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The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 29 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 28 )

Thank u so much for the wishes swthrts for getting a best university   @dolly @anjana…and also for the other ppl who love my FF…u guys are always wit me…I pray for all of ur happiness as always..thanks for being wt me…I started this FF by thinking of only writing for 10 episodes…I am just writing t continuously after cing ur support…I really don’t have any plan of wt to write t n next…I am just doing t for t past few episodes…ur support and love doesn’t let me to stop my FF…thanks for t love..i really don’t know when I will finish t too   as per my title…I got soo much blessed ppl in my life..thanks for supporting 
here we goessss
thapki looks at the stairs and gets sad
vasu : u eat beta he ll come
thapki : i am not hungry ma..i will eat later
vasundra gets worried for thapkii
vasu : then i will go and wake him up
thapki : naii naii…i will go and wake him up
vasundra nods
thapki ( if ma sees bihaan sleeping in t floor…she ll understood everything…but how will i wake him up…he ll get angry )


thapki goes to bihaan room
bihaan was in deep sleep..thapki kept thinking and shakes her hand continuously..her bangle sound was very disturbing…bihaan gets disturbed and wakes up..
bihaan : why are u creating sounds..cant u see m sleeping
thapki : its 10…ur still sleeping…won u have breakfast
bihaan : woo cares….now leave
thapki : bihaan…i am hungryy
bihaan : go and have..why are u telling me
thapki : how can i have without u
bihaan : we are not typical husband and wife..why are u overreacting…
thapki : but plss…its my first day…i want to have it with u..pls come for my sake
bihaan : just leave..i dont know what i wll doo
thapki gets upset and leaves the place…
vasu : is bihaan got up
thapki : he was in deep sleep ma…its ok i will have lunch wit him atleast
vasundra gets sad..

everyone ate breakfast..thapki sat in a chair nearby
after everyone ate..badki and chutki stares at thapki
thapki : babhii u can take t dishes…i am not hungry
badki and chutki nods their head and start to take t dishes…
“we have to eat babhii jii..waiit ”
thapki turns and sees bihaan and smiles widelyy
bihaan : i have to eat babhi jii
badki : hurray bihaan devar ji…tumm at 10.30…s t dream or not ? chutki pinch me
chutki pinches her
badki : haan hann..this is true
bihaan : i dont today i feel very hungry..so i sacrificed my sleep
badki : ahn..ahn…but thapki is not feeling hungry..how should she eat..chutki give plate for bihaan alone ( says sarcastically )
thapki : now i am feeling hungry…pls i need a plate
badki and chutki smiles at each other
thapki starts to serve him…
bihaan : i came here oly for u…i dont feel hungry…pls stop overacting and eat
bihaan pulls the chair and thapki to sit behind her..
thapki sits and started eating
bihaan : wow…today food is too nyc….babhi ji finally u made a good naashtha..i will eat breakfast everyday if u cook like this
chutki : atchaaa…then get a gold bangle
bihaan : sureee..
chutki : not for us..for ur wife…she oly made t food
bihaan looks at her…thapki blushes
bihaan : oh i see..tats wat t s tasty..i thought u guys finally made something gud
badki : bihaan devarjii…don make fun of our cooking
chutki : ahnn ahnn…
bihaan : do u remember t day u guys got married..t next day u served us a wonderful breakfast..still now t taste s n my tongue…
thapki : bihaan chup
bihaan : hurray m complimeting them
vasundra comes there

vasu : ya ya thapki…from tat day bihaan stopped eating breakfast
bihaan : ya yaaa
thapki : pls don hurt them bihaan
bihaan : hurray..they are my babhieess i can make fun of them..they won take it seriously..isnt babhi ji? don i hav t right to say anything
badki : ahn ahn thapki..he is right…we wil always like this only..u dont worry
chutki : ahn thapki badki is right
bihaan eats the breakfast…badki and chutki leaves on seeing sanjay and ashwin coming there
thapki : did u really liked my cooking
bihaan : ya it was good..but not up to my maa level
thapki : is it compliment or wat
bihaan : u can take it watever way u want
thapki : thanks for coming
bihaan : thanks for u too..i skipped breakfast all t tym…i will eat hereafter..its actually good..but pls dont expect me always
thapki nods her head…bihaan leaves
sanjay and ashwin comes to bihaan room
sanjay : hi mr.romeo
bihaan : romeo…wat u guys are talking
ashwin : we heard ur doing something trendy
bihaan : i really don know wat ur talking about…
sanjay : atchhhhaaa see this
sanjay shows the pic of badki chutki and thapki
bihaan : wats in this
ashwin: see thapki neck
bihaan : wat
sanjay : don pretend…its lovebite right
bihaan : love bite…wat rubbish is this….u guys misunderstood
ashwin: don overact…it happened n t nyt..we know everythin
sanjay : ahn…suman is torturing me…she is showing this pic to everyone…how can u be so romantic
bihaan : wat
ashwin: same here…preetii bashed me..everything happened bcoz of u
bihaan : do u want to listen my words or not
sanjay : see if u want to look like a romeo to thapki do watever u want…but don let others know
bihaan : atchaa bhaiii..teekay now leave
bihaan sits in the bed and thinks of something…he goes to the kitchen..badki and chutki washing the vessels..shraddha and thapki starts cooking for the afternoon
bihaan : thapki i want to speak wit u..come wt me
thapki : bihaan cant u see i am working…u go i will come later

bihaan gets irritated and holds her hand and takes her from the place..
badki and chutki smiles at each other..shraddha looks them silently
thapki : leav my hand
bihaan takes her to t room and shuts the door
thapki : wat r u doing..i want to leav
bihaan : i want to speak wit u cant u hear
thapki : ok pls switch on t lights..i will get fear
bihaan : then i wont switch it on
thapki : bihaan pls i am worried
bihaan : i am here oly wit u..wat ter to worry or fear for something ( says fast )
thapki looks at him ( music plays na..na..na )
thapki : ok tell me
bihaan takes the bandage..
thapki : for wat is tis
bihaan : turn first
bihaan puts bandage for her neck
thapki : i am alright i dont need bandage
bihaan : i didnt put for ur pain…i dont want anyone to see it
thapki : what
bihaan : they are thinking the cut as love bite and torturing from the morning
thapki : love bite..matlab
bihaan : nothin…
thapki : wats that tell me
bihaan : pls don ask abt t
thapki : if u dont tell me i will ask badki babhii..she might know it…move now
thapki was about to go..bihaan holds her hand and pulls towards her…they share an eylock…music plays
bihaan : don do tat
thapki : then tell me
bihaan : they are thinking that i bited ur neck during our sugharaat
thapki gets shocked on hearing those words..and turns and avoids eyecontact
bihaan switches the light on…
thapki : wil anyone do like these kind of stuff
bihaan : ya…someone turn wild and…
bihaan stops and looks at her
thapki : wat
bihaan : don act like a child
thapki :hmm tat wat babhi took photo wit me
bihaan : yaaa..ur soo stupid..cant u know these tooo
thapki : wo will tell this nd all..by t way how did u know tat
bihaan : sheena told me once
thapki gets irritated on hearing those words
thapki : how can u discuss these things wit friends tat too a girl friend
bihaan : wats wrong wit this…now leav it and go..i am going to meet rahul now
thapki : hmm

precap : NYD

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