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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Dadi pushing the table fan. Thapki moves and ice knife falls beside. Kosi and Naman get angry seeing this. Kosi asks Dadi to come, its time for bus. Thapki says wait Dadi maa, and takes her blessings saying my Dadi is not here now. Kosi gets Dadi back to old room and ties her. Dadi says you wanted to win and challenged Lord. Kosi says I will not leave Thapki, its time to give medicine to Bihaan now.

She goes to Bihaan’s room and looks for the powder. She sees a cloth piece there and checks. She says this is Sankara’s chunni and realizes Sankara has taken that powder. She shouts Sankara, get a hot cup of tea to my room. Sankara gets the tea. She says its hot. Kosi asks her to shut the door, and gives her cloth to keep in her mouth. She dips Sankara’s hand in hot tea.

She asks why did you go to Bihaan’s room and took that medicine. Sankara says Bihaan is unwell, you said you are giving something, so I have stolen the medicine, its my right to take care of him, he is my Lord and everything, he is my husband. She cries. Kosi says he did not marry you. Sankara says but I believed him as my husband by heart, that’s why I have stayed with him since childhood. Kosi says Thapki is his wife. Sankara says I got to know it here, my relation with him will not end, Kosi slaps her and asks her to give the powder packet. Sankara gives her. Kosi says if you do this again, I will burn you alive.

Its morning, Vasundara gives Prasad to Bau ji. Thapki and Bihaan pray, and Sankara stands with him. Vasundara says I won’t eat fast, we all kept fasts for Riddhi and Siddhi. Sankara asks her. Vasundara says Riddhi Siddhi are Ganesh’s wives, when we pray to him and keep fast, they get happy, husband breaks wife’s fast and do rituals. Sankara says I will also keep the fast. Thapki asks where is your husband. Sankara sees Bihaan and says he is infront of me. Thapki asks what do you mean. Sankara says I mean I feel he is with me. Vasundara says whats the use, husband should take care of wife and support her, he should break her fast, see how Bihaan takes care of Thapki, but he is annoyed with Thapki now. Thapki says even if he is annoyed, he will break my fast.

Thapki cooks and keeps a hot kadai on the slab. Kosi intentionally holds it and screams you burnt my hands. Bihaan sees this and asks how did this happen. He makes her keep hands under running water. Thapki asks how did this happen. Kosi says I was washing utensils, you should have told me this kadai is hot. Bihaan scolds Thapki for doing this intentionally. Kosi says leave it, I should have checked kadai, she kept fast for you, you should take care of her. He says one who does not care for my mother and does not respect Kosi, I will not care and respect such person. Vasundara comes and asks what are you saying. Bihaan says just Kosi is my mum, if Thapki is my wife, she should respect my relations, come I will apply ointment. He takes Kosi. Vasundara consoles Thapki.

Sanjay asks servant not to serve food, as women are also hungry. Ashwin says they have kept fasts. Sanjay says yes, if we eat food infront of them, they will also wish to have food. Bau ji says yes, and asks servant to get food to their room, they will eat there. Suman and Preeti are glad to have awesome husband. Bihaan asks Kosi to give his food here, he will have food. Kosi says but Thapki…. He says she does not care for you, I don’t care for her, give me food, else I won’t have food. Thapki gets sad.

Kosi serves food to Bihaan. Vasundara stops Thapki from leaving. She thinks if Bihaan stays angry, how will Thapki break her fast. Bihaan says I donlt want to eat food and goes. Kosi smiles seeing Thapki crying. Vasundara is worried. Preeti asks her to come and open fast, why are we waiting. Suman says we are waiting for Thapki, she won’t have anything till Bihaan breaks her fast. Vasundara says we will have food with Thapki. Suman asks Sankara did she break fast. Sankara goes and says this is for Kosi, how did they think I broke fast, how can I break fast without having anything by Bihaan. Suman tells her plan to break Thapki’s fast. Vasundara agrees. Sankara and Thapki are shown.

Suman gives water to Bihaan and asks him not to drink much. She gives leftover water to Thapki and asks her to break fast drinking it. Kosi aims gulel at Thapki to make the glass fall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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