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That smile!!!! OS ”EDKV ” by angel_pari

Hey guyZzzz..how r u all.. Hope all r doing well… Sorry i didnt reply to cmnts as was bit busy
OK so firstly no this is not my love story…i,m kinda boring type girl who believe that love only exist in fiction…
So lets start it….
Love stories…how love stories started???? Sometimes At first sight???
Sometimes frndship turns into love
sometimes an unknown person walks into our life and our story begins… Some how like this my story also started..it started with a smile of stranger..
THAT SMILE!!!which took away my heart….
Hi i,m sharvan malhothra…. I was the student of 11th standard when i got invitation by my frnd…inviation of his parents anniversary….when i put my first step at door….i feel smthng new…some pleasure in wind…some melody in that noise….and among that noise a sweet melodious laughter i heard!!!!!

And in search of that laughter my eyes caught a veiw of an angel,,in white gown,,her talks, her laugh, her cute movements were making my eyes locked at her..
And she saw me!!!!! Yeah but not in loving way…in a way.,as if i was some goon who was gazing at girls……she gave me disgusted look and walks away…..
And i greet my frnd i was with him in whole party searching for her.. But could not get a glance of her..
Party was almost over now it was time for bacha party at terrace…so we all boys walks towards terrace and as soon as i reached there!!!

ahhhh!!!! I know u hv got for what u were searching…that angel is just in front of u..but y u r beating so fast..
I scold my heart in mind…
And then i come to know she is my frnds sister,s besiee
”hiii sharvan malhothra”
i forwarded my hand and she looks at me in confuse way..first at my hand then in my eyes…
And at last she shake hand with a smile…

That smile cause a curve on my lips we both were looking at eachother wind start playing with her long hairss….BEAUTIFULL!!! That monent wad very beautifull..
That was our first meet!!!!
After that we use to talk online….with passage of time how a stranger turns into my frnd…my love and at last my life i never came to knew…
It has been three years now..
It was time to confess my love but before that my parents should know abt that….
And when i talk to thm i came to know that destiny has played a great game…my soulmate is daughter of the person whom my dad hates the most…

Yeah relations btwn we both families are not good!!!its bitter……..
But we didnt lose hope!!! We were stick with our descion that if our families cant forget their hate for us then y should we forget our LOVE!!

love cant lose over hate!!!!
But it loses!!!!!
Till a year we try our best to make our parents understnd..and we were ready to try till last breath but that day i,got a message..
I rushed to her house but i cant step in..cause i dont want to make situation worse…i glance at her from window she was broken as she loses her father..yeah her father died in accident!!
But i cant hold her…. That day our hope to be together also died….we understood that our story was not written to be completed!!!

I was not able to talk to her for month almost at last we meet somewhere outside
i was waiting for her at beach i heard her steps but i didnot turn..
And she talks..
”till last breath my dad oppose this relation…then how can we tie that relation..
I was ready to fight for us coz i hd some hope…but that hope loses….our love loses..our story was incomplete and it will remain incomplete”
thats all and she walks away..

I looked at sky
But our love cant lose,till our hearts are beating..it beats for eachother……
Our hearts are together forever no matter how far we are…….


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