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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 31 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 31 )
thanks for waited patiently my ppl…i was sort of busy yesterday ? ppl my target for finishin tis FF s around 60 to 70…if u find dragging n between u can tell me sweethrts ?
here we goes….
thapki and bihaan started to sleep
thapki wakes up and sees bihaan is not in the bed…she started to search for him..bihaan was standing in the balcony
thapki : wat are u doing here
bihaan : just looking at t stars
thapki : at this tym…cant u sleep
bihaan : hmmm i am not getting sleep today
thapki : ok then watch out t stars for full night
thapki started to leave
bihaan holds her hands…thapki turns and sees him and gets stunned
bihaan : how u alone go to sleep after seeing me disturbed
thapki : wat
bihaan : can i say something frankly
thapki nods
bihaan : i guess i am taking our relationship soo seriously like t others in t house
thapki opens her eyes widely
bihaan : may b i am wrong…did u got this kind of feeling today
thapki didnt tell anything and sees him
bihaan : can i take ur silence as yes
thapki started to leave
bihaan pulls her towards him ( they both share an eyelock..ranjhnaa plays )
thapki : bihaan wat are u doing
bihaan : i cant control my feelings for u…u came in to my life as per t plans of god
thapki blushes and removes his hands from her…and started to go inside
bihaan closes the balcony and comes near to her
thapki : go too sleep we ll talk later
bihaan : wo wants to talk by wasting t tym
thapki heart beats faster…bihaan switches of t light and comes near to her..bihaan touches her waist from t back…thapki turns and sees him
thapki : wat u going to do
bihaan : ( smiles ) watever i can
thapki : bihaan ter s still tym for everything…pls ( thapki removes his hand )
bihaan : sry i thought u too taken our relationship seriously..
bihaan leaves…thapki holds his hands
bihaan : wat now
thapki hugs him
bihaan : ( smiles ) ghazaabbbbb
thapki : now go to sleep…v ll talk later
thapki goes to t bed..bihaan lies on t bed and comes closer to bed..thapki started to move on t left side..bihaan comes closer…thapki goes to t corner…bihaan comes closer and comes near to kiss her…thapki turns and falls on t floor
bihaan shouts….thapki doesnt opened her eyes…and starts to murmurs as ” bihaan nooo “and smiles bihaan hears this…
bihaan : i am shouting here…she is not even disturbed…and she is murmuring as ” bihaan nooo ” wat she is thinking..now see wat i ll do
bihaan takes t water jug near him and puts water on her face…thapki opened her eyes and sees that…and says wat are u doing and she sees tat fell over bihaan…and understood everything was dream

bihaan : wat bihaan noo
thapki : wat
bihaan : u oly murmured now
thapki ? omg i told something i should manage this situation ) i had a dream in which u are throwing stones at me…so i said noooo
bihaan : wat
thapki :ya bad dream and i am really sorry bihaan
bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii…first move from me its paining
thapki stands…
bihaan : cant u know how to sleep on t bed tooo…hurray idiot u spoiled my sleep
thapki : everything happend bcoz f tat dream oly
bihaan : u slept u got a dream…but y should i suffer always
thapki : sorry bihaan…
bihaan : if u have any anger on me…pls let me know…i ll apologise for tat but plss don do things like this
thapki : i didnt do anything intentionallyy
bihaan : atchaa…mahan aatma go to sleep atleast now…
thapki : do u hav any pain…i ll put oinment
bihaan : plss go to sleep tats enough for mee
thapki goes to bed…bihaan takes his blanket and sleeps on t couch
thapki : ar u feeling uncomfortable
bihaan : ofcourse if u speak…chup chop and sleep
thapki sees his and smiles
( wat is really happening wt me…why am i getting dreams like this…if he came to know about t..he ll kill me…)
thapki started to sleep…


At morning,
bihaan was disturbed by thapki phone alarm…
bihaan : thapkiiii
thapki was in deep sleep..she doesnt heard anything
bihaan gets up and takes her phone and dismisses the alarm…bihaan sees her wallpaper is their wedding lock pic….he smiles at her…( music oh hooo plays ).he goes near to wake her up…on seeing her in deep sleep…bihaan goes to sleep again
after 5 mins…thapki phone starts to alarm…
bihaan : this chuk chuk ghadii…is planning everything to spoil my sleep..
bihaan gets up and puts her phone in silent mode and goes to sleep again..
after some hours..thapki opens her eyes…and sees t time and its 12 o clock…thapki shouts on seeing t time..bihaan was disturbed again
bihaan gets up and goes towards her
bihaan : wat s ur problem n ur life…why are u always disturbin me
thapki : bihaan its 12 o clock
bihaan : so wat mahan aatma
thapki : i have to wake up by 6…i dont knw how t phone alarm didnt come
bihaan : ( if i tell her i was t one who dismissed her alarm she would bash me )
thapki starts to search something…
bihaan : now wat ur searching
thapki takes his phone
bihaan : wat are u doing wt my phone
thapki dials her number…and sees her phone in bihaan blanket and stares at him angrily
thapki : wat u done wt my phone
bihaan : oh hoo mahan aatma…i got disturbed by ur alarms so i put ur phone in silent mode…and mistakenly i put t on t couch
thapkii : soo tum…everthing happened bcoz f u…u took revenge of wat i done in t night
bihaan : do speak meaninglessly…now move i need to bathe..
thapki goes to the bathroom and closes…
bihaan : hurrray wat are u doing…
thapki : i ll bathe first
bihaan throws his towel in anger and goes out
thapki comes to t hall and goes to vasu ma
thapki : maa m really sorry for not waking up earlly
vasu : its okay beta..nothing to worry go and eat first
bihaan comes there
vasu : bihaan see she is also waking up by 12 after cing u
bihaan : ya m t spoiler n tis home
vasu : go and eat first
dhuruv comes and sits in t sofa…shraddha gets him coffee
bihaan and thapki goes to t dinning table
badki : bihaan devarjii..wat u want to eat..breakfast or luch??
badki smiles at chutki
bihaan : babhii jii..u guys are cooked..anyways i am not going to identify between breakfast or lunch..so put watever u want
thapki smiless
chutki : thapki u too joined wt ur husband…
badki : ahn ahn chutki…
thapki : sry babhiii
badki : ( smiles ) its ok..now eat..
they both serves them….

bauji comes to t hall…
bauji : pls everyone come to t hall…i have to announce one thing
vasu : wat now
baujii : wait vasundra
everyone comes there
bauji : i have bought honeymoon tickets
he gives two tickets to USA to shraddha
bauji : dhuruv fav place…i think u guys ll enjoy ter
shraddha got blessings from him and blushes at dhuruv
vasu : atchaa..did u bought t for bihaan
bauji : he is also my son…how can i leav him
bauji goes to thapki
bauji : here is two tickets for paris..bihaan fav place..wat he told in his younger days
bauji stares at him
bauji : take care of thapki bihaan…i don knw when u ll turn responsible like dhuruv
vasu : veryy soon
thapki stares at bihaan…
dhuruv : but pa..i hav important meetings…
shraddha sees him angrily
bauji : don tell any excuses…its just a four day trip..go and enjoy urself..cant u see shraddha face..she is very much interested don spoil t
badki : ahn ahn dhurv devarjii..goo and enjoyy
dhuruv smiles and nods
chutki and badki shows their hands to bauji
bauji : wat
chutki : hurray baujii..wer is our honeymoon tickets
dadi : ( laughs ) honeymoon s oly for young couple..its not for older ones
vasundra smiles at them
chutki and badki stares everyones and gets sad
bauji : wat mr.bihaan pandey..y are u soo silent…is this trip ll bring any disturbance in ur hectic schedule..
vasu : why are u always annoying my son…even he is bc
bauji : bc wit wat…ur spoiling him from t day one
bihaan : i ll go as per ur words
bauji : ( smiles ) woww..he is nodding for my words tooo..i think i have a blessed day today…( sees him ) pls make sure thapki betiya is happy
bauji leaves t place
vasu : don take his words seriously
bihaan : i knw well about him..he is mr.balvinder pandey..cant he show some attitude ( smiles )
dhuruv goes to t room
shraddha : mr.dhuruv pandey u thought to cancel our honeymoon trip tooo
dhuruv : noo noo baby i thought of scheduling t next week
shraddha : don lie u dont even cared for me after marriage
dhuruv : its important work babyyy…believe me..i missed u soo muchh
shraddha : i dont think soo
dhuruv : u knw
shraddha : wat
dhuruv : ur soo cute while ur getting angry
shraddha : ( smiles ) u hv t magical words mr.pandey
dhuruv : ( smiles ) can i get a sweet kiss from mrs.dhuruv pandey right now
shraddha : till we step in to USA..no more cosy moments
dhuruv pulls her towards him
dhuruv : then i will take t
dhuruv kisses shraddha
t scene shifts..
bihaan : soo its PARISSS…but going to t beautiful place wt u s ma fate
thapki : even its my bad fate to going wt u alone
bihaan : atchaa then don come
thapki : okay i ll tell baujii
bihaan : ghajaab
thapki : stop teasing…do u really love paris
bihaan : wo wontttt
thapki : wats ter
bihaan : its lovers nation
thapki : i know tat…thats y i am asking…y do u like t
bihaan : bcoz m n love….( thapki stares at him..bihaan smiles )

precap :NYD

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