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The Beautiful Days Of My Life – promo

shr;adi i need clothes
adi;there is a big fashion house y dont u visit it?????
shr;it should be of standard
adi:it is out standing yar
shr;ohk then lets move
scene 2
shr collides with a girl in the fashion house
girl:cant u see and walk u moron

shr;it was ur mistake
girl turns
shr and girl together;what the hell r u doing here get lost
girl;uuuuuuu i m not gonna leave u
shr;shut up shr malhotraa is not scared of u
scene 3
shr enters his home with shopping bas he opens them
shr;what the hell is this that just becoz of that girl i m not gonna leave her she insane women
and what i m gonna do with this uuuhhhhh
scene freezes
promo ends

actually i m not able to comment or read anyones os or ff studiesss uhhhhh my terms r helding i will be free on next friday so may b back at that time
otherwise when my tab will be back as mm,y brother has takebn it along with him to hostel
till then guys have this ppromo with ssorry letter
take care
love u

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