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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 26

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Part 26


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Kunj screams “twinkle” and runs to her. Before twinkle could fall on the floor, kunj had catch hold of her. He put her head on his lap and screamed for twinkle to wake up. When this couldn’t help he called the waiter and asked him to call a doctor immediately while the other waiters helped him take twinkle to a room. Kunj gently placed twinkle on the bed and caressed her face asking her to wake up. In the next 10 minutes, the doctors arrives. The doctor checks twinkle and after his investigation he speaks;

Do: There’s nothing to worry. She is absolutely fine. It’s just that maybe she didn’t have proper food or was tired or stressed much. Give her some rest and she will be back to normal.
Ku: Thank you doctor.
Do: I have written some medicine, give it to her when she gets conscious. So, I’ll make a move now and make sure she gets proper rest or else the condition may get worse.
Ku: sure! come i’ll drop you outside.
Do: Its completely okay! You just take care of her.

Kunj nods his head and the doctor leaves. He then asks the waiter to get fresh tomato soup for her. He firstly gets the medicine that the doctor prescribed and then sits beside twinkle and caresses her face. He stops when he feels a move in twinkle face. Yes, she was now awake. She saw her surrounding and stood up in shock asking kunj where she was! Kunj explained her the whole incident. He added;

Ku: and what is this twinkle? cant you tare care of yourself? Tell me honestly .. did you have a proper meal today?

Twinkle is quiet. Kunj demands for an answer to which twinkle nods in a no.

Ku: whats wrong with you? can you act like an adult now? Just because you were so irresponsible about yourself … see the result for yourself. You are lying down on this bed when we actually were on a date. Like dude, you had no idea what i went through when i saw you in that condition. My heart had skipped a beat. Promise me that you wont repeat it.

Twinkle nodded in affirmation.

Ku: That sounds good.

By the time kunj could continue, they heard a knock on the door. When opened, a waiter was found holding a bowl of tomato soup. Kunj took it from him, thanked him and closed the door. He came and sat next to twinkle and took a spoon of soup and fed her. She screamed in pain. She said after gulping the soup quickly;

Tw: Do you have any sense? Dont you know the soup will be hot and you just gave it like that to me?
Ku: Oh sorry! I didn’t realize that.
Tw: ofc! (says with a whatever face)

Kunj begins to blow the soup in order to get it in a temperature so twinkle could comfortably sip it. (okay, i couldn’t explain this in a better way! Hope you guys understood what i have in my head.) He again feeds it to her and asks “is it okay now?” to which twinkle replies with a thumbs up. Kunj continuously fed her while twinkle lovingly looked at him and the concern that was shown from him. He made her drink the soup completely and later took the medicines which the doctor had recommended.

Ku: lets leave now! You can rest in the taxi.
Tw: okay!

Twinkle tries to get up from the bed but it all goes in vain. She had twisted her leg when she fell unconscious. After many unsuccessful attempts, kunj finally carries her in his arms and take her to the taxi and makes her sit. They traveled to their hotel. Because of twinkle’s tiredness and also as it was a long way back to their resort, twinkle had fallen asleep. Seeing her head continuously slipping off (hope you get what i mean) he kept her head on his shoulder to give her support so she could sleep comfortably. They travelled for another 10 minutes in the same position where kunj just stared at twinkle the whole time and later reached to their destination i.e the resort. Kunj calmly woke twinkle up and both got down off the cab. But with the twisted leg and also the sleepy mood … made difficult for twinkle to walk so therefore kunj again lifted her up in his arms he dropped her at her room, covered her with blanket, gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead and made her sleep. He left the room switching off the lights. He went to his room and changed his cloths and directly jumped over the bed thinking;

Ku: Glad twinkle is better now! Hope she will be okay soon. But shit yaar! my plan failed once again. But don’t worry twinkle, aaj nahi toh kal hi sahi .. but main apni dil ki baat tujhe bataounga zaroor. (dont worry twinkle, if not today .. surely i’ll tell you about my feelings tomorrow).

Thinking about this, he dozes off.

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Sorry guys, couldn’t reply each of you individually on my previous part. Thank you for showering so much love on me for my completion of 25 parts. Also, sorry to upset you all with my words. Got way too much scoldings! But anyway, cuz you guys requested so much, i have planned to annoy you guys a lil more with my ff. Hence, i am gonna write my ff a little longer. But guys ofc i cant drag the story so it will come to an end soon! But don’t worry, my soon will surely will be another month cuz c’mon i post once in a week ?So you guys can estimate the number of episodes. and guys i know many will be pissed at me cuz i didn’t show the confession but trust me! I have planned something really different and something which will make you guys happy as well as sad. Just wait for it. Thank you again for the love! Love you guys ?Bye! Ignore errors (if any) cuz i didn’t proof read this one.

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