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THE APARTMENT: (an ff on manmarziyan) Chapter 1

Hello everyone…this story is an inspirational work from the movie “APARTMENT” …it is not the same…bt i just took the idea from it..so get ready for a high voltage drama..this story is gonna be a rollercoaster ride of suspense…thriller and romance…!! hope u ll like it…one more thing..this is my ff which has already been published as twinj ff…but i love the story so wanted to share it with u.. so if any one of u have read it.. plzz cooperate and don’t think i have stolen it.. ?

Chapter 1: “welcome to capos le trans”


“Awesome place” said my beautiful wife…Radhika. After our marriage we had shifted to many places due to my transferable job. But radhika seemed to complain little. There had been many instances where the bungalow was not at all suitable, but she said nothing. What she wanted was open spaces, airy surrounding…something close to the nature. And these small things would actually bring smile to her face. And i admired her smile very much. Actually I just admire everything about her. This place was not what she wanted. Yet she didn’t complain.
We had taken an apartment this time….as bungalows were not available. Those which were available were out of my reach. So we decided to rent this apartment. “Flat no. 6, capos le trans sterling road, Chennai” this was going to be out new address for next few months. It was a huge building, well furnished and spacious. Though it was quite old, but the owner had maintained it so nicely that it hardly appeared to be old.
“Is there something which u don’t like…??” said a sarcastic me. “don’t get me wrong dear..but this place is really wonderful” said she.
A: good to hear that…
R: why are u getting irked…u should be happy that ur wife doesn’t do nakhde…!!
A: kash thodi si kar leti…(murmured)
R: what??
A: nothing..go and freshen up…I had promised Mr. Malhotra that we would join him for dinner…
R: when i will become like other nagging wives …u would understand…huh!!
She went away…I wondered what if she turns to be those typical housewives…i shook my head in disgust. Can’t even imagine something like that. I guess m a lucky man to have a wife such as Radhika.

At almost 7 o’ clock she got ready and we left. Although she was different from other wives…the common trait of women was still in her. She took so much time to get ready that i thought to have dinner and come back. Mr. Malhotra’s house was just on the opposite lane. He is senior to me. Long back he had shifted to this place. He was very fond of me. And when he heard that i was to come here..he readily invited me to his place. Firstly we said no..but then he insisted.
We reached there. It was a huge bungalow with a lawn in front. Radhika was delighted to see the view… we entered the house. Mrs. malhotra gave us a warm welcome. We sat in a big drawing room. The furniture seemed to be imported. I looked here and there. The servants served us aerated drinks, and snacks. Our conversations began. Malhotra asked several questions…then he asked us about our resident. My over excited wife answered “its a fabulous place…i have never been in such an apartment!”
Mal: apartment?? Why ?? i mean u didn’t get any bungalow..??
A: actually… (told him the whole story)
Mal: u should have told me…
R: no no..the place is very good…
Mal: okay..btw which apartment??
I gave him the details….
Mal: capos?? I never knew someone is selling a flat there…
“no we took it on rent…” said i
Mal: rent?? (his voice was firm….it expressed a lot of anxiety)
K: yeah…
Mal: flat no.??
“6”… me and radhika said at the same time.

Beads of perspiration began to run down his head. He drank water from the glass.
A: is everything all right??
Mal: umm yeah…. come lets go for dinner..
I knew something was not right. The suspicion grew more…we came back from his house but could hardly sleep.
The clock struck 3. I sat up. “y did he behave so odd??..what was that he was hiding??” I got down the bed and went to the kitchen to drink water…..suddenly i felt someone held me from the back…i turned back..bt there was no one… “may be radhika..uff this girl will never change”
I came back to the bedroom. I was shocked to see radhika sleeping peacefully…..

No precap

Well guys …..hope u enjoyed it..it was just a trailer… “picture toh abhi baki hain mere dost”…dont forget to comment below..and leave ur precious views….

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