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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 23

If anyone missed out the previous episode, the link below will lead you to it;

Part 22


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Mahi’s room;

Twinj enter the room. Mahi indicates them to sit. Mahi speaks;

Ma: okay guys, bebe just called me up and told that we will have to resume back to the preparations of the marriage.
Tw: okay!
Ma: as per discussed, me and yuvi will be taking care of the food while you and kunj will be taking care of the decoration which included the garland as well.
Ku: done! I don’t have any problem but just say to twinkle that she wont annoy me (says teasingly while looking at twinkle)
Tw: oh please! Correction is required. Mahi di tell kunj to not annoy me cuz its very well known to you as well how annoying he is (giving a death glare to kunj)
Ma: oh! Shut up man. You too are just impossible. Sometimes you fight like crazy while sometimes act like lovers.

Twinkle begas to blush. Kunj eyes her lovingly but later comes to back to reality.

Ma: toh kya?
Tw: aisa kuch nahi h (there’s nothing like that)
Ku: yes exactly!
Ma; i know how lovers act so just don’t argue on this with me.

To divert the topic, twinkle says;

Tw: haan haan, kyu nahi .. expert jo baithi hai hamare samen (yea ofc! you will know it after all you are an expert)

Mahi blushes.

Ma: okay, no more bakwaas! from tomorrow we’ll start with our work alright?

All agree, say goodnight to each other and leave for their rooms.

@7 in the morning

Twinkle’s room:

She wakes up due to the sun rays that fell upon her face. She stretches her arm in tiredness and gets up. She goes to the washroom and gets freshen up. She was just about to go for a shower when she gets a message;

“Abhi tak soh hi rahi hai kya, kumbhkaran. Kaam bhi karna hai. Chall jaldi taiyaar hokar breakfast hall pe mil. (Are you still sleeping? You even have work which is yet to be done. Quickly get ready and come meet me at the breakfast hall)

~ Kunj”

“Ji haan, main kumbhkaran hu toh mujhe sone do. Tum thare itne smart … toh kaam khud karlo warna agar kumbhkaran ko gussa aayega toh tumhe bhi pata hai kya hoga. ( yes i am kumbhkaran so therefore let me sleep. Now that you are so smart .. do the work yourself. And c’mon don’t you know the consequences if kumbhkaran gets angry)

~ Twinkle”

“Just shut up man! Chup chap mil. (Shut up and quickly come meet me)

~ Kunj”


~ Twinkle”

She quickly gets in the bathroom for a shower and comes out wearing demin jeans along with plain red crop top. She tied her hair in a bun with few strands left out which her falling on her face. She wore a small earring to with and wore a comfy slipper and left her room carrying her phone along.

Breakfast hall;

Ku: Where the hell where you? You made me wait for so long. Akkal ki kami hai kya tujh mein? (dont you have brains?)
Tw: just shut up! I was just getting ready. Stop throwing your tantrums and its better to start off our work.
Ku: yea whatever. (with an annoying look)
Tw: Will you even speak what we will have to do?
Ku: oh sorry!
Tw: aur tumse zyaada umeed bhi nahi kari jaa sakti (couldnt expect anything more than this from you)
Ku: oh please! Just don’t waste time now as we really have to work. Okay, now firstly … we have got the flowers here so we’ll have to decorate the whole ground with this. So come up with a plan. Also, keep this garlands with you as you are much more responsible than me.
Tw: See, you finally admitted it. I am more responsible that you (she laughs)
Ku: i am being serious here. Will you also be?
Tw: okay (puts her finger on her lips)

Kunj smiles at her innocence and hand her the garland.

Ku: now come up with an idea of how to decorate the hall.
Tw: wait man, i am already thinking.

After 10 mins;

Twinkle screamed in excitement.

Ku: kya hua yaar? (what happened)
Tw: i got an idea

She shares her idea with kunj and he gives a thumbs up.

Ku: didn’t know you were so creative as well.
Tw: I am an all rounder darling (and winks at him)
Ku: darling?
Tw: toh?
Ku: kuch nahi.

Kunj calls the leader of the workers and explains him the arrangement that has to be made. He then looks at twinkle and say;

Ku: oh i forgot! Mahi di told me that she is a little busy so if you could get a tiara for megha bhabhi?
Tw: sure but only at one condition
Ku: now what is that?
Tw: you’ll come along with me
Ku: what? come along with you that too for shopping? Kidding me right?
Tw: ofc i am not! You are coming .. thats final. Come lets leave now itself. Both are free right now. By the time we will return .. the decoration will be done as well. Also, we could have a day out as well. 
Ku: fine

They leave.

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Yo guys, how are all of you? I hope all of you are doing fine. I am sure many might be mad at me as i promised that i would post 3 episodes the last week but i just posted 2. But so sorry guys, i was really lazy this time. I swear i had no story in my mind which i could pen down. I really was running out of ideas. See, this proves that i am such a bad writer. But for now, i have planned something, some shitty ideas are cooked in my head so please bare those. Actually another reason for not writing was that my comments have fallen which really demotivates me to write. If you guys find it boring .. i’ll just end it up within the 5-7 parts then. Wont drag it to annoy you guys. Leave down your comments to let me know how this part was. Criticism is also accepted. Love you all ? Bye x Okay, my bak bak is over ? Ignore errors (if any) as i didn’t proof read it.

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