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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Thapki getting lemon water for Bihaan. She says I spoke to doctor, he said maybe water level got low in your body. He holds the glass and her hand touches. He looks at her. She says its good your health did not get worse, we all were worried for you after what pandit said, it would be good if Kosi did not take you. He keeps the glass back and says wait, she did not take me, I went with her, you always blame her. She says I did not mean that. He says I understood what you meant, leave from here. She cries and says you are not understanding, I don’t want anything wrong to happen with you. She leaves.


Kosi says it all went wrong, snake and ants, and then Thapki reached hospital, John has less time. Doctor says we got saved today, but no one should know this, I

have to find other place to do operation, give me some time. Kosi says fine. He asks her to make Bihaan eat the powder at night, that medicine is necessary for operation, that will mix in his blood. She ends call and says Thapki’s fate is good that she got saved from becoming widow today, I will see till when she stays fine, Bihaan’s kidney and life will go.

Its morning, Bihaan keeps clothes on bed and is going to have bath. Kosi asks how are you. He says fine. She says I wish you stay fine till my work is done. He asks work. She changes words and says doctor gave this medicine for you, I will come and make you have this, after you come from bath. She goes. Someone takes that powder. Bihaan comes from bath and sees the button torn. Thapki asks him to come for breakfast, and recalls …. FB shows Bihaan removing the shirt button and asking Thapki to stitch it. She says I never stitched. He says I will teach you, fix the button now. She says I know this fixing. He says its good, fix it. She stitches the shirt and he holds her, saying needle can hurt me. She hurts him with needle and says this happens when you get close, stand straight. She says its done. He asks so soon, and breaks button again. He says oh, I think my fate is bad, this button also broke. She goes to stitch the button and opens his shirt. He asks what are you doing. They smile. FB ends.

Thapki says I will stitch button. He says I will wear other shirt. She says you taught me to stitch. He says I taught you a lot, you did not remember all that. Kosi comes there and asks what happened, is everything fine. Thapki leaves from there.

Kosi asks what happened. Bihaan says nothing, Thapki called me for breakfast. She asks did you eat medicine, it was for night. He says I did not. Kosi sees Thapki taking something. She stops Thapki and asks why are you tensed, are you hiding anything. Thapki says nothing. Kosi says you are lying. Thapki says I have pain in my hand, I will get breakfast. Kosi goes. Thapki sees the button and gets sad. She says I remember everything Bihaan, we should listen to our heart, but I can’t believe Kosi is true and right. She cries.

Kosi gets angry and tells Naman that Thapki has hidden the medicine, what to do, shall we kill her. He says its not easy, if you do this, they will doubt on you. She says we have to do something to kill her and no one doubts on us, I have a great idea in mind.

Kosi makes a man get the kulfi rabdi sticks and ice box. She tells them that she will make kulfi this time, I will not mix anything, you all just have it. Thapki asks Bihaan are you annoyed with me. He says I don’t want to talk anything that brings distance in our relation. An ice slab gets near the stairs. Bihaan and Thapki step on it and hold each other. They have an eyelock. They both slip as ice slab stops near carpet. He asks about the ice. She says I got this to make kulfi, I can do anything for dear ones. He says yes, if loved ones are deserving. He goes. Kosi says he is so angry, give him some time, everything will get cool down.

Preeti tells Vasundara that Kosi can’t change, there is something fishy. Thapki says I also feel she is doing this for wrong motive. Vasundara says till there is peace, we can’t do anything. Preeti says Dadi always says such clever people cheat us. Dadi sees the Ganesh idol. Thapki says don’t know where is Dadi. Vasundara says she will come soon. Dadi picks the idol. Thapki says once she comes, Ganesh ji will not let her go again. Dadi cuts the rope by the idol’s corners. Thapki says Ganesh ji will get Dadi back soon. Dadi gets free and says I will tell these devils truth to everyone.

Kosi says I will cool Kulfi in that and I will make ice kulfi in this, which will become knife and go in Thapki’s stomach, ice will melt and there will be no proof. Naman asks what will you do if Thapki gets saved. Kosi says she won’t get saved. Preeti comes and says wow, I love kulfi, make sugar free for me. Naman says its all made now, nothing can happen now. Kosi sees Dadi coming and gets shocked.

Kosi gets worried seeing Dadi. She asks Naman to see there. Naman sees Dadi and worries.

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