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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 36 )


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 36 )
i am really veryy sorry for making you all wait this much long…i was really sick..now i am some what better…i came up with this one…i will assure u guys..hereafter i wont exceed t time which i ll give..thanks for t support and t care darlz…love u soo much
here t goesss….
At morning,
bihaan opens his eyes…and sees thapki head on his chest and his hands around her neck…he gets shocked and removes his hand…thapki gets annoyed and wakes up too…she sees her head in his chest and gets shocked and gets up from t bed immeditely
thapki didnt see his eyes till now..she sees his face and shouts…bihaan shouts too…
bihaan : why are u shouting…wat happened


thapki : wo..woo
bihaan : hurray wat
bihaan places his hands on his head as his head starts paining
thapki too feels t same bcoz of t alcohol
bihaan : wat happend yesterday..i didnt remember anything
thapki : even i didnt remember…
thapki sits on t bed…they both starts to think slowly
they both recalls everything and sees each other
bihaan : why are u seeing like this..u remembered anything
thapki : nai naiii..i thought u would tell me
bihaan : ( mind voice : what would i tell mahan aatma…i dont want to discuss about t things wat happend between us )
thapki : did u remember anything
bihaan : nai naiiii
thapki : hmm
( mind voice : did he saying t truth…but still i dont want to tell him anything about t last night )
bihaan : my head is paining..i am going to order a lemon juice..do u want
thapki : ya
bihaan takes t phone
bihaan : shitt t phone is not working..i ll go and get t
thapki blocks t way
bihaan : huray kya..
thapki : i ll go and get t
bihaan : tum ? i will go and get t..no worries
thapki : naii naii u should not go..matlab..u feel tired
bihaan : oh madam wat happend to u..why this sudden care…i know ur planning something now move
thapki : bihaan why cant u understand
bihaan : hurray wat
thapki : go and see t mirror first
bihaan : wats ter in ma face
bihaan goes and stands in front of t mirror…and sees thapki lipstick mark all over his face..even his lips is red…
bihaan gets super shocked and takes t towel nearby and hides t
thapki gets nervous and turns…
bihaan : how dare u
thapki : wat u mean
bihaan : wat s tis
thapki : how do i know
bihaan : u hav ans for everything…but everytime i am t one wo s suffering
bihaan takes t towel and goes to restroom
thapki sits in t bed….
thapki : omg i should b careful hereafter or otherwise i ll become a mother so soon…i should maintain a distance from him…this should not happen again…thank god nothing wrong has happened still
bihaan comes out after taking bath…
bihaan stares her angrily..thapki sees him and worries
bihaan sees his face in t mirror and gets shocked bcoz t mark s still ter…bihaan rushes to t restroom again..thapki takes her lipstick remover
thapki : bihaan
bihaan kept silent
thapki : i know u r angry over me…it won go..i have a lipstick remover try this
bihaan opens t door and grabs t thing and closes t door
thapki : idiot dont know how to say thanks also…
thapki stands in t mirror and sees her face..she gets shocked on seeing t lipstick marks on her neck too..
thapki : but how did this happened..how ll i kiss my own neck
thapki remembers how she get kissed by him…( music plays na..na..na )
thapki comes back to her sense and rushes to restroom and shouts bihaan
bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi wait
thapki : bihaan pls don use t fully
bihaan comes out

thapki : did u used t fully
bihaan : y u need t again…i won allow u to use lipstick again n ur lyf time… ( bihaan shows t solution ) i am going to put t n t dustbin
thapki : bihaan pls giv t to me..i won use lipstick hereafter..but i need t now
bihaan : why
thapki puts her hair in t back..bihaan sees his lip mark on her neck..bihaan gives t solution..thapki takes t and goes to t restroom
bihaan sits on t couch ( Mind voice – MR. B for Bihaan pandey..wat r u doing here…do u want to become a father…you should b careful atleast hereafter..or t ll end up like tat oly..u should keep distance from her )
thapki comes out of t rest room
bihaan : can v eat
thapki : u go and order something i ll come
thapki comes down and sits in t opposite chair to bihaan…
they started to eat without talking anything…

they finished their breakfast..
bihaan : i called a tourist guide..he ll come now..we ll go wit him
thapki nods her head
t tourist guide comes…
TG : hello sir my name is john
bihaan : hi john..my name is bihaan this is my wife thapki
thapki : hi
john : can v start
bihaan : yaa

john got a cab…john sits in t front thapki and bihaan sat at t back but they sat at a distance…they didnt talk even..they started to gaze t streets of paris
cab reached at a museum…they got down…thapki was impressed by t museum building…she gets excited and sees t place..bihaan sees thapki and smiles
john started to explain t different things in t place…john and bihaan walks front and talked with each other…thapki silently listens john descriptions and gazes everywhere…
john takes a camera and clicks a photo of eachone…
john : s t ur honeymoon
bihaan : yes

john : ohhh i dont think so
bihaan : wat
john : i mean..i ll click pics of u both together na?
bihaan and thapki stands at a distance…
john : ll u stand close
thapki comes closer to him and smiles…
john clicks several pics…

bihaan : wer r v going nxt
john : v hav to eat first…ter is a great restaurant nearby..v ll go ter
they sat at t restaurant
bihaan : i ll go and order..wat u guys need
thapki : i need pasta
john : even me
bihaan looks at john and left t place
john : won u speak wt strangers

thapki : nothing like tat
john : do u hav stammering prblm
thapki : ya from my childhood
john : even my sister has
thapki : oh wat she is doing
john : she is a model
thapki : tats great
john : ya…
thapki : wat u ar dng
john : m studying MBA final year..this is my part time job
thapki : even i was in final year mba..bihaan is also a MBA graduate
they both gave hifi..bihaan sees this from t back and gets irritated
john : but ur married
thapki : so wat john..i ll continue..i hav one semester left
john : all t best
thapki : all t best for u too
john : wen did u married
thapki : 5 days b4
john : arranged or love marrg ?
thapki : arranged..y
john : u guys are not talking even..
thapki : v hav some small tiff…tats it..he is a lovely person…u ll know if u spend time wt him
john : woww..u love ur husband soo much
they both smiled and talked wt each other freely..bihaan comes there
thapki : john can u take us to lock bridge
john : lock bridge..hw do u know abt t

thapki : john i saw t n films…ts soo lovely..please take me
bihaan gets irritated over t conversation…t supplier serves t food
john : atchaa then u guyys hav to eat fast…t place s too far
thapki : suree ( smiles at him )
bihaan : i dont want to go to tat place…tat was a nasty place
thapki : bihaan plsss…come for my sakee
john : ya sir…come na..u ll really enjoy
bihaan nodded his head for thapki
they both get in to a cab…

thapki : john tell me about tat lock bridge na
john : madam t bridge is
thapki : ( interrupts ) pls don call me madam…call me vaani…i want my friends to call by this name..
bihaan looks at her
john : ok vaanii
thapki : thank you soo much
john : y r u thanking me
thapki : no one is calling by my name
john : ok vaani hereafter i ll do

bihaan : wen v ll reach..i am getting bored
john : within 15 mins sir
thapki : john continue t story..
john : vaani v call t as love padlock..we have to write t name of our loved ones and ours in a lock and v have to throw t key somewhere..t symbolises unbreakable love…
thapki : tats soo lovely
they reached t bridge…
john : this is t bridge..see
thapki : wow its really unbelievable…they are trusting t soo much..see how many locks are ter
john and thapki walks towards t..

bihaan pays t cab
bihaan follows them
thapki : john did u don t ever
john : noo vaani…i didnt met t one who is destined for me
thapki : u ll meet her soon..ur soo nice..she ll b t lucky one
bihaan : why are u wasting time…did u going to by a love padlock
thapki looks at him
thapki : john can u buy me 5 padlock and come
john : 5 for whom
thapki : for all my lovable pairs
john : ok then
john leaves
bihaan : i asked u..why are u not talking to me…ur talking to tat idiot more than me
thapki : he is soo sweet bihaan…he talks good…y r u thinking like tat..is t bothers u
bihaan : i will b very happy if u wont talk to me ever
thapki : atchaa..i guess u ll b happy hereafter
john comes ter…thapki writes initials of shraddha and dhuruv, chutki and sanjay, ashwin and badki, bauji and vasundhra and poonam and kk
john : woww vaani…so many relatives

thapki : ya
john : dont u write ur’s and bihaan name
thapki turns and looks at him
bihaan : noo need john..i dont hav any belief over this…finish t and come fast..my head is paining..i want to leav
thapki puts t lock and throw t keys…thapki takes t photos of t locks…bihaan sits on t bench and sees her and gets upset..
thapki sees him ( mind voice – i thought he ll write our name..but he didnt want to…if he want to keep a distance from me..wat shld i do )
they both walk towards him
bihaan : john its ur salary..thanks for t help…v r leaving
thapki : but bihaan…john can cme tomorrow too na

bihaan : i have seperate plans for tomorrow
john : its ok vaani…i should thank god for meeting u..can v click a selfie together..pls
thapki : sure
john : sir can u also come
bihaan : its ok u guys can take
john puts her hands in her shoulder and clicks it..thapki smiles for t pic…bihaan gets upset and walks towards t cab
thapki : john watsapp t pic
bihaan : mail t tat would b easy
thapki : wat
bihaan : i mean v r not using a valid number here…so i thought
john : sir is right..i ll mail u vaani
thapki gives her mail id…and her india phone number
thapki : may b time s short but i really enjoyed today..text me whenever ur free b n touch
john : sure i ll text u regularly byyee..bye sir
john leaves t place
thapki : he is a nice guy
bihaan gets in to t car
bihaan : why do u gave ur indian number
thapki : wats wrong n tat bihaan
bihaan : wat if he misuses t
thapki : john won do like tat

bihaan : don pretend tat u known him for years..u jus saw him today
thapki : bihaan time doesnt matter…i can read ppl face..he is a nice guy
bihaan : just shut up…ur soo mad..u may get in to trouble tats wat i say
thapki : wat s ur prblm bihaan..i am not a child..i know wat to do in my life..don interfere in my life ( says fastly )
bihaan kepts silent on hearing this
they both reached t hotel
bihaan pays t bill and goes to t room..bihaan lies on t couch..
thapki : i am not going to sleep..u can use t bed
bihaan kept silent and sleeps on t couch
thapki : such an adamant kid
thapki calls shraddha through skype

skype conversation :
thapki : hi diii
shraddha : hi thapki
thapki : hows ur honeymoon
shraddha : v r killing t here..jus so awesome…v went to hollywood today..v took so many pics..v r loving each and everyminute..
thapki : woww dii…send me t pics in mail i ll see
shraddha : by t way how was urs..
thapki : ya its going good
shraddha : really
thapki : yaa..wer s jiju..
shraddha : he is sleeping
shraddha started to describe about wher and al she went and how joyfully she spent tat days to make thapki jealous..thapki listens to her
after an hour shraddha goes offline…
thapki closes t laptop and sees bihaan..bihaan was in deep sleep
thapki : wat happened to him..why he s sleepin at tis tym

thapki looks at him and goes to t bed and sleeps for sometime
at night,
thapki wakes up from t bed…thapki feels hungry
thapki : bihaan pandey i am hungry…get up ( thapki shouts )
bihaan didnt came out from his sleep
thapki : idiot..then i ll order for me..
thapki calls t receptionist and orders something for her
thapki got t food and started to eat
thapki looks at him and comes near him
thapki : bihaan ur sleeping for t past 5 hrs..come on get up and eat wt me..and then sleep na
thapki removes his bedsheet…bihaan starts shivering
thapki gets shocked…thapki touches her neck…
thapki : omg..he has severe fever..how can i didnt notice tat…
thapki calls t doctor
t doctor comes and checks him and gaves some tablets..

doc : give him t table after he eats
thapki starts crying on seeing his state…thapki wakes him up..
bihaan : thapki pls leave me
thapki : m sorry bihaan..
bihaan : why are u cryin now…i am okay..give me sometime to sleep i ll b okay
thapki : naii..u need to eat first
bihaan : i want to sleep now..pls leav me
bihaan gets up from t couch ….thapki holds him..bihaan removes her hand and goes to t bed and lies down
thapki goes down and gets something
thapki comes to t room and turns on t light…
bihaan gets disturbed
bihaan : wats ur problem in ur life..stop troubling me
thapki : i ll trouble u till u get well
bihaan : its my life..wat bothers to u

thapki realises how her words hurted him
bihaan covers his face wit t bedsheet
thapki sits in t couch and cries loudly
bihaan : mahan aatma..why are u over reactin
thapki : till u eat ..i won stop crying
bihaan gets up
bihaan : wat did u bought for me
thapki wipes her tears and comes and sits beside him…
thapki shows bread and milk
bihaan : wo wll eat this
thapki : u have high fever u need to eat this
thapki dips t bread in milk and feeds him
bihaan : its okay i ll eat by my own

thapki : i am not feeding you poison..open ur mouth
thapki starts feeding..bihaan looks at her ( music na..na..na )
thapki gives t medicine …after sometime..bihaan fell in to sleep..thapki covers t bedsheet and sits near him and looks at him

precap : bihaan goes to t lock bridge and puts t lock wt their initials…and threw t key in to t near by sea and shouts i want u to b wt me forever

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