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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 25

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Twinkle starts getting ready. While she was getting ready, she hears a knock at her door. She opens it to find a waiter which handed her a piece of paper, more like a letter. She thanked the waiter and closed the door. The paper read,

“ Twinkle,
I am sending this to you as i couldn’t come there myself to pick you up but don’t worry i have arranged everything in my absence. Once you get ready, walk to the reception and hand them the coupon which is attached at the back of this letter and the receptionist will take you to a car. Sit in it and it will drive you to me. Okay? I hope i am clear. So sorry i couldn’t pick you up. Take care x Will be waiting.


Twinkle had a big, wide smile on her face after reading this. She checked her phone which showed the time to be 8:20. She quickly did the touch up and looked at herself from the mirror. She wore a black full sleeve skin fit maxi which had a slit on the right side exposing the right leg of hers. She had tied her hair into a high ponytail leaving some strands of her hair to fall on her face with a black choker on her neck to give her a simple yet elegant look. Along with some light make up and wearing a black pencil heel, she looked incredibly breathtaking and smoking hot at the same time. She left her room taking her belongings as well as the coupon. She went to the reception, handed over the coupon and sat in a car that drove her off to Radisson Blu.

Twinkle (POV):

Wow! This hotel seems, actually is so huge. But why did kunj call me? Is he planning to ………

Twinkle jumped in excitement (literally jumped) causing the others to stare at her stupid behavior later ignoring and going for their respective works. She started walking forward and entered the hotel. She began to think “Now that kunj has called me here but someone explain this duffer to not give half information. Now where will i go in such a big hotel?”. She starts walking towards the receptionist but before she would reach, a worker asked her if she was twinkle. She told she was and the worker asked her to follow him. She had no other choice than following him. She walked for 2 minutes and the worker spoke “okay! We’ve reached. Just push the door and you’ll find your destination”. Twinkle thanked the worker and bid him bye and entered the other side of the gate. It was a poolside which had a very beautiful date setup at the bay of the pool. There was a table, covered with a red and white cloth, along with two chairs kept opposite to one another. Above the table and chairs, was a cloth colored in red which covered the table and chairs from the top. The cloth had a knot kind of thing at the center (top) while the rest of the cloth smoothly dropped at the floor. The table had a bottle of champagne. (sorry guys, i really suck at explaining these things. Hope you got a picture of what i had in my mind) Twinkle was completely mesmerized and surprised seeing the view before her. She started wondering on where kunj was. She began to search him but soon she felt someone’s touch on her waist. She screamed in shock but before she could scream longer, kunj had put his hand on her to prevent her scream. She turned and found kunj doing all of this. She removed kunj’s hand from her mouth and immediately started scolding him;

Tw: Are you insane? Have you completely lost it? What are you up to? Like what was this? Seriously man, what was this? Is this a way how you let a girl know about your presence? No ettiequte? You aren’t allowed to touch a girl without her permission ya. Firstly there was no sign of you and secondly you do this. If i could see you at least i would be aware but you are just impossible. Do you have any idea how scared i was?

All this while when twinkle was speaking or you can say blabbering? kunj just stood there quiet and was smiling at her behavior and her words. When twinkle noticed this;

Tw: What the hell is wrong with you, i am speaking to you and you give no reply. On top of that you are standing like an idiot and smiling for no reason. I swear, you need a psychiatrist.

Kunj suddenly laughed at this.

Tw: what’s so funny? (with an annoyed and what-the-hell face)
Ku: nothing! Its just that you speak too much unnecessarily but you look so cute man. My heart is beginning to melt.

Twinkle began to blush. Seeing such a sight kunj spoke;

Ku: Now you look even cuter. But yaar please itni bakwaas mat kiya kar. (but please don’t do so much bakwaas [sorry yaar don’t know what bakwaas will be called in eng]

Twinkle realized what all she spoke and thinks to herself that she is such an idiot.

Tw: i am sorry kunj. Kuch zyada hi boldiya maine. (i spoke a little too much)
Ku: it’s okay! Now come.

Kunj catches hold of twinkle’s hand and drags her to where the table and chairs were situated. He pulls out one chair for twinkle and pushes it back in like a gentlemen and later goes to sit on the other chair.

Ku: so how is it?
Tw: it’s super cute. I love the whole decoration and setup so damn much.
Ku: glad that you liked it after all it was for you.
Tw: but why kunj?
Ku: somewhere even you know the answer isn’t it?

Twinkle starts blushing and seeing this kunj cups her and makes her look straight into his eyes. They shared a cute eye lock which was soon broken by the waiter who asked for the order. Twinj had given their orders and the waiter left. Kunj opened the bottle of champagne and poured it equally in both the glasses. They cheered the glasses and both sipped some of it.

Ku: You look incredible today! I am so awestruck looking at you. You look so damn beautiful. I cant take my eyes off you.
Tw: Thank you but don’t fake praise me at least?
Ku: You think i am faking it?
Tw: yes, to some extent
Ku: you really think so?
Tw: yes! a part of me does. If you really mean these words then prove yourself right and prove me wrong
Ku: challenging?
Tw: maybe?
Ku: accepted!

Kunj wraps his leg around hers under the table and pulls her closer through her legs. Twinkle gives a questioned look along with a surprised face. Kunj makes a just-wait face. Now twinkle and kunj weren’t far away and could see one another really clear.

Ku: twinkle, dekh udhar (twinkle look at that)

While twinkle turned and before she could react to it, she felt some touch on her left cheek. She turned back and placed her hand on her left cheek while secretly blushing but not so secretly after all she was sitting in front of kunj. Yes, kunj had kissed her!

Ku: so, i have proved it!
Tw: wow! (still lost thinking about it)
Ku: ahem ahem …

Twinkle was back to her senses and realized what she spoke. To cover up she spoke;

Tw: this ain’t fair. How can this prove?
Ku: everything is fair in love and war darling (says while giving a wink)

Twinkle begins to blush again. Kunj cups her face and says;

Ku: you look so cute while blushing

This made twinkle blush harder. Her cheeks had now turned completely red. She looked cute as a tomato. Kunj pulled her cheeks and spoke “my cute little tomato” while laughing. Twinkle frowned at first but later was okay. Before they could continue … the waiter had brought their food. Twinkle was damn hungry and she completely jumped into the food. Kunj smiled at this sight.

Kunj (POV):
Today, yes today. Its gonna be a day which will be important for both of our lives. I cant keep it inside me anymore. I have to let it out, let me feelings out. Yes twinkle, today i’ll tell you how i feel. You see what i’ve planned for you! I am sure you’ll love it.

Kunj begins eating with twinkle and they finish off their food talking about random things.

Tw: thank you so much for this evening. I really loved it
Ku: its not yet over!
Tw: seriously? now what is left?
Ku: wait for it
Tw: acha okay, give me a minute .. i’ll use the washroom and come

Kunj nodded his head and twinkle stood up and started walking. In the next fraction of seconds, while walking .. twinkle falls down on the ground unconscious. Kunj screams “twinkle” and runs to her.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
OMFG! Yes finally, the day is here! I have written damn 25 parts! WOW! Seems like it was a dream. My journey with you guys was just amazing! I never knew that my work would be liked by so many of you because i have always considered myself as a bad writer, i still think the same tho. Anyway, you guys are really the best! I really thank those who supported me since the beginning like; Ria, Sayeeda, Shatakshi, Arundhati, Baby, Jisha di, Sidmin, Shreya, Kruti, Romaisah. (sorry if i forgot someone, i am dumb yaar) You guys were my strength the whole time. Though i am really happy regarding the completion of my 25 parts, but still i am sad somewhere. The reason; my comments have drastically fallen. Okay, i know most of you will say that many are having exams and somewhere i was convinced. But recently, i witnessed .. that not just mine, but some others as well have their comments decreased even when other ff’s have no effect on their comment. Frankly speaking, i had many people who commented on my ff but some are suddenly lost without telling. Firstly i thought maybe they aren’t commenting for some genuine reason so i didn’t overthink about it but later i realized that those people (i seriously don’t want to name anyone here) just don’t comment on my ff and still comment on other’s ff. I don’t know, but it just pisses me off sometimes. I am a real weird and shit person. I get angry for the smallest things as well. If logically thinking, the only thing that makes sense here is that they didn’t like it. But i always told that i would love to hear some criticism as well because it will help me improve. Idk. Dont know what to say more. From now on, i wont be forcing anyone for commenting. You guys can comment if you want, and if you don’t wish to .. not a problem at all. Not gonna upset myself because of this anymore. Also, i have another thing to share. I am soon gonna end this ff. I am pretty fed up sometimes. I write it for you people and if i get such bad response then i am really sorry, i wont be continuing.I really stay up late for writing this, like sacrificing my sleep to write this when i really have to wake up way too early and i return my home real late and then my work, it kills me yet i write. Actually i was leaving it midway but then i thought about it and realized there are few people who actually read it. So this is all for you people! I don’t know how many people are true when commenting … who knows … they may be faking. I am sorry if you guys felt my words to be harsh, but i just wanted to let myself out so i just blurted this out. Anyway, bahut bakwaas ho gya. I hope i have not disappointed you with my 25 part. As a treat of this celebration, i wrote a longer part than i usually write. Hoping i didn’t hurt anyone’s feeling. If i did .. please forgive me as it wasn’t my intention to do so. Okay, i’ll take a leave now. Bye x and love you all ?Ignore errors (if any).

P.S – I miss you Sayeeda and Jisha di ??

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