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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 34 ) *** T MEGA ONE***

The Blessed Love – Thahaan ( part 34 )
hy dears..thanks for t great support..i heard tat tpk s going off air…but m not sure…even i ate t current track..but pls guys don stop watchin t…if t TRP s getting low then they ll dare to do anything..i want to see their screen presence atleast..so hope u all see t ? ? i wish t news s false
thanks for ur valuable suggestion guys..but still m confused…half of them want a daily update and half of them wanting a mega episodes…i ll do one thing darls…if i get more time..i ll make a mega epi..if i dont i ll make t as a short one my drs..
and one kind req to all of them…t commenters who havin free time try to make a FF darls…u guys are really talented…
here we goesss

bihaan goes to sleep…
bihaan gets irritated due to t light
bihaan : ll u pls off t light atleast
thapki : cant u see m watching tv
bihaan : ok madam u watch


bihaan takes t sleeping mask and puts t bedsheet over him and sleeps ( Mind voice – she is watching tv during our honeymoon..will anyone do lyk these..i know she s not valuing me or this relation.)
thapki sees him and smiles
thapki switches off t tv and sees t time and its 12.00 am…thapki comes near to t bed and takes t jug and pours t water on him and runs
bihaan shouts ‘ thapki’ in a very high louder tone..he removes his eye mask and sees t decorations and gt surprised..bihaan gets up from t bed and sees t decorations..
suddenly t light goes off…but t small decoration lights never went off it started to blinks..bihaan sees t and turns..he saw thapki is coming towards him wt a cake…thapki sees him and shouts happiee bday B for bihaan pandey..
bihaan stands still…he doesnt have sense to realise that t was his bday…he stares at her..thapki places t cake in t table..and comes towards him and shakes him..bihaan comes to his world
bihaan was teary eyed..thapki sees this…bihaan hugs her…thapki get stunned now…thapki sees him…and gives t knife to him…
bihaan wipes his tears and cuts t cake..thapki started to shout happy bday song..bihaan sees t..bihaan cuts t cake and feeds her..thapki takes t cake and feeds him too…thapki takes some pieces and puts t on his face..bihaan smiles and put t on her face tooo

bihaan : thanks for t surprisee thapkii
thapki : we are friends..no thanks
thapki smiles
thapki : bihaan jiii u hav one more surprise too
bihaan : wat
thapki takes t laptop and turns t towards him..
their family members were in skype on t other side..and they started to wish him by shouting happie bday bihaan..
bihaan thanked everyone…
vasu ( on skype ) : ok ok enough…now u guys can enjoy
the skype call ended
bihaan : tat means..u voluntarily left me to buy these stuff at evng
thapki : s mr. bihaan pandeyy
bihaan blushes at thapki
thapki : stop blushing
bihaan : who is blushing..chup
thapki goes to t rest room for washing her face..bihaan holds her
thapki turns and look at him..
bihaan takes a phone and started to take a selfie…bihaan touches her waist…thapki smiles..bihaan captures t pic
thapki leaves…

bihaan phone started to ring continuously
bihaan : it might b rahul
bihaan takes t phone and started to talking wt him
thapki opens t bag and takes t watch
( Mind voice – this is my first gift bihaan…it may b a local one..but i got tis watch wt my own salary which i have earned by part time jobs ) she hears a sound from t laptop
thapki takes t laptop and she got a skype call from bihaan account..she saw t name sweety..she attended it…
suddenly a loud sound chanting as happie bday bihaan swthrttt…she saw sheena face and gets irritated..

sheena ( on skype ) : why are u taking t call
thapki : he is on another call
sheena : go and tell him tat i am in skype for him
thapki : cant u understand..he is talkin over t phone
sheeena : hurray go and tell him..and see what he doo
thapki goes to bihaan and tells sheena is waiting in skype..
bihaan cuts t call suddenly and rushes to t laptop
sheena : very happie bday bihaan
bihaan : thank u soo much i thought u would hav forget t
sheena : hw do i darl
bihaan smiles
sheena : cant u hear t door bell
bihaan hears a doorbell
bihaan : ya
sheena : go and open t

bihaan rushes to t door and opens t
a waiter was standing outside and gives him a gift
he comes towards t lap
bihaan : so u did this
sheena : yaaa
bihaan opens t gift and it was a tissot watch
bihaan : ts soo nicee
sheena : i knoww…
bihaan wears t…and smiles
sheena : ok darl..i ll take a leav now..bye
bihaan cuts t calll

thapki was standing at t back…and sees t entire conversation silently
bihaan turns and sees her…
thapki hides t watch and place t n her bag..( now he wont regard t as a best one )
bihaan : thapki
thapki : wat
bihaan : how u know my bday ?
thapki : ma told
bihaan : hmmm…wer s my gift
thapki : wat gift
bihaan : oh madam its ur husband bday..u need to give something na
thapki : i done these things and u still expecting more
bihaan : ( Mind voice – sheena is my best friend she is giving me something…but see she is not given me

anything..cant she understand t difference between sheena and her idiot ) i wanted something spcl from u but leav t
thapki ( mind voice – sry bihaan…i didnt buy anything costlier..i dont want to give t one which i bought n t streets )
thapki started recallin their conversation and gets upset
bihaan switches off t light and put t decoration lights on…and plays songs…and comes near to thapki
bihaan : can we dance pls
thapki : no bihaan i was tired
bihaan : but thapki pls..i used to spend these night wt ma friends..we dance together..pls don make me to miss t
bihaan holds her..thapki gets up
(song : darmaiyan song plays at first )
bihaan holds her waist and looks on…they started to dance by seeing each others eyes..bihaan remembers each and every moment with thapki and smiles at her..thapki was sad due to sheena but didnt showed t to him
( jo tu mera humdard hai plays )
thapki started to forget everything and look at his eyes and gets lost…t music and t lights just made them to feel lyk a heavenly place…they didnt stopped dancing..they matched each other steps well and good..at t end..thapki hugs him…bihaan hugs her too and smiles…

At morning
bihaan pours water on thapki face
thapki : bihaan tum started
bihaan : ts my bday pls get up
thapki gets up and goes to washroom
bihaan started to get ready and searches for his blue tshirt..which is not in his bag…( omg wer t s went..i know tis chuk chuk ghadi might hav put t n her bag ) bihaan checks her bag…and sees t tshirt and takes t..and also sees t gift wrapper ..he takes t and t reads ” happiee bday bihaan ”
( mind voice – so t means chuk chuk ghadii bought a gift for me..but y didnt she tell her )
thapki comes out of t restroom..bihaan hides t cover and goes out

bihaan opens t cover and sees a watch and sky blue tshirt..bihaan smiles..
bihaan comes inside…
bihaan shows t things to her
thapki gets shocked…
thapki : y are u touching my bag
bihaan : did u bought these things fr me
thapki : ya
bihaan : then y don u giv t to me
thapki : u got a branded gift already..s tis cheap one really matters to u
bihaan takes t watch and wears t..
thapki sees him
bihaan : yaa t matters a lott thapki
thapki smilesss widely..bihaan wears t tshirt
bihaan : thankiew chuk chuk ghadii its soo nice one…even i love anythin from my dear ones
thapki looks at t tissot watch and smiles victoriously

bihaan : come on lets goo..i booked a cab to
thapki wears a blue gown which matches to his tshirt…they both get in to t car
thapki : wer v gng
bihaan : eiffel tower
they both reached t place..thapki gets over excited on seeing t place..and shoutsss
thapki : bihaan this placee isss soo niceee…look at it
bihaan : oh madam..this is not t first time i am coming to paris
thapki runs towards t tower and shoutss and enjoys herself like a kid…bihaan looks at her behaviour and smiles and takes a phone and clicks her pics
thapki sees this
thapki : we ll take a pic together come
bihaan :wait
bihaan calls t photographer there..and ask him to take a diff snaps
they both stands at a distance in front of t tower
photographer : are u newly married

bihaan : ya y
photographer : then y r u standing at two different zones
bihaan comes and stands near her and puts his hands around her
thapki smiles widely…
he took different snaps and he gives t pics to them and left t place
thapki : can we sit here and enjoy
bihaan : wat else to enjoy by sitting here mahan aatma
thapki : then wat else u want to do
bihaan holds her hand…
thapki : wer we gng
bihaan goes to t eiffel tower lift…
thapki : wat r u doing
bihaan : i want to go up and enjoy
thapki : noo noo i wont come
bihaan : i am here naa come nothing to worry
bihaan takes her by forcing

they get in to t lift..they were only couples ter…
the lift started to go up..thapki gets tensed…after t reaches a certain height thapki looks down and shouts…everyone stares them and smiles
bihaan gets embarassed and pacify her
thapki didnt stop shouting….bihaan closed her eyes…and t reaches t final point..and t lift opens..everyone started to get mesmerised by t beauty of paris
bihaan : thapki open ur eyes now
thapki opens her eyes and starts to cryyyy on seeing t height…everyone gave a wierd look..t couples started to kiss each other…thapki keeps on cryin loudly
bihaan : ll u pls stop crying..everyone s seeing us
thapki didnt listen to his words..
bihaan gets irritated and sees her…and thought of something
bihaan bends and kisses her neck…all of a sudden thapki gets silent and stunned and looked at him..
( saiyaare saiyaara songs plays )

t lift started to goes down..but t tears from her eyes never stopped coming down..bihaan wipes her tears…
t lift reaches t ground..as soon as t lift opens thapki goes out and runs out to some distance and cries..bihaan felt guilty for getting her in to t lift…and goes near her and touches her shoulder
thapki turns..thapki eyes was red..thapki hugs him and cries even more
bihaan taps her shoulder
bihaan : m really sorry thapkii plss stop crying…i made u too cry..i really dont knw ur this much scared of t heights
thapki moves a distance and wipes her tears and stands
bihaan comes at front of her..
bihaan : now tell me wat should i need to do for getting a smile on ur face
thapki looks at him angrily
bihaan : i got t
bihaan holds his ears and bends down
thapki : wat r u doing stand first
bihaan : till u smile i wont stand
everyone smiled on seeing them
thapki : bihaan see everyone s smiling
bihaan : wo cares…i am asking apologies to my wife
thapki looks at him and smiles

bihaan gets up
bihaan : u finally smiled
thapki : hmmm then my dr boy why u kissed
bihaan : m sorry i done tat to make u stop crying
thapki : ohhhh
bihaan : m sorrryyyy i won do anythings like tat hereafter
thapki : ur doing t everytime and asking apologies
bihaan : oh madam i dont have any intentions
thapki : atchaa..then y u kissed my neck
bihaan : tat..tat..( blabbers )
thapki : stop blabbering and tell me
bihaan : ur face was filled wit tears sooo
thapki : u always got a reason..now come
bihaan : we are going to t beach now
thapki : are u kidding
bihaan : m serious ts near by only
thapki and bihaan gets in to t car and reaches t beach
thapki and bihaan sits in t beach..
bihaan : stop seeing t beach and come lets enjoy
thapki : my dress ll get wettt
bihaan : v can buy swimming outfits here

thapki looks at t bikini shop
thapki : don dare to get me a dress like tat
bihaan : even i dont want my wife to wear something like tat in front of everyone ( tells fastly )
thapki looks at bihaan ( music na..na..na plays )
bihaan : i mean we should follow our tradition na
thapki : here v ll get tat kind of stuffs oly
bihaan : naii naii..ter s some decent wears too come

they both goes to a shop..bihaan ordered a long swimming suit..thapki gets t dress and change n t near by room..
thapki : come on lets goo
bihaan : mahan aatma..i need to change
bihaan goes inside..thapki sits at t bench…
a few mins lates bihaan comes out in a shorts wit a bare body…
thapki stands and looks at him and gets lost herself on seeing him soo h*t….
bihaan comes near her…
thapki heart beats faster…

precap : thapki and bihaan get drunk in t pub and comes to t room and shares sum cosy moments

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