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That smile!!!! OS (PROMO) ”EDKV ” by angel_pari


Hey guyz hru all…. Here i,m with os…
But first promo……


A big beautiful house is shown fully decorated…
Some party is gng on
a guyz place his first step at door and wind blows playing with his perfect hairs

(introducing sharvan malhothra )

suddenly a sweet laughter falls on his ears,,,unknowningly smile appears at his lips and he moves his eyes to look for that sweet laughter

and he caught a glance of angel wearing a white gown with curly hairs enjoying with her frnds

(introducing suman tiwari )

she also caught his veiw and their eyes meet!!!!!!!!

That was the first meet!!! Still some turns and twists will come…….

So should i continue?????

Give reviews and its a real story so obvio unexpected things are in it……..

Give ur reviews

and yeah how many of u r on twitter????

Pm me ur user names i would love to contact u….

I just sign up…was thinking frm long time bt finally i did……..

Do tell han

lots of love

(avoid tyo and grammatical mistakes)

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