared a bit . He was thinking about Arjun’s eavesdropping; but his misunderstandings cleared when principal called Arjun inside. Teji went office directly and told to Sam that,” Riddhi is the pet name for Riddhima Mishra, who was also daughter of Nandini. She was also adopted ; but… Teji stopped abruptly.

Sam asked,” but what?? Anything serious”.

Teji answered,” she died two years ago. I couldn’t find any connection between riddhima and radhika”.

Sam laughed out and told him to relax. Her spy will find out everything. But they have to be careful.

Saral was asking bonnie about radhika. He was happy to know that rads was daughter of nandini. Nandini adored him well as they were partners in business. He decided to visit nandini’s home. He was busy in his dream world when his best friend Zubin entered. Seeing Zubin bonnie got excited and hugged him. Zubin was a detective who helped saral and his family many times. When zubin asked on whose thought his friend is lost, bonnie answered “radhika”. Zubin thought if that was the same girl case which miss samaira investigated. He said saral to take him with, when he visit nandini.

Jai went to his classroom and heard about the gossip was going on Amit who tried to molest bonnie. The seen which shocked him was Arjun’s participation.jai was surprised to see Arjun was a part of the group and listening with full of interest, giving short comments in-between. So far, he almost never talk to Arjun and as far as he knows, Arjun never talk to any of their classmate either. Arjun was always alone and he usually didn’t care about any happening at college. So this was a rare view for jai. When the teacher came in, they all returned to their seats, jai kept observing Arjun returning to his seat with a cunning smile,another surprising fact which shocked him.

jai was heading toward nandini’s house.jai was teaching Math to rads at her home. In other words, he’s a private teacher. He had confident in Math since highschool, so he started this as part-time job.He felt so grateful to nandini, because not for income , but he had his own certain reason for always looking forward to meet rads. One fine day he addressed Nandini as angel for adoption of radz. In return nandini replied smilingly,” it would be a waste to let such a beautiful girl to live alone by herself in this cruel world”. He felt something like flagrant and decided to talk about it with radhika. When he entered in radhika ‘s room radz was talking on the phone, he saw radz’s expression was so serious. But when he gave a sign that he’s going home without taught her coz he had some urgent work, radz immediately smile widely to him and waved her hand a bit. He was coming out stopped seeing saral and zubin sitting there. Nandini introduced saral to jai and told radz alliance will be fixed with him very soon. She invited him for the party. Jai stared saral with anger, frustration and went away.

After jai left the house, he stopped by at a restaurant for late dinner. While eating , he was watching TV. When he coincidentally turned to the window direction, he saw a girl passing by in a hurry. It’s radz. Her expression was unusual and she stopped an auto. Jai took a look at his watch, it’s 10 o’clock. No matter how he thought of it, it must be an unexpected matter.He got worried and he called nandini landline no. to which nandini replied that rads went for sleep as she was not feeling well. He felt something weird, thought what must be the reason for her to came out at such hour; the previous phone call or her alliance with saral.

It was Sunday. Kritika was waiting for radz near a super market. They decided to go for a movie before. After radz reached kritika asked her seeing her pale face,” what happened to u? Is anything wrong?”. To which radz told about her alliance & expressed her unhappiness. Kritika told her not to worry and they started walking to destination. Arjun was coming from other direction under shadows of buildings. It was like radz walking under light and Arjun was in darkness. At the point they crossed each other it was totally like Arjun was a shadow of radhika who stayed in darkness. Kritika saw him when he passed, she said with excitement to radhika,” he is the most handsome guy of college but very much reserved. It would be ur luck if u get him”. To which radz glared at her so intensely she stopped. Kritika thought ,” what was that. I never saw so much rage in her, it was like her eyes were burning and have thorns”. But next moment radz asked her forgiveness and told she must lost her mind for sudden alliance thing. Kritika forget everything and happily went into theatre. She noticed radz restlessness and biting nails until she got some messages but she didn’t mind it , again got busy with movie.

Arjun was crossing road a black BMW stopped in front of him abruptly. The person opened the door and said Arjun something. To which he replied uncaring,” do u really think I’ll be trapped by ur words . It was me not my father. I was doing everything just for his shake.” He tried to move away but stopped and turned,” don’t dare to threaten me, it may not give u a good result”. His voice become more hoarse as his eyes become more darker. The car went away as Arjun looked down got a chit of paper.

Somewhere in a dark room, a person came with a hood covering face and opened a diary. It was written before;
“Time had not faded my memories. It had not healed my wounds as it is said always to do. I began each day with the hope that the next day would be better, my recollections a little less pointed; but I would awake to the same pain, as if a black lamp were burning eternally inside me, radiating darkness.
“How terrible this darkness was, how bewildering, and yet mysteriously beautiful!”

To which tear drops came out from person’s eyes as that person wrote below;
Yes, darkness is beautiful !! There are different kind of darkness. Darkness that frightens, darkness that soothes, darkness that is restful & I pictured every kind. It will bring happiness for us. My promise.

Neil was pacing around like a volcano erupted. It could destroy everything in the next moment. As Arjun came he pulled him into his embrace and said,” till when?? Arjun till when u will be toyed. Do u ever think about urself “.

Arjun replied sadly,” there’s no time and no need to think about me as long as it related to her. I choose to be her shadow,how can I leave her”.

Neil was frustrated and pushed Arjun,” little brother , do u have any idea that she’s using u. The fall u choose to ride is a horrible kind of fall that u r not permitted to feel, hear ,or judge. Come out from that hell of darkness. Light is awaiting for u”.

Arjun said without any expression;” u know, no matter how fast light travels,it always find darkness has always got the destination first and awaiting for light”.. & this is my final warning to u as I regarded u as my elder brother ” not a single word against her, otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do”.

Neil said,” its ok.I’ll prove it to u.”
He called her from a private number and said changing his voice with speaker on,” ur Arjun was in my custody . If u will not get here with the amount of money I’ll inform police everything I know. U can guess what will happen then.”

To which she replied,” he is nothing to me. Do whatever u want!! I don’t care a bit”. And cut off the phone.

Neil looked at Arjun who looked pale, devastated like someone sucked his life. He went to pacify him ; but Arjun stood up and said,” this is the last time I want to see her. Let me go”, his voice came as broken.

The mansion was decorated full of lights. Nandini and saral didn’t leave any kind of preparation to introduce radhika in their world. Radhika was wearing a red gown looking like a queen. Kritika was in mute mode seeing her beauty. She praised nonstop. Both went out to attained party while kritika cracked some jokes on which rads giggled. When she was passing terrace from one side through a glass windows Arjun saw this and knees down on floor as he was crying and from other side wall the TV news shows hiprofile death, business tycoon samrat Khanna was dead unanimously……..

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