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thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 10- Special Episode) for you all my supporters!

Thanks Anubuti joylin anchal juviria kumutha dil dhanushi and sweety thanks you guys to support me it is special episode for you all my supporters.
Thaahan room.
Thapki – bihaan so what we do to save radhika di.
Bihaan- thapki first of all we try to find the place where they hide radhika di.
Thapki – what yo think bihaan where they hide radhika di.
Bihaan – thapki maybe I know where he hide radhika di.
Thapki – Where?
Bihaan – one day bauji tell me that that there are old place in he and lalita auntie is played when they are children.
Thapki – so yo mean on this place they hide radhika di.
Bihaan – ya thapki because lalita auntie is send to America for studies. That is why he didn’t think family important that is why she do this.
Thapki – bihaan but I think she is good I think to talk him.
Bihaan- thapki you are really a mahan atma.
Thapki – bihaan don’t call me mahan atma.
Bihaan start laughing.
Thapki – bihaan.
Bihaan – thapki you are so cute.
On the old place.
Thapki – bihaan so we came there but where we find radhika di.
Bihaan – thapki I know my some friends leave there maybe they know about radhika di kidnapping.
Thapki – oh that is good.
They were to go but then he stop.
Thapki – bihaan why are you stop.
Bihaan – see thapki they are my friend but what are they do their.
Thapki – let’s go to your friends.
Bihaan and thapki go there.
Bihaan – hello guys.
They all are turn and shocked and happy to see bihaan.
They all – bihaan you?
Bihaan – yes l am. Hello Anubuti joylin anchal juviria kumutha dil dhanushi sweety
Dil dinushi- hello bihaan.
Joylin- you my friend.
Anchal- oh you meet us after so long time thapki and bihaan.
Anubuti- oh I am so happy to see you guys.
Juviria- ya Anubuti is right hello.
Kumutha- so Mr bihaan you know we miss you so much.
Sweety- bihaan I think you forgot us .
Joylin- yes sweety is right you met us after so long time.
Bihaan – no no no guys so sorry I am some busy please forgive me.
Anchal – don’t worry bihaan we are just joking.
Juviria- so bihaan why are you came there after so long time.
Bihaan – guys my di radhika is kidnapped.
Kumutha- what radhika di.
Bihaan – yes kumutha.
Sweety- what’s a coincidence.
Bihaan – what you mean sweety.
Joylin- sweety mean that some days ago we kumutha juviria and sweety saw a truck in a voice of girl is came and he is saying help me.
Anchal – bihaan you know when radhika is kidnapped.
Bihaan – he is kidnapped when she is arriving to America on 12 sep.
Juviria – oh bihaan we saw this truck on this date.
Kumutha – yes bihaan juviria is right i am also saw this if we know that It is kidnapping case and she is your sister we definitely save him.
Juviria – yes bihaan.
Sweety – sorry bihaan we doesn’t save him.
Bihaan – don’t worry guys it is not your fault.
dil dhanushi – it is good bihaan. Joylin – oo”ho we forget thapki on our conversation.
Kumutha – sorry thapki.
Anubuti- ya thapki sorry.
Sweety – thapki how are you.
Thapki- i am fine sweety and don’t worry guys.
Bihaan – so we should go and save di.
Joylin – juviria and kumutha tell you where they go .
Anchal – yes bihaan.
Anubuti – so juviria tell us where they go .
Kumutha – yes.
Juviria and sweety- yes I tell you let’s go.
On a a old house.
Bihaan – so on this place they come.
Juviria and sweety- yes bihaan.
Thapki – so we should find where is di.
They saw radhika.
Thapki – stop.
Bihaan – but why?
Anchal – saw there bihaan.
Bihaan – where.
Dil dinushi- there.
Anubuti – bihaan saw there are goons there.
Kumutha – we should make a plan.
Sweety – ya.
Bihaan – no I should go.
Thapki – bihaan please think with cold mind .
Juviria – first of all I phone police.
Joylin – yes.
Anchal – juviria go and call.
Anubuti – we handle this.
dil dhanushi – yes we handle this.
Juviria go and call to police.
They saw sahil and lalita came there.
On this time radhika wake up and start crying.
Radhika- lalita auntie and sahil why you kidnapped me.
They don’t know that bihaan and thapki were there so that were saying thir all truth radhika.
Thapki record what they say as prove.
on this time police came there lalita and sahil get shocked.
Their goons go there and start fighting to police.
Bihaan and they start fighting.
Lalita try to run but thapki capture him and lalita try to harm her then .Thapki put mirchi powder on her.
Bihaan start fighting with sahil and capture him they all captured.
Bihaan and thapki came ou
Radhika- thanks bihaan and thapki.
Thapki – no di this is not you doesn’t thank only to us.
Radhika – mean.
Bihaan – my friends help us to save you without their help we cannot able to save you.
Radhika – thanks you all.
Joylin – please don’t thanks to us.
Anubuti- you are our friend di.
Anchal – no our bestes friend di.
Juviria – ya di.
Kumutha – so please don’t thank to us.
Bihaan hug them and said.
Bihaan – thank you guys.
They all- bihan !!!
Bihaan start laughing.
Thapki – no it is right we cannot save radhika di without your help so thanks. Joylin – Ok so we leave thapki and bihaan.
Bihaan – but??
Anubuti – no bihaan.
Juviria – please bihaan.
Kumutha – bihaan so we leave now.
Anchal – bihaan and thapki so by.
Dil dinushi – bye.
They all all hug bihaan and thapki and then leave.
After 5 year.
Thapki get ready and seeing him in the mirror.
On this time bihaan came there and kiss on her neck.
Thapki – bihaan.
Bihaan – yes my beautiful wife.
Thapki get shy.
On this time a 4 year girl came there and hug them.
Thapki – maniyashya are you get ready.
Maniyashya- yes mom.
Bihaan – so we should go for dinner.
Maniyashya- nods.
Bihaan hold his hand and thapki also and they leave.
So guys my ff end with happy ending.

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