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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kosi screaming and hiding under the bed. Thapki and Shraddha smile. Shraddha shouts on Kosi and asks her to come out. Kosi thinks to do something. Next day, Kosi tells everyone about her husband’s Shraddh, and keeps Shraddha’s pic behind to apologize to her. Vasundara and Bau ji apologize to Kosi’s husband for his death, which happened by mistake. Thapki thinks they are apologizing for the mistake they did not do. Kosi and Naman ask pandit to do puja, so that spirit does not wander and go to heaven.


Bihaan cries seeing his father’s pic. He greets the pic and leaves. Preeti says we will go and call Shraddha, where is she, she did not come. Thapki says she would be in her room. Kosi says stop, she went out, she told me she will come soon. Thapki says call

on Shraddha’s phone and ask her. Preeti says I will call. Kosi stops them and says Shraddha’s dad is ill, she will be with him, don’t trouble her. Preeti goes. Kosi keeps flower near Shraddha’s pic and says now your soul will get peace, don’t trouble me then.

Shraddha calls Kosi and asks will you get rid of me, I will not leave you. Kosi worries. Thapki and Shraddha look on from upstairs. Shraddha says you will do puja for me, do anything, your death is certain now, you are gone. Kosi says I m getting witch’s call. Shraddha asks Kosi to be ready for her death now. Kosi gets tensed. Bau ji sees Thapki and Shraddha, and thinks why are they scaring Kosi. Kosi asks pandit to do puja well.

Kosi tells Naman that she is leaving home, as Shraddha will kill me here, you also come with me. Naman asks are you mad, will we lose. Kosi says we have to save our lives first. Shraddha comes and asks where are you two going. Kosi gets scared and runs. Thapki tells Shraddha that our plan worked, you did good acting. Shraddha says your mirror idea was superb. Thapki shows what she did to stop mirror from reflecting, I have fixed this plastic sheet so they did not see your reflection, they got scared seeing that. Shraddha says mindblowing. Thapki says Lord did this, good won over evil. Thapki gets dizzy.

Shraddha worries as Thapki falls down. She asks Thapki what happened and sprinkles water on her. Thapki gets up and says don’t know, I m feeling strange since few days, I have shown to doctor, my reports are going to come today, don’t tell anyone. Shraddha asks what to do next. Thapki says we have to be sure that they are leaving house. Shraddha asks what will I do till they leave. Thapki asks her to stay in stable room, please, else our hardwork will get waste. Shraddha says its not done, I have to stay as thief in my own house, fine, I will go there. She leaves.

Thapki says I will go and see did Kosi and Naman left or not. Kosi and Naman rn out with bags. Kosi shouts Sankara. Bihaan, Vasundara and Thapki ask Kosi whats the matter. Kosi says we have some imp work in village, we have to leave. Sankara comes and asks them to leave, she won’t come. Kosi asks her to come. Bihaan says I will go instead you. Kosi says its land matter, I have to sign there. Bihaan says I will come along. Sankara says yes. Kosi asks Sankara will Bihaan come to village, he is city guy.

Thapki says wait, I will call Shraddha, she will get tickets and drop you. Naman and Kosi ask her not to call Shraddha. They leave in hurry. Thapki smiles. Bihaan gets upset and leaves. Thapki thanks Lord. Thapki gets an envelope from doctor. She checks the reports and sees positive pregnancy. She says it means I m pregnant, thanks Lord, wrong people went and danger over Bihaan went away, I will go and tell him.

A boy plays cricket and the ball hits Bihaan’s bike. The light breaks. He scolds the boy. Thapki comes and asks what happened. He says boy broke the bike light, kids are problem. She says no, they are a wonder, who will do mischief if kids do not. Bihaan says Ghazab, you are saying this when I m scolding neighbour kids, you won’t let me say anything when our children happen. She says yes, you won’t tell them. He asks but when will we have children. She says I came to tell you. Preeti comes there and their talk gets interrupted. Bihaan asks Thapki to say what she wants to say.

Kosi spots Shraddha at the parlor. She gets shocked. Shraddha worries seeing Kosi.

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