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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Thapki pacifying Vasundara. She says Kosi’s deeds will be exposed infront of Bihaan, we will win, don’t worry. Vasundara asks how, those people are very clever. Thapki says Ganesh ji is seeing all their moves and he will expose them. Naman tells Kosi that you made us win, that’s why I love you. Kosi and Naman talk about kicking Thapki out, and then transplanting Bihaan’s kidney to John. Kosi says I don’t care if Bihaan dies after our work. Kosi sees Thapki. Thapki asks them to come for lunch. Kosi taunts her for losing.


Thapki fakes a call and sticks there. Kosi and Naman leave. Thapki gets the memory chip from the idol camera, and says now Bihaan and I will know truth by this chip. She keeps the idol back and prays. She leaves from their room, and goes

to her room. She checks the chip by playing it and sees Naman and Kosi. She was about to see the truth, and power fails. She says how did my room lights go, when the house lights are on. She goes out to see. She sees the electric switches and says my room’s lights are made off from here. Kosi says I have switched off your room’s power, and takes the chip. She says if you think you are spy, I m also your Maa, I had doubt on you when you came to my room.

Thapki switches on her room’s lights. Kosi says Thapki is clever, she switched on lights, but no use, I got my proof, you will not get anything. She leaves. Thapki comes back to room and says I will see recording soon. She gets shocked seeing the memory card missing. She says it means my doubt was right, they have done this, its fine, I will bring out truth, even if I have to do anything.

Kosi asks Ganesh ji why is he supporting Thapki, I will make Thapki do this proof’s visarjan after your visarjan, lets see you win or your Thapki or me, I can do anything to save my John. She keeps the card in the idol’s feet. She turns and sees Thapki. Thapki asks her about switching off lights and taking recording. Kosi says yes, I have ruined the proof, you do anything, I will do for what I came here, you will leave house tomorrow after losing bet, I will see who stops me. Thapki says I will stop you, and Lord will stop you, because he made me and Bihaan’s relation, I will not leave Bihaan, I won’t let you win in your aim, we will win in tomorrow’s competition. Kosi laughs and says you and your mind are like a bird for me, I will see how you win. She goes. Thapki prays to Ganesh ji.

Sankara takes Bihaan’s pic and smiles. Thapki sees this. Sankara says Preeti did good to teach me clicking pics, I can’t do this infront of everyone as Kosi stopped me, but I can fill sindoor seeing your pic. Thapki comes to room and gets shocked seeing Sankara filling sindoor. She runs and stops Sankara. She asks her why is she applying sindoor of Bihaan’s name, you know he is my husband. Sankara says but he is my husband too.

Sankana says I have regarded him as my husband by heart, though we did not get married. Thapki says you are doing wrong, regarding him husband does not make him your husband. Sankara says whats wrong, I m not saying Bihaan is only mine, I like you, I will help you in winning competition, you can stay here. Thapki asks her to leave the fake relation and sindoor. Sankara says my relation is true. Thapki snatches sindoor and it falls. Sankara asks what did you do. Thapki says Bihaan is my husband, see this mangalsutra and sindoor, he took seven rounds with me. Sankara says he has relation with me, Kosi is right about you, you are my enemy, I have been good and said we will stay together, no I will support Kosi in winning and making you lose, I will stay as Bihaan’s wife. Kosi smiles seeing them. She praises Sankara and says now you look my bahu.

Thapki goes to tell Bihaan that Sankara regards him as husband. Bihaan says enough, you were after Kosi and Naman and now that innocent Sankara, I know you want to win, but showing others wrong is not right. He leaves. Thapki tells Dadi that I have no proof, I will lose after knowing all the truth, no I have to win. She asks Dadi will I win. Dadi smiles.

Bihaan stops Thapki and holds her. He tells her that she can’t see Kosi’s truth, she did not apologize to Kosi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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